Book reviews - Schoolies (Priddy Books)

Schoolies is a new series from Priddy Books by Ellen Crimi-Trent. Children will love to meet Spencer the roller-skating owl, Lydia the shy ladybird, Zippy the squirrel and their other Schoolies friends in this series that will help them learn concepts from ABC to 123, healthy eating to making friends. It's an excellent series, which offers children a wide range of enjoyable activities which will give them a head start when they start school. Well thought out, children will realy enjoy these books.

My Fun Activity Box (Schoolies) by Ellen Crimi-Trent

This colourful carry along box brings together a selection of Schoolies books and other goodies - Making Friends Storybook, My First Day at School Storybook, Sticker Activity Book, Colouring Book, Wipe Clean Fun Activity Book, The School Run board game, press-out game pieces and die, wipe-clean pen, four wax crayons. Far from just re-packing the books, this offers a whole lot more to extend the value of this excellent series. I would give this to a pre-schooler in the months leading up to starting school and work through it together, using the activities as a prompt for discussion and learning. It's a practical and fun way to develop key skills including imagination, problem solving, reading and pen control thereby giving children a head start for school.

The School Trip (Schoolies Storybooks) by Ellen Crimi-Trent

Schools are keen to take children on outings right from Reception. The educational value is immense but sometimes, they can seem a daunting prospect for children. As with all new experiences young children face, the best thing is to talk about the situation and tell them what to expect. The Schoolies are on a trip to the nature centre, making maps as they walk along the nature trail. But Kitty is left behind in the butterfly garden! Sensibly, she stays where she is, and is soon found with the help of Larry Lightbulb and his map. Realistic and reassuring, sharing the story with a class before a visit would be an excellent idea.

The School Fair (Schoolies Storybooks) by Ellen Crimi-Trent

Schoolies storybooks, with their friendly and familiar characters, are ideal to introduce children to some of the key events they will encounter when they start school. School fairs are always exciting - this time The Schoolies are raising money for a new slide and there is so much to organise! Spencer makes a list of everything that needs to be done, and with lots of teamwork from all the Schoolies this school fair is the best ever! Children will readily identify with the animal characters and the stories will encourage their imaginations.

Spencer's Sticker Activity Book (Schoolies Sticker Activity Books) by Ellen Crimi-Trent

It's great to see that new titles are being added to this range all the time. Each title brings something fresh to the series so parents always have something new to offer their child, but with the familiar characters and scenes they have grown to love. It all adds to the reassuring feel of this series which is absolutely perfect for those due to start school soon. packed with imaginative and creative early learning activities for preschoolers to complete. This is packed with activities are we join the Schoolies from start to finish of the school day - sticker pictures, puzzles, colouring and much more are all in this brightly coloured book - perfect to give a head start with skills such as matching, fine motor development, problem solving, imagination and hand-eye coordination. Superb!

Kitty's Colouring Activity Book (Schoolies Activity Books) by Ellen Crimi-Trent

The clear boldly outlined pictures in this book are just right for young children. There's much more than just colouring - there's counting, spot the difference, matching and lots more. The book offers plenty of opportunities for parents to discuss the pictures too, such as healthy eating and things that are needed for school. And when children have finished the colouring, there are over a hundred bright stickers to embellish the pages. As with all the Schoolies books, this is a great way to develop those key early learning skills.

The Talent Show (Schoolies Storybooks) by Ellen Crimi-Trent

The Schoolies series does an excellent job of addressing the issues that face young children at school, as well as preparing them for school by developing and encouraging their learning. Every Schoolie has something they're good at, whether it's playing the piano, singing or rollerskating so everyone has the opportunity to take part in the Angler Primary talent show. All the parents will be there but will things go smoothly? An enjoyable story about working together and helping each other.

Fun at Playtime (Schoolies Storybooks) by Ellen Crimi-Trent

Playtime should be but Sid and Suzy Snail always do the same thing every playtime so they are getting rather bored. One day, they decide to change, and find out how much fun it is to try something new. The illustrations are charming - full of life and vitality with lovely animal characters who will be loved by children. The story is reassuring and encouraging and perfectly pitched for children of 3 to 5. t's great for children to see friendly and familiar characters in books and then come to know and love them. There are lots more Schoolies books due for publication in 2014 - I am looking forward to them and to seeing how this innovative series moves forward.

Schoolies: Activity Flash Cards

26 double-sided activity flash cards are full of ideas to help children learn their ABC, 123, colours, shapes and more, with shapes for children to trace around - an invaluable activity for starting writing skills.The cards are wipe clean so all the activities can be wiped away and tried time and time again, and the pen slots into the box. There are so many ways these cards can be used - they are really versatile. I had a two year old picking out the number cards and putting them into order - his idea, not mine!

Wipe Clean Let's Get Ready for School (Schoolies)

There's always lots to do at Angler Primary School, just like any school, so get your child prepared by enjoying the wide variety of activities in this wipe-clean book.

School House (Schoolies)

Children can use their imagination to plan a day at school for the Schoolies with this innovative book - well, much more than a book really. Children can unfold the sturdy pages in this big book and create four school house scenes with the Schoolies characters and accessories which press out and stickers to personalise each scene. There are suggested storylines which help to direct children's play. The book folds up neatly when the school day is over, so it can be put away ready for another fun day with the Schoolies.

Making Friends (Schoolies Storybooks)

This is the perfect book to share with any child before they start school, with its reassuring message about making fi=riends, and being kind, helpful and sharing. There are two pages of fun Schoolies stickers. When Mrs Meow announces that it is Friendship Week at Angler Primary School Lydia Ladybird is sad - she is just too shy to make friends.

My First Day at School (Schoolies Storybooks)

A reassuring and positive story about starting school, with two pages of fun Schoolies stickers Synopsis: Spencer is very excited. He’s also just a little bit worried about his first day of school. But, as he sees friendly faces on the school bus, enjoys his first lessons and meets new friends at playtime, by the end of the day, there’s only one thing Spencer can say: I like school! A reassuring story about one of the most important days in any child’s life, seen through the eyes of the Schoolies.

My School Day (Schoolies)

Telling the time - always a tricky concept to master. One of the best ways to help is by putting the times into context and this cleverly constructed books does just that. It's an entertaining story about a day, with a clock up on the corner on each page. Open out the big clock and your child can move the hands to the right position as he follows the story through the day.

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