Autumn resources for teachers

Autumn crafts and nature activities

There are many 'Autumn Crafts' which include 'Autumn Colouring', Autumn Booklet', Autumn Nature activities' and 'Autumn Ideas'. To complete a topic or even finish a day there are papers on 'Autumn Games', 'Autumn Poems' and' Autumn Action Rhymes'. Children love being outside and shuffling through the leaves and collecting material for use in the classroom.

Autumn colouring
Autumn booklet
Autumn crafts
Autumn nature activities
Autumn nature games
Autumn poems
Autumn action rhymes
Autumn ideas

Autumn Festivals

There are many festivals this term. 'Diwali', 'Rosh Hashanah', Eid al Adha and Eid ul Fitr are all during this term. 'The month of Ramadan' is celebrated in August and then we celebrate 'Harvest Festival' and we have included some church services/assemblies for you to use.

Diwali activities
Rosh Hashanah
Eid ul Adha
Eid ul Fitr
Harvest festival
Month of Ramadan
Diwali activities
Assembly on Diwali
Chinese Festival of the Autumn Moon
Celebrate Diwali
Diwali food

Autumn special days

Children all love hearing about 'Guy Fawkes' and 'The Gunpowder Plot'. It is also important to teach about 'Remembrance Day' as it is so important to our Armed Forces today. 'Halloween' is fun and Turnip lanterns are popular. The Scottish celebrate their Patron Saint 'St. Andrew'.

Guy Fawkes
The Gunpowder Plot
Gunpowder Plot activities
Thinking about Remembrance Day
What is Remembrance Day?
Saint Andrew
St Andrew's Day
Halloween puzzle
Halloween maths


See our Christmas page for many more Christmas activities and ideas

Boxes of love
Paper cone angel


Santa's elves maths KS2
A visit from St Nicholas comprehension Y7
The Little Shepherd Y3 & 4 comprehension



The fir tree
The errors of Santa Claus


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