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It is always fun for adults and children to be creative together. This does take a little preparation but having crayons ,paint and playdough in the house is always a good standby for occupying children on a rainy day. This is a selection of ideas for you all to enjoy and you will find many more craft ideas through the Worksheet Finder.

Junk modelling
Flower crafts
Puppet show
Dinosaur crafts
Changing seasons art work
Have fun together with colouring
Soap shapes
Finished constructed mobile
Paper crafts for boys
Paper dolls
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Making a collage
Design your own musical instrument
Platonic shapes
Boxes of love
Crafts 3 summer
Summer craft ideas
Have fun with play dough
Masks - cat mask
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Pussy willow tree
Design and technology
Making a Torah scroll
Painting a butterfly
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Rainy day craft activities
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Musical Recorder from Seedling

recorderWhat a great opportunity for children to make the ubiquitous recorder unique to themselves! Musical skills and artistic skills come together in this innovative idea from Seedling, a New Zealand based company. So often, children make a lovely craft kit but then don't have a chance to use their product. This time, once they have decorated the wooden recorder with the three tubes of acrylic paint included, they can take it along to the school recorder class and enjoy the admiring looks of the other pupils! I think that these would make a lovelt theme for a children's party - give your guests a recorder to decorate, then have a concert!  
Seedling produce a vast range of distinctive stimulating craft kits designed to help children to develop basic skills. They cover a variety of interests and skills including drawing, gardening, sewing, science, imaginative play, painting and model building. The kits allow children to explore their imagination, spend quality time with the family, help improve communication skills, build relationships and gain confidence in using their own initiative.
Buy from Amazon - Seedling Musical Recorder, Designed By Me and Powerd by Me!.


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