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School reports give an important picture of your child's school year and show any areas which would benefit from extra help. We can show you how you can help with problem areas and get the best from your child's learning. Below, we have highlighted some of the comments often seen on school reports and included resources to help with each area. Trying some of the enjoyable resources on Parents in Touch will pay dividends come September.

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"Having trouble with many of the basic skills in maths"
"does not know maths facts well enough"
"needs to work more accurately"


"a broader range of reading would be beneficial""
"Needs to improve spelling"
"Needs to listen more carefully" 


Logical thinking
“Be systematic and logical in approaching work”
“Show the logic in arriving at their answer”
“Think slowly and with care to arrive at the correct answer”
Concentration all new
"Needs to improve concentration abilities"
"finish work in allocated time and not become distracted"
"Should avoid being distracted by peers"
Thinking patterns keep
“Approach problems from a different angle”
“Needs to think around a problem”
“Apply logic to help solve problems or tasks”
“Think slowly and with care to arrive at the correct answer”
Foundation Stage  Even young children can benefit from and enjoy tackling problems and activities which challenge them. redo
Many of us enjoy quizzes - just look at the popularity of pub quizzes and quiz shows on TV. Fun to do as a family or with friends, everyone enjoys showing off their knowledge!

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. For summer fun, there are plenty of games and toys which will help develop essential skills in an enjoyable way.

 Brain Challenge Teach Your Child How to Think  Brain Games Thinking Skills and Problem Solving

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