Baby Bright

Baby Bright is a unique infant learning range developed in conjunction with Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith of Great Ormond Street Hospital. She is one of the world's leading authorities in baby development.

Baby Bright has been devised using the latest scientific research into what stimulates babies to develop both physically and mentally.

Strong on fun and entertainment, the Baby Bright range of books,  audios and videos is full of attractive colours, exciting
textures, touch sensations and music designed to maximise babies' attention span and develop their curiosity.

 Baby Bright

Right from tiny, babies need stimulation. Parents know what babies need and this series of DVDs is designed to help parents provide babies with the appropriate level of stimulation when they are ready. These DVDs are not 'babysitters' - it is important that you share with your baby every step of the way. The activities are scientifically designed to go at just the right pace for babies, unlike TV which can be too fast-moving. In this first DVD, baby learns to follow the train, learn colours and count...and that's just for starters! The clever thing about this DVD is that it really encourages interaction between parent and baby in a totally natural way. Colour, music, giggling babies - all capture the attention. Designed for babies from 3 months up to 3 year olds.

Baby Bright and the Farm

This DVD takes a topic popular with all babies and toddlers - and it's great to take them to see a real farm and animals so they can relate their knowledge to what they see on screen. Lots of repetition really helps babies learn and progress, developing key skills. Clear, uncluttered pictures are perfect for babies and they show the amount of careful thought that has gone into this series. There are no harsh sounds or sudden noises - it is all beautifully designed to be just right for baby - but make the most of it by making sure you share. Enjoy your baby's anticipation as animals disappear and reappear - where will they be next?


A Day with Baby Bright

Babies will love to follow a typical day in this entertaining DVD. Watch their pleasure as they share in nappy changing, feeding time, and playing with lots of familiar toys. The attractive presentation is a front for lots of learning activities and is carefully thought out to give your baby lots of learning opportunities. Share this with your baby and make the most of the way it gives parents lots of helpful ways to interact with their child. As with all the others, the repetition helps learning and is also reassuring in its familiarity.



Baby Bright 2 

Baby Bright 2 encourages babies to actively learn about the behaviour of objects, parts and wholes, size, shape and numbers. It is well known that babies react well to faces and especially eyes, so you will find lots of close-ups of eyes and faces to capture attention. There are plenty of different voices, too - adult and baby, so little ones will really respond.. A key skill your baby will learn with this DVD is tracking, as they follow the bright clear imagaes across the screen, with plenty of repetition to develop those skills further. Learn counting with sheep, colour with tractors and size with buckets.

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