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There are all sorts of activity books available now, some of them featuring characters from well-known children's stories. They can be a very good way to get your child involved with books. This section includes lots of great ideas for entertaining your children at home - many of which will support the work done in school - so do try some of them to encourage and develop your child's creativity. There are also books which involve children as they try to solve the puzzles.

i-SPY Nature: What can you spot? (Collins Michelin i-SPY Guides)

i-SPY books have an enduring popularity - I loved them, my children enjoyed them and now I am introducing my grandchildren to them. It's a clever formula that really engages children with the world around them, encouraging them to be observant and widening their knowledge. They are wonderful to keep children happily and purposefully occupied on journeys, on holiday, on day trips from home and even in the park or garden.  In i-SPY Nature, spotters can search for over 140 sights. Each object is accompanied by a good colour photo for identification, plus a summary of useful information. Each object is allocated a score, ranging from 5 for easy to spot items such as common nettle, to Top Spots which earn 30 points eg an otter. Once 1000 points are gained in the book, children can  for a certificate and badge. send This fun activity book encourages children to explore a range of outdoor environments, from down by the sea to town and country animals, in search of i-SPY points. A fun, interactive way to encourage curious children to learn about the world around them. The range of difficulty of finding the objects is nicely varied, and the 1000 points for a badge can be gained without finding everything - a good way to ensure children don't get despondent about near-impossible finds.

i SPY2

i-SPY at the Zoo: What can you spot? (Collins Michelin i-SPY Guides)

The books are divided into colour-coded sections, which is useful for wandering around and spotting; they also include detailed indexes to help spotters. As well as zoo animals, the broad scope of this title includes insects and countryside animals - a good way to keep interest going when not at the zoo. Children love these fun and fascinating i-SPY activity books – with over 60 other i-SPY guides in the series, there is something for every interest. The selection I was sent, which you can view here, is ideal for the summer. You may also like the geographical ones which cover London, The Isle of Wight, the Cotswolds and many other places. A new introduction is the Holiday Sticker Book - blank outlines are part if colourful scenes, ready for the sticker when spotted. Children still score points and this book is ideal as an introduction for younger i-SPYers. I think i-SPY books are brilliant; they encourage observation, help learning and are great for cooperative working. They are excellent value too so I'd encourage you to stock up; great party bag gifts too.

Guess How Much I Love You: Activity Sticker Book by Sam McBratney

Young fans of Guess How Much I Love Yoy are going to love this colourful activity book which gives them the chance to enjoy all sorts of early learning skills while having fun with the colourful stickers (over 300 of them) and beautifully illustrated pages. Little Nutbrown Hare is inquisitive and loves to learn, especially with the help of Big Nutbrown Hare. Join them through the seasons as Little Nutbrown Hare watches things grow, learns to count, finds out about colours and decorates the night sky. The activitie are perfectly pitched for young children and the book offers a great opportunity for adults to share the pleasure with their child. An irresistible gift for that little one you love up to the moon and back. For activities, games, newsletters and more, visit

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: My Adventure Field Guide

This brilliant book based on the hugely popular We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a brilliant way to encourage children to get out and about, enjoying the wonders of the natural world. Full of inspiring ideas, it features artwork from the animated special of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, making for a really attractive and appealing book. Young naturalists will discover a wealth of facts about plants and animals, bugs and birds, clouds, the night sky, the weather, and so much more. There's plenty here for city and country children to discover, and the book features tips on protecting the environment as well. There are lots of practical activities to try out too. The approach of the book os excellent - really friendly and perfectly pitched to engage and motivate young readers. You may also like We're Going on a Bear Hunt: My Explorer's Journal- a perfect pairing.

Build a... T-rex by Kiki Ljung

This hands-on book is the ideal way to help young naturalists understand the majestic T-Rex, how it was formed, and to discover the inner workings of the world's most ferocious dinosaur. As well as creating the model, children will learn about the T-Rex body, their prey, and their extinction. The book features sturdy card press-out pieces to create a model T-Rex. The instructions are easy to follow and once the model is created, children can use it to extend their imaginative play. There are also simple facts to learn, set against colourful backgrounds that show the world of this magnificent creature.

Build a... Butterfly by Kiki Ljung

Butterfly life cycles are a popular topic for Foundation Stage/KS1, so this book will be a real asset in the classroom, and to support children's learning at home. This board book has plenty of information about butterfiles to inspire young naturalists, and then they can follow the clear step-by-step instructions to push out the strong card pieces and put them together to make a lovely butterfly. These two books are the first in the Natural History Museum range from Frances Lincoln Children's Books - I am really looking forward to seeing what else is lined up.

Think and Make Like an Artist: Art activities for creative kids! by Claudia Boldt

Have a copy of this, a perfect rainy day book, to hand and children will never be bored! The book encourages children to think like an artist and uses many examples of contemporary art to encourage children to create their own masterpieces - it is really inspirational in the way it presents the ideas. Initially, children are shown how artists think, research and experiment, then they try out their own art projects. The book really encourages children t free themselves from the constraints of traditional art, to set their imaginations free and to respond to clever visual prompts and suggestions, enabling them to create entirely unique artworks. Moving beyond the traditional, canonical approach to art, the book covers a wide range of media and introduces fresh new creative ideas and practices, giving children the confidence to make their own creative decisions. A fascinating and inspiring book, excellent for home and school use; a book that can make an artist of us all.

