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Hachette Books publish a wide range of books under the imprints of Wayland, Franklin Watts, Hodder and Orchard plus Wren and Rook, a new imprint for 2017. Below are reviews for just some of the books published from 2014 to date - generally, one example from a series is reviewed. Older books are reviewed on the general book review pages. To see the full range, please visit the Hachette Children's website. The books are ideal for schools and for libraries, or for children who are particularly interested in a specific topic. They are all fully illustrated and each non fiction book includes a contents page, glossary and index thereby helping pupils develop good study skills.  

Key stage 1 (KS1)

Tim Berners-Lee (Info Buzz: History) by Izzi Howell

Tim Berners-Lee was born into a family who worked with computers and this interesting book shows how his interest developed from his early life to his career and why he invented the World Wide Web. Photographs make up a large part of the book, adding interest and information, and showing how technology has developed world-wide. Children are encouraged to express themselves via a range of appropriate questions. "The Info Buzz series, for age 5+, helps children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world by covering a wide range of topics in a fun, colourful and interactive way. The books have a lively design, engaging text and photos, questions to get children thinking and talking and teaching notes. Each title is written in conjunction with a literacy consultant and features book band guidance and downloadable activity sheets online." It's a clearly presented series, with simple and engaging facts to interest KS1 children.


Go Green!: Join the Green Team and learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle by Liz Gogerly

Setting the book in the aftermath of a birthday party, with all the ensuing waste, is a really good way to encourage children to think about this vital topic. The children find out what happens at a recycling centre and find out from others how to take action outside by helping nature, reducing waste at school dinners, and saving energy and water at home. There are plenty of ideas that we can all use in our everyday lives. 'Stop and Think' panels encourage readers to think about the problem in their local area and 'Take Action' panels give advice for how readers can get involved. As readers follow the thoughts of the ecologically-aware children in the story, so they too will be encouraged to think about how to avoid waste - it's excellently done.


Transglobal: Transgender then, now and around the world by Honor Head

This book is for young people aged 12+ and it supports the study of the fascinating long history of transgender around the world. The whole concept of gender identity is being increasingly challenged and words such as non-binary, pansexual, transgender, cisgender and gender dysphoria are becoming commonplace. This book explores the cultures and people of the past who have embraced, challenged or quietly subverted society's expectations about gender. It features the current stories of openly transgender people around the world in positions of power and authority, who are helping to increase recognition and acceptance of the trans community. And, as trans people often start their journeys in their teens, the book explores the experiences of some young people just at the start of their journeys. Useful and informative; a tricky issue sensitively handled.


Bitra and the Witch (Viking Adventures) by Andy Elkerton

The Viking period is an exciting time in history and a good way to get childfren to develop a love for history. Viking Adventures are thrilling stories that nicely blend the historical facts with plenty of excitement. Boy hero Oolaf is on another quest for adventure. This time he meets a girl named Bitra, who leads him to a terrible Sea Witch... The highly visual presentation of this first chapter book is pitched perfectly for 6-8 years olds and will provide good background reading to the study of the period.

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