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Still not sure ...?

With so many scams around the Internet it's not surprising that we all need some reassurance that whatever we sign up for will be worth it. We hope that the following facts will convince you that Parents in Touch offers real and lasting value to you and your young ones.

Trustworthy, reliable and practical

There is a huge amount of free information on the Internet and it grows every day. What you get for free can sometimes be very useful. However, as you have probably found out for yourself, not all free stuff on the world wide web can be relied upon to be accurate or even true. So you spend hours surfing the web trying to get information, and when you have it, searching some more to corroborate what you have found to ensure you have got hold of trustworthy advice. Sorry, we cannot cure this Internet problem for you! But the good news is we can help you get reliable information and quality resources related to primary education, schooling, and practical help with many school subjects.

Save time looking for what you want

Parents in Touch was created in 2007 by a small team of educational professionals who recognised the need to offer accurate and trustworthy advice & guidance to parents. Over this period we have produced hundreds of pages of information, and thousands of worksheets for parents, all designed to address the needs of parents and their children during their first ten or so years at school. In addition, we also keep an eye on useful and reliable resources elsewhere on the Internet and suggest links to those sites which complement our aims. The quality of our resources is recognised by others (e.g. as a well respected source of information for parents.

So Parents in Touch can save you masses of time looking for accurate and reliable information.

Don't take our word for it!

We regularly receive emails from our subscribers expressing their delight with what we offer. Hundreds of thousands of parents have registered with us. So Parents in Touch may be new to you, but in fact, other parents have been enjoying our resources for ages. 

Vast practical pool of resources

As parents, we try to keep a caring eye on how our children are doing in school. Sometimes we can give help with things they are finding a particular challenge. Maybe a bit of practice on a maths topic or a few exercises in English is all that is needed. Then, when its time for exams, like SATs for example, some modest practice can provide just that extra bit of confidence for your child to give of their best on the day.

This is where our vast pool of worksheets can provide an invaluable aid. Our worksheets and other resources are specially designed to help you as a parent support your child's learning. The subject matter is based on the National Curriculum and covers most core subjects from when they start school up to about age 14. So you can readily see how amazingly useful it is to have these resources to hand whenever needed. The annual subscription to Parents in Touch provides you with just that. After all, thousands of parents have been benefiting from our resources already, so you need to keep up with the help others give their young ones.

Avoid delay

If your young one is struggling with any aspect of school work or needs to gain that extra bit of confidence to excel then don't delay giving your help. Join up now so you have the tools to help them achieve their best.

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