Doodle Dogs by Tim Hopgood

Encourage creativity with this unusual and fascinating approach to doodling, colouring and drawing. The book is inspired by famous artists including Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky, and shows children how to create their own doodle dogs with scribbles, shading, texture, pattern, paint, collage and plenty of colour - techniques that are well withing anyone's capabilities, especially when you follow Tim Hopgood's clear and inspirational instructions, which are really user-friendly. Discover the joy of making marks and creating characters with this vibrant, stylish and utterly unique book. Filled with drawing techniques and playful ideas, this is a fun way for children to explore their artistic side and build creative confidence. Perfect for home and school use, the book will give children confidence in their creative abilities whilst they are having great fun.

The Anti-boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do by Andy Seed

Recently, there has been a real upsurge in books which encourage children to get outside enjoying the naturakl world, and here we have another book packed with interesting and unusual ideas. The stand-out difference with this book is Andy Seed's hilarious approach which will really entertain children. There are all sorts of activities - and not just for summer, either - try creating hillside art, look out for shooting stars, see what fun street names can be, go on a mud walk (but mind the mud doesn't get above your wellies!) -just a few of the wonderful ideas. This book also includes awesome indoor activities about the outdoors for rainy days - design your own mini parachute, create the worlds most amazing frisbee, or create a bird feeder. Both text and illustrations are hilarious and children will be really encouraged to read the book for the humour before they get stuck into the activities. Brilliant!

Botanicum Activity Book (Welcome To The Museum) by Katie Scott and Kathy Willis

The Welcome to the Museum books are, without exception, quite superb. They really get to the heart of what museums are all about, bringing them to life for children. This is the companion book to Botanicum, and it's packed with yet more fascinating facts. The book is also full of puzzles and colouring activities which offer hours of entertainment to artists and nature lovers young and old. Beautiful and inspiring, the myriad activities in this book challenge the reader to discover something new and use their imagination to draw, decorate and design on every pull-out page - I am sitting here longing to get my pens out and to get colouring! Once all the activities are completed, the book will be one to treasure.

Under Water Activity Book (Activity Books) by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinski

This unusual activity book with its landscape format will really encourage children to take a closer look at what lies below the sea, from marine animals to divers who explore the undersea world. Much more than just an activity book, it is packed with fascinating facts and activities ranging from mazes (I love the octopus maze!) to complete the scene and colouring in. There's plenty of scope for the imagination, such as designing an underwater hairstyle, and the range of activities and information is impressively varied. The illustrations are of a high standard and the pages are perforated so they can be pulled out to display.

Under Earth Activity Book (Activity Books) by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinsk

Once again, we are treated to a plethora of fascinating facts and engaging activities as the book encourages us to delve deep into the earth - design a coal mine, complete a dinosaur skeleton, travel on the crowded Tokyo subway, transform a cave into a sharp-toothed monster... the lust of activities is super. On the bak of each activity is an underground animal to colour in - and the perforated pages mean you can tear pages out for display to to share amongst children. The heavy quality paper makes drawing a real pleasure. There are 36 activities in all in this, the companion book to Under Sea - together they would make a great gift.

Cool & Calm Colouring for Kids: Baby Animals by Stephanie Rousseau

Colouring is such a high-profile activity at the moment, and children will love to be able to enjoy their own book of beautiul pictures which are a world away from traditional children's colouring books. THese pictures are really detailed and intricate and as children focus on their colouring, their cares will float away. There are so many cute baby animals here, including kittens, puppies, tortoises, lambs, tigers and mice. Each page has lots of patterns surrounding the animals, giving an added dimension to the colouring. The end results will be well worth displaying... and I think adults might have a go too.

My First Creativity On the Go - Fairies by Fiona Munro

With the summer in mind, and a time when families will be getting out and about, these tow latest additions to the Carlton Books' extensive range of creativity books will be a real asset. Whether using on journeys, or while away (or at home, of course), there's plenty to keep young girls happy in this fairy-filled book. The varied activities include colouring, creative play and games, as well as over 200 stickers to adorn the pictures. The presentation is really appealing - very pink as befits the subject, but with lots of brightly coloured pages too. As well as keeping children happily occupied, they will also be developing key learning skills.

My First Creativity On the Go - Dinosaurs by Penny Worms

The range has been developed by educational experts to kick-start the imaginations of early learners; you can really see this from the content, which is full of variety and which obviously has real learning and developmental value. Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, observation and thinking skills are just some areas that will be developed. There are clever colouring exercises, simple dot-to-dots, spot the differences, mazes, matching puzzles and make-and-do activities - plus over 200 stickers. Bright bold illustrations throughout make for a really attractive book! Two more great additions to a superb series, which offers something for every interest.

National Trust: Robins, Wrens and other British Birds by Nikki Dyson

This is the second in an excellent series of nature books from Nosy Crow; they combine children's boundless enthusiasm for stickers with the opportunity to learn more about our native wild life. The book is packed with facts about many of our best-loved birds and their homes. There are four pages of wildlife stickers, nature scenes; these scenes include lots of details about the natural world which can be used to stimulate observation and discussion. The scenes include the pond, the farm, the coast and the garden and there's also information about feeding birds. which can be used to embellish the From oystercatchers wading in the estuary to woodpeckers nesting in the woods, this is an excellent introduction to all types of birds for the very young. The book is really well produced, making it a book to revisit again and again, even when the sticker fun is over - and it will really help young children learn to appreciate the beauties of nature.

