English programmes of study KS1 and 2

English programmes of study KS1 and 2

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Counting spiders game

Counting rhymes for three year olds

Using bricks to count on and back from 10

Counting 1 to 10

Consonant digraphs

Consonant blends

Forest food chains

Le calcul

Comprehension 1 with inferred questions

Staffing ratios Early Years

Teaching comprehension

Learn to write the complete alphabet

Collecting & presenting information - graphs

Early Years funding

Common entrance maths at 13

Colour topic for foundation stage

Colour chart

My clothes to colour

Colour these fractions

French colouring topic

Choose the correct object

Chipmunk and the animals Key stage 2 comprehension

Children's television

Sum puzzles

Home-made chicken nuggets

Change a fraction to a percentage

Life cycle of a frog

CE English questions

Left handed writing

Letters uvwxyz

Communication, language and literacy

Letters pqrst

Letters klmno

Letters fghij

Letters abcde

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