Destroy This Book in the Name of Science: Einstein Edition by Mike Barfield

Genius! This book will really inspire children to delve into the world of science. Packed full of fascinating information, all of which is supported and enhanced by colouring and doodling activities to complete, this book will keep inquisitive children - and their parents - happy for hours. There are a dozen press-out projects to create, plus lots of fun to be had cutting, tearing and pulling apart the pages (all in the name of science, of course). Projects include The Hoop Glider, Einstein Nodder, Turtle Racer and much more. Best of all, no expensive craft supplies are required. The range of ideas is huge; the ideas are unusual, and they are simple enough for children to tackle on their own, giving them confidence and understanding.

Make Your Own Farm Animals and More: 35 projects for kids using everyday cardboard packaging by Tracey Radford

Here's a wonderful craft project for a group to create - a whole farmyard, complete with animals, tractor, farmhouse, wishing well, dovecote and much more. In the Field, there are adorable animals to make such as Clarissa the Cow, Hector the Horse and Felix the Fox. In Chapter 2, Farmyard Fun, we get to create Paddy the Pig, Shep the Sheep Dog, and even Farmer Fred and his wife Winnie. In Chapter 3, Home Sweet Home, Tracey gives the animals shelter with her easy-to-build stable, piggery and kennel. Finally in Chapter 4, Machinery and Scenery, there’s plenty of pretty farm scenery to make. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, with accompanying colour photos which illustrate each step excellently. Every project is made using simple step-by-step instructions, with handy tips throughout. It's amazing that such simple items can be used to produce such super results.!

The Pirate Craft Book: 15 Things a Pirate Can't Do Without (Little Button Diaries) by Laura Minter and Tia Williams

With 15 fantastic pirate-themed projects to make, including a felt treasure map, a pirate shop pen pot, a captain's hook, buccaneer boots, a Jolly Roger flag and much more, there's plenty here to equip any young pirate. There are also pirate-themed cakes and nibbles to make too.Great to encourage children's creative abilities, the projects use readily obtainable materials or easily sourced items and have clear, well illustrated step-by-step instructions that children can follow easily. Suitable for boys and girls aged 3+, adults need little crafting experience to be able to help. Pirates are a popular topic for school, and this book will be a real asset to any teacher wanting some craft activities to accompany the class project. A book that will really encourage children to have a go. Published by GMC Publications, April 2017, ISBN 9781784943288.

Travel Activity Book by Charlie Brandon-King

It's an excellent idea to take a travel-themed activity book with you when going on holiday - they keep children happily engaged on journeys and at other times when adults are busy, and they help to foster excitement about the holiday. Brainteaser puzzles, colouring, drawing, things to spot, places to visit... there's lots here, all with a travel theme. The lively illustrations by Charlie Brandon-King will inspire budding travel enthusiasts to question, observe and interact with their new surroundings, while exercising problem solving and fine motor skills. Eight perforated postcards at the back that can be drawn on and coloured in encourage children to reflect on their favourite holiday memories. Includes activities centred around: packing for vacation, at the airport, travelling to your destination, local currency, at the beach, at the waterpark, museums and galleries, in the park, sealife, jungle animals, desert islands, picture postcards. A really varied book, one that offers hours of entertainment. Published by Button Books, April 2017, ISBN 978-1908985774.

The Cat in the Hat Sticker Activity Book (Dr. Seuss)

 Celebrate an amazing 60 years of the wonderful, much-loved, Dr Seuss and his Cat in the Hat. Over that time, so many children have been introduced to the joy of reading by the inimitable Dr Seuss and he's still going strong. Celebrate with splendid stickers, amazing activities, and lots of crazy characters to colour, all packed into one fantastically fun book. Many favourite characters are here with a range of fun and educational activities, including wordsearches, puzzles, join the dots, colouring and much more - and with plenty of stickers to decorate the pages. So pick up your pencil and let’s get on our way with this lively book.

The Cat in the Hat Sticker Activity Book (Dr. Seuss)

 Celebrate an amazing 60 years of the wonderful, much-loved, Dr Seuss and his Cat in the Hat. Over that time, so many children have been introduced to the joy of reading by the inimitable Dr Seuss and he's still going strong. Celebrate with splendid stickers, amazing activities, and lots of crazy characters to colour, all packed into one fantastically fun book. Many favourite characters are here with a range of fun and educational activities, including wordsearches, puzzles, join the dots, colouring and much more - and with plenty of stickers to decorate the pages. So pick up your pencil and let’s get on our way with this lively book.

Happy Easter, Twirlywoos! (Twirlywoos)

This book is immediately eye-catching, with its Easter egg jigsaw prominently on the cover. All the activities are both fun and educational in this Easter-themed activity book, which features all the favourite characters from the hit TV show. Excellently produced on good quality shiny paper which allows the re-positioning of the stickers, the book is packed with age-appropriate games and activities designed to reinforce their understanding of simple concepts and the world around them. With over 100 stickers and a beautiful egg-shaped jigsaw to complete, this will delight any Twirlywoos fan, giving them hours of seasonal fun.

We're Going on an Egg Hunt Activity Book by Laura Hughes

Based on the bestselling We're Going on an Egg Hunt, little ones will have plenty to keep them occupied over the Easter holidays. I love the spring-like feel of this book, which celebrates the joys of the season through Laura Hughes' beautiful illustrations which are full of appeal. Little ones will love all the cute springtime animals. There are lots of activities to enjoy as well as develop key skills - colouring, spot the difference, make bunting, finding all the Easter eggs, helping the Easter Bunnies get through the maze and more. With over 100 really pretty stickers, this is the perfect way for young children to celebrate the season.

Rosie Revere's Big Project Book for Bold Engineers by Andrea Beaty

Following the success of the first Rosie Revere book, here we have a great adventure of personal creativity with fan favourite Rosie Revere! This activity book features art from the picture book Rosie Revere, Engineer and will inspire young readers with activities of all kinds. Activities include creating a squirrel-proof birdfeeder, designing a better bicycle, building a simple catapult, constructing a solar oven, and more!  The activities are wide-ranging and eminently practical. The layout of the book is fabulous and has a really professional feel that will appeal to science-mad youngsters. The illustrations by David Roberts are spot-on - engaging and informative. This empowering activity book will teach problem-solving and creative-thinking skills crucial to STEM fields while also providing opportunities for its readers to try new things and, sometimes, to fail. As the picture book so brilliantly showed hundreds of thousands of young readers, flops are an inevitable part of success and something to be celebrated rather than feared. A really excellent book and one I highly recommend.

Fingerprint Activities: Garden by Fiona Watt

Including a multi-coloured stamp pad with this book is a stroke of genius! Not only does it give the book immediate appeal, but it's also very practical as children can start creating straight away. Packed with fun fingerprinting ideas based on a range of colourful backgrounds, this colourful activity book comes with its own inkpad of seven bright colours. Decorate the garden scenes with dragonflies, squirrels, birds drinking from a fountain and much more. There are simple instructions showing how to fingerprint each animal and the book has a practical spiral binding so that it lies flat. It's a great way to inspire children and the results are really effective.

The Wild Garden (Rub-Down Transfer Books) by Felicity Brooks

This book really took me back - it's ages since I've used transfers and it reminded me what fun they are! Create eleven beautiful gardens, including a cottage garden, a Mediterranean garden and a summer meadow, by adding crayoning and stencils to the delicately detailed backgrounds. Each garden has a delicate line drawing to colour in and a colourful picture to fill with beautiful rub-down transfers of flowers, butterflies, birds, frogs and fish. The transfers are stored in a wallet inside the front cover. Brilliant to see transfers instead of the ubiquitous stickers, and something of which I would love to see more. Once completed, this will be a book to treasure.

Star Wars Art of Colouring The Force Awakens (Star Wars Colouring Book) by Lucasfilm

Relax, and let the creativity flow through you with plenty of colouring for all skill levels, whether you are a skilled artist or an everyday dabbler of drawings and doodles. Star Wars fans of all ages will enjoy the awesome new vehicles, locations, and characters from box office sensation, The Force Awakens. Colour in Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, BB-8 and many more in this beautifully illustrated book. In The Force Awakens, Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister first order has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until, Skywalker, the last Jedi has been destroyed. A super book with a huge range of different types of colouring to enjoy.

Star Wars Make and Do

This is the perfect activity book for all Star Wars fans. They will learn how to draw their favourite Star Wars characters, create cool crafts, and design their own masterpieces in this incredible activity folder. Follow the steps to sketch and colour Yoda, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and many more. Make a hairy Wookiee puppet and a papier mache stormtrooper helmet. Then use the sketchpad to bring ideas and drawings to life. This varied activity book includes stickers and templates for even greater creativity.

Bing's Day Out Activity Book

Join Bing and Flop and the rest of their friends for a busy, activity-packed day out in the park with a picnic. Help them draw and doodle through the day, with this wipe clean activity book packed full of activities your toddler can enjoy again and again. There are plenty of puzzles such as mazes as well as activities to encourage creativity and imagination such as drawing pictures in clouds and putting picnic food on the plates - and with the special Bing wipe-off pen, the activities can be enjoyed again and again. The bright colours and simple activities are ideal for young children - especially Bing fans.

101 Brilliant Things for Kids to Do with Science by Dawn Isaac

This exciting book is choc-full of experiments and projects that will get children really excited about science and support their KS2 science studies.There are all manner of activities, including Launch a Rocket, Create a Giant Egg, Blow a Bubble Snake, Create a Snowstorm, Build a Balloon Powered Racing Car and Levitate a Ping Pong Ball. Each activity is clearly explained, with a list of required items plus plenty of colour photos to show the experiments in progress. Many of the ideas are really unusual and also very practical - I like the Gel Air Freshener and the Bee and Butterfly Watering Hole. An excellent book, full of inspiring ideas to entertain and inform.

Meet the Artist: David Hockney by Rose Blake

This is an unusual and very effective way to get to know the work of one of Britain's most exciting artists. The bold, colourful and playful illustrations by Rose Blake in the style of David Hockney are accompanied by a whole host of suggestions for children to create their own works of art. These make-and-dos and inspiring activities for young budding artists are excellently presented, with plenty of space for children to include their own work. A really good way to gain an insight into an artist's work.

Ponies (My First Creativity Books) by Anna Brett

This really is one of the best series of activity books I have seen - there is so much variety and it's brilliant to see that new titles are being added all the time. Maybe your child isn't lucky enough to have their own pony or to go riding, but they can enjoy lots of pony-related fun with pages and pages of show-jumping, pony grooming and horsemanship fun! My First Creativity Books are designed by educational experts and they clearly have younger children in mind because all the activities are perfect for young children - so often, activity books are aimed at older children. There are plenty of stimulating and educational activities, including dot-to-dots, spot the differences, mazes, matching puzzles, make-and-do activities, and more, as well as 200 stickers that can be reused to make the pictures perfect. There are also two fold-out scenes to enjoy. A super book which is an excellent way to encourage early learning while having fun.

The Fairy Creativity Book by Anna Brett

This is another excellent series, this time for older children - again, there are lots of titles in the series, ensuring there is something for everyone to enjoy. This very girly title is packed with fairy princesses, flower fairies, enchanted fairy kingdoms elves and much, much more. The activities include puzzles, stickers, games, stencils and makes to try at home, including a fairy cake recipe. The book is really appealing in appearance, with lots of colour and clearly set out pages. A fold-out back cover provides two wonderful scenes for the stickers to be used on again and again. The practical spiral binding, which is a feature of all the books in the series, makes the book easy to use. There is so much variety in the book, and a huge range of activities, guaranteeing hours of creative fun and encouraging the imagination.

Show + Tell: Transport Activities by Nous Vous

This unusual and engaging activity pack for preschoolers stands out from others in that it contains three fold-out posters which open out to be almost four times A4 size. Noisy transport, things with wheels and things that fly are the themes of the double-sided posters. The book includes 40 stickers, which make learning about things that go fun for all the family, and which are designed to encourage early development of vocabulary. But that's not all - there is also a colourful activity book in each pack for colouring in, spotting, drawing and puzzle fun. A really good concept, which offers a great deal of learning opportunity, and which has been well thought out to give a really attractive book.

Show + Tell: Animal Activities by Nous Vous

This colourful pre-school activity book has all the attributes of the Transport book freviewed above, but this time focusing on the perennially popular topic of animals. The topics for the nig fold-out posters are noisy animals, big and little animals and hungry animals - once decorated with some of the 40 stickers, the posters are very attractive to display, and they are excellent for encouraging the learning of new words.The activity book offers plenty of opportunities for colouring, spotting, drawing and puzzle fun, all of which are designed to enhance early learning. The book is colourful and engaging, with clear and simple illustrations which are ideal for young children.

Princess Ponies Sticker and Activity Book (My Little Pony)

The magical kingdom of Equestria is home to the wise and kind princess ponies. My Little Pony fans will love to meet the royal friends and engage in games, puzzles and colouring, as well as decorating the pages with the over 175 pretty stickers.There is plenty to do help organise a Princess Party with Pinkie Pie, take a royal roadtrip with Rainbow Dash, have fun at a Princess Picnic with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Get the ponies ready for the Galloping Gala and much, much more.Perfect to keep little pony fans entertained at home, on holiday and on the move.

The LEGO® Batman Movie: Chaos in Gotham City (Activity book with exclusive Batman minifigure) (Lego® DC Comics)

Enjoy the exciting activities in Gotham City, where the good guys Batman and Robin battle against super-villains like The Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow .With all-action comic strips and fun puzzles to entertain all Batman fans, as well as an exclusive Batman minifigure to collect, this is great for all fans with its blend of comic strip stories and activities. LEGO is the No 1 toy company in the world, and it is the No 3 book brand in the market, after Minecraft and Peppa Pig.

The LEGO® Batman Movie: Chaos in Gotham City (Activity book with exclusive Batman minifigure) (Lego® DC Comics)

Enjoy the exciting activities in Gotham City, where the good guys Batman and Robin battle against super-villains like The Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow .With all-action comic strips and fun puzzles to entertain all Batman fans, as well as an exclusive Batman minifigure to collect, this is great for all fans with its blend of comic strip stories and activities. LEGO is the No 1 toy company in the world, and it is the No 3 book brand in the market, after Minecraft and Peppa Pig.

The LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: Ready, Steady, Stick! (Lego® DC Comics)

Build on children's interest in the LEGO Batman movies with the excellent range of books based on the film - the new film is released Spring 2017. With plenty of exciting scenes and activities, plus 200+ reusable stickers, there is plenty to keep fans entertained. The book is, of course, set in Gotham City, where the good guys Batman and Robin battle against super-villains like The Joker, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Scarecrow. It's perfect for 7 to 10 year olds, who will love to extend their interest in the stories.

The LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: Choose Your Super Hero Doodle Activity Book (Lego® DC Comics)

This is the third in the series from Egmont Books which is perfectly timed for the release of the new film. With loads of awesome things to draw, colour and complete for loads of creative fun, this book is perfect to encourage children to use their imaginations as they put their own spin on the adventures of Batman and friends. There are plenty of prompts to give inspiration, giving children a really good opportunity to develop storylines and pictures of their own. With over 80 years of publishing for DC Comics, they have a huge fan base and an assured popularity.

Arty Mouse Painting by Susie Linn

Encourage young children to take an interest in painting and learning about colours, as well as developing early writing skills. This early learning through art activity book introduces children age 3 and up to the fun of picture making by mixing colours and mark making to complete exciting, colourful Arty Mouse scenes. By guiding children, the book encourages purposeful learning which has fun at its heart. It's full of suggestions and many of these can be carried across into other creative activities. "The Arty Mouse early learning activity books help to develop hand-eye coordination and expand children's knowledge of key first concepts and their understanding of the wider world through art-based activities. Arty Mouse visual learning titles support UK National Curriculum." It's an excellent series, with a wide range of books to choose from, ensuring that there is something to interest every child, and covering a wide range of skills that will really help children's development, especially motor skills.

Arty Mouse Sticking by Oakley Graham

This early learning through art activity book introduces children age 3 and up to the fun of picture making by cutting and then sticking pictures (included at the back of the book) to complete exciting, colourful Arty Mouse scenes. There are lots of bright busy scenes, including under the sea, aeroplane journey and carnival time. There are pages of colourful images to cut out at the end of the book, and to stick onto the pictures. I really like the way this book encourages children to start to use scissors - that's a skill not often covered in books; it can be a hard one to master, so this book is great. Sticking with glue rather than stickers is another vital skill. The colourful scenes also encourage discussion and promote an interest in all sorts of different areas. A super book.

A Whole World to Colour In: An Asterix Colouring Book

This is a real treasure trove for Asterix fans young and old - and a great way for this iconic figure to garner even more loyal followers. This great big, brand new colouring book is simply bursting with some of the most beloved scenes and characters from the bestselling and iconic Asterix series. Battles and banquets, Romans and Gauls bring the world of Asterix to life with 112 pages of exquisite original line art, all ready to colour. Full of variety, there are all sorts of scenes, some very complex and others easier to colour - but all of them encouraging keen colourers to put their own spin on the classic scenes. A book which will give many happy hours of creative fun.

Woodland (Hedgehugs Activity Books) by Steve Wilson

I love the Hedgehugs characters so I was thrilled to see this, the first of four Hedgehugs activity books. It features the lovable characters Horace and Hattie as they explore the woodland and make a whole host of new friends. There aare fun facts, games and activities with a woodland theme, as well as ideas for sensory play, such as exploring the textures of objects in the woodland and listening out for animal sounds. It really is an excellent way to encourage children to observe the natural world around them - take this book with ou on a woodland walk and you and your child will really reap the rewards. The format of the series is to explore popular natural habitats through easy to do craft activities with a sensory focus - I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.

RSPB My First Wildlife Sticker Activity Book (Bloomsbury Activity Books) by Gina Maldonado

This very attractive activity book brings nature right close to home, looking at the different wildlife children can spot in the garden or local park. Play spot the difference with the ladybirds, help the robin find the worms, help the hedgehog find his tracks, draw a fox, colour in the animals and much more. Produced in partnership with the RSPB, the book is full of lovely ilustrations and colourful backgrounds. Many of the stickers are very small - perhaps a little small for the intended age range, but there are lots of other activities to be enjoyed. It's the perfect companion for enthusiastic young nature lovers, encouraging them to spot the wildlife around them. It's endorsed by the RSPB. Bloomsbury produce some excellent activity books - always high quality and attractively produced.

Star Wars Rogue One Book and Model: Make Your Own U-wing (Star Wars Construction Books)

Star Wars fans will love this book which is a great combination of book and model - a good way to encourage reluctant readers. The mini book is full of facts about the ships and characters from the new movie, so it will be great to enjoy alongside the film, before or after. Once children have enjoyed the informative little book, they can press out the pieces to build their own model of the brand new ship from Star Wars: Rogue One. The pieces are made in sturdy card, and the model slots together well - it's great to put on display. Set before Star Wars: A New Hope, Rogue One follows a rag-tag group of rebel commandos who must steal the plans to the Empire’s new superweapon, the Death Star. This standalone story transports fans to unseen corners of the Star Wars universe and strange new planets not to mention an encounter with a familiar adversary, Darth Vader.

Star Wars Rogue One: Art of Colouring

Colouring is all the rage - for children and for adults. It's a great way to relax and this book may well appeal to a different audience than the majority of colouring books do. Creative types can colour the heroes, villains and vehicles of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There are 100 images with an excellent variety in complexity (plenty for younger ones to enjoy) and style. There are patterns and pictures, some partially shaded for extra effectiveness. Children will love to spot favourite characters and events from the film in this super colouring book.

Star Wars Rogue One: Profiles and Poster Book

This bumper poster book featuring the heroes and villains of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. There are lots of colourful posters to cut out, and folded into the book is an extra-large shiny scene from the film. All the posters are well produced, on high quality paper, and they will look great decorating the bedroom of any Star Wars fan. There are stickers for extra embellishment too.

8 Ways to Draw Fish by Luisa Martelo

A wonderfully inspiring book, which takes a simple idea and expands on it to bring us a creative feast. The fish is shown in eight different styles, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, along with practical suggestions that will enhance drawing skills. There are interesting snippets of information that help understanding of the way fish live and these too will inform children's artwork. Through tracing, patterning and colouring the fish, the reader will be engrossed in detailed exploration of styles - or just have fun. A super book to encourage creativity.

Animals (My First Sticker Book) by Joshua George

Far more than just a sticker book, this colourful and informative book will deserve a place on children's bookshelves long after the stickers have all been used, as it has plenty of information. The big, reusable stickers are perfect for little hands, being easy to peel off and to use over and over again on the scenes. Make the most of time with your child by sharing the fun as you read the text and encourage children to put the stickers in the correct places; there's lots of opportunity to name and talk about all the individual animals. The backgrounds are really attractive and again offer plenty to discuss. A super sticker book.

The Official Pokémon Sticker Book

Have a break from finding Pokemon and enjoy the 130+ stickers in this colourful book. It offers hours of Pokémon fun - it's all you need to become a true Pokémon trainer. Eevee, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Meowth, Charmander - they're all in here! Join thousands of Pokémon fans as you truly immerse yourself in the Pokémon universe. There are various colourful scenes to decorate with stickers, including a beach, a snowscene and a city scape; children are free to use their own imaginations to choose which characters to put where; more fun for children than pre-determined places. The scenes are colourful and varied, but the stickers are not reusable, so make sure children don't use them all on the first few scenes. Perfect for all young Pokemon fans.

Official Pokémon Creative Colouring

It's a great idea to get children to take a break from screens and do something creative - and this is a super way to encourage them to do so. This jam-packed book contains 64 pages, with over 100 Pokémon for children (and adults!) to colour in and make their own. Get creative as you dive into the Pokémon universe in this, the perfect gift for all Pokémon fans from 5+. There are lots of different scenes and the chance to do even more Pokemon spotting in the detailed pictures. The paper is good quality for crayons and felt tips, and there's a good mix of scenes and patterns.

Fun with Friends Sticker Activity: Book 1 (Noddy Toyland Detective) by Enid Blyton

Children who are enjoying the brand-new CGI TV Noddy Toyland Detective series, screening on Milkshake every morning, will be thrilled with this colourful activity book. Noddy is Toyland's new detective. If there's something lost, missing or unusual happening in Toyland, Noddy and his friends Bumpy Dog and Revs the Car find out what happened and put things right, just as Noddy always has done for all his friends. This sticker book is perfect for young ones, as there are simple colourful pictures and good sized stickers which are easy for little fingers. There are easy instructions for children to follow as children join Noddy to solve problems.

Wildlife: A Map Colouring Book (Colouring Books) by Natalie Hughes

What a superb way to introduce children to the wonderful variety of animal life to be found all around the world. This stunning giant poster-size format book gives so much scope for the inclusion of a vast range of animals, and the generous size of the maps is really good for children. Each page has a mini-globe too, showing the location of each country on a global scale. As well as the copious illustration, there are lots of fascinating facts about animals to be learnt. Not just animals, though, the maps include insects, flowers and plants, giving an overview of natural life in each country. The backgrounds are already coloured in, which makes the pages very attractive, and there is plenty to colour on each page. The pages are single-sided, so children can pull the pages out for display. A superb book.

The Peter Pan Colouring Book (Buster Activity) by Ann Kronheimer

This is a lovely way to enhance your child's interest in Peter Pan. What child can resist the story of the boy who never grew up and who flew away to Neverland? This lovely colouring book tells the story alongside the partially coloured pages. All the well-loved characters are here - the Darling children (and Nana, of course), Captain Hook, the Lost Boys and Tinkerbelle. I really like the way the story is told both in text and through the pictures - if children don't know the story, then this a lovely introduction. Make sure you have a copy of the full story to hand though, because I am sure colouring the pictures will make children want to read the story. There's lots of detail in the pictures and the heavy paper means pens and pencils are both suitable.

Painty Prints: Pictures to Complete with Painty Fingerprints (Buster Activity) by Jorge Martin

Any excuse for children to dip their fingers in paint will be very popular, and this super book is packed with brilliant ways to develop creativity. Children can bring to life a whole host of scenes by decorating the pre-coloured backgrounds with their fingerprints. Put spots on the cows, decorate the butterflies' wings, cover the tree with fingerprint leaves, embellish the tropical birds... these are just a few of the ideas. The backgrounds are already coloured in bright bold colours, making the perfect backdrop for adding lots more colour. The inspiring ideas in the book can also be transferred to other creative activities, making the book even more fun. A great way to channel creativity.

Brick Animals by Warren Elsmore

Have you got a great big box of LEGO pieces at home, and need inspiration for using all those hundreds, maybe thousands, of bricks? Help is at hand with this wonderful book from the ever-inventive Buster Books. There are 40 ideas in all, including butterfly, lion, piranha, sheep, frog, lobster, flamingo... and many more. Children can create a whole menagerie! With striking design and simple visual step-by-step instructions, the projects range in complexity, making the book perfect for a cross-section of ages. At the start of each project is an illustrated list of exactly what pieces are needed for the build - it may take a while to gather these together, but it's really essential from the outset. More creative or more experienced children will appreciate the fact that each design is customisable. Also available in the same excellent format is Brick Cars & Trucks.

What Do You See? by Andrew Pinder

Another super book from Buster Books, who are so excellent at producing books which really develop and encourage creativity. This ingenious book takes really ordinary things - such as ink blots, burnt paper, torn cardboard, fingerprints, paint drips, screwed up pieces - and encourages children to transform them into extraordinary things. Again, it's a book whose value will last long after the activities are completed, as children will look at the everyday things around them with a fresh eye. Ink splats become aliens or bonkers birds, a piece of paper becomes an iceberg filled with penguins, and a page of palm prints becomes a herd of elephants. Children can follow the many suggestions in the book, or they can give free rein to their own imaginations - it's a super book which encourages freedom and which is accessible and fun even for those with minimal artistic skills.

Moone Boy: The Marvellous Activity Manual by Chris O'Dowd and Nick Murphy

Basing activity books on popular book characters is a great way to extend the interest and to encourage children to try out activities they might not otherwise attempt. There are all sorts of different things to enjoy in this book - an exclusive new Moone Boy story, a comic strip adventure, plenty of jokes and a bumper crop of activities and games, including Imaginary Friend top trumps, learn to draw Martin Moone and many more. Featuring all of Martin's friends (and enemies) and packed with advice on finding your own Imaginary Friend (IF), The Marvellous Activity Manual is the must-have ultimate companion for fans of the series. Plenty to keep children happily occupied for many hours.

Colour Your Own Doll's House by Jim Pipe

Oh - I just want to get my pens out and start colouring this, it's so pretty and tempting! Children can decorate their very own doll's house in this superb colouring book; the first two page spread shows the rooms in colour, if children want inspiration, or they can just use their own creativity as they colour and doodle the detailed rooms and their inhabitants. The house is covered from top to bottom, not forgetting the garden and the street. The pictures are highly detailed, packed with information about Victorian life and there are also fascinating factual details. It would make a great book to support KS2 learning about the Victorians - not only is it very informative about Victorian life, but the pages would make great additions to topic work, or for classroom display. A lovely colouring book with beautifully drawn pictures.

The Ultimate Emoji Sticker Activity Book by Anna Brett

Emojis seem to be everywhere, and now children can get their fill of them with this exciting book from Carlton Kids. There's plenty here for the whole family to enjoy, with 72 pages of creative activities including stickers, puzzles, drawing, a card game... and the world as you've never seen it before...emojified! I like the name that film and name that book pages - once you have guessed the films on the page, it will be great family fun to devise your own and see if others can work it out; you can use emojis just like a code and this is a great way to develop those problem-solving skills. There are over 50 creative and educational activity games - from emoji history to design your own emoji, and from cut-out emoji masks to emoji sudoko - and over 450 stickers. Whoever would have thought emojis could be such fun?

Violet Rose and the Little School Sticker Activity Book by Janine Ho

Violet Rose lives in the busy town of Sunnyville. She is just starting her new job as the teacher at Sunnyville nursery school. Using the theme of a busy few days at school, this colourful activity book joins the children on their way to school, enjoying activities in the classroom, playing in the playground and even visiting the art gallery. The detailed pages are perfect to share with young children, explaining to them what happens at school. But there's far more than that to enjoy. There are card models of the school and the bus to press out and make; posters to colour; a clock to make; picture frames to show off children's artwork and lots of puzzles to solve. As well as all this, there are dozens of stickers which have their own pages to be decorated. I love the illustrations which show Violet Rose and all her animal friends really happily enjoying themselves. It's a really lively book, with so much to enjoy - and there's even more online at Superb.

Pirate Ship Sticker Book by Jim Pipe

Ahoy there, me hearties - it's time to immerse yourselves in a pirate's world in this colourful sticker book. The Scurvy Dog pirate ship is home to Captain Skull and the fearsome Captain is here to show you personally around his ship. From his comfortable cabin to the crow's nest, you will explore every part of the pirate galleon and find out how pirates lived. Then you can use the reusable stickers to bring the ship to life - count up the pirate booty and enjoy a beach party. You can colour in the ship and the pirates - there are lots of colouring pages to enjoy, as well as puzzle activities.It's all beautifully illustrated, with lots of details and information about pirates' lives. A super book, with a lovely range of activities.

Princess Palace Sticker Book by Jim Pipe

This book is perfect for girls to enjoy while their brothers enjoy the Pirate book! Girls are invited inside Jasmine Palace, home to a princess and her family in the eighteenth century - it's an excellent way to see how people of that period lived, dressed and entertained themselves. The book tells the story of the palace and its gardens as everyone prepares for a grand ball. Children can use the reusable stickers to bring the palace to life all ready to greet the guests. Help the princess get dressed, decorate the palace and make sure the grounds are perfect. Children will learn so much about 18th century life through the colourful informative pages - and there are exciting colouring and puzzle activities at the back, too. Another lovely book.

Build the Dragon by Dugald Steer

First of all, children can learn about all sorts of dragons, where in the world the myths about them come from, how their bodies are formed, the way they behaved and much more. The amazing illustrations show these mythical creatures in all, their glory, and there is so much to learn. Then they can create their very own spectacular 3D moving model of a Western dragon using the heavy card pieces stored in the back of the book - they just slot together, with no scissors or glue needed. The wind up the motor (included) and watch it come to life, with a moving jaw and flapping wings. It's an excellent combination, as children will love to know more about these magical beasts, and they will have a working model perfect for displaying in their bedroom. A perfect present and one that encourages creativity.

Mensa Train Your Brain: Mind-Twisting Mazes from Carlton Kids

Be warned - this is highly addictive! This is the biggest and most brain-fryingly complex maze book of all time. With over 80 fiendish mazes, you will need all your wits and ingenuity to get yourself out of these mazes; for some light relief, you will be very glad to follow the suggestion of colouring them when you have completed them! The patterns are inspired by cultures from around the world, from Celtic knots to Mayan mask mazes - this gives them an added level of interest. There are mazes for every level of ability, and there are some phenomenally tricky ones; some appear quite simple... Perfect for the whole family - leave the book lying around with a pencil (and an eraser!) and I can almost guarantee people will pick it up and get addicted.

88 1/2 Science experiments by Nick Arnold

Why do things fizz? How did the Romans make soap? How do you make edible foam? Discover the answer to these and many more questions in this exciting book which explores the science behind air, water, mixtures, materials, energy, forces, magnets and more using easy-to-find ingredients. Each experiment is clearly explained, and includes quiz questions which are excellent to encourage children to really question what happens, rather than just taking the results for granted. What's next? features provide experiment variation and follow-up, to add to the learning value. Encourage children to think scientifically and outside of the box while learning about different scientific topics in the comfort of the home or classroom - I think teachers will really appreciate this book for the way it demonstrates scientific concepts in a way that can be shown in the classroom. If you, like me, are wondering what the 1/2 an experiment is - it's the mystery experiment at the end of the book!

Timeline Activity Book by Peter Goes

This is a follow-up to the international bestseller Timeline, described as "A perfect introduction to history for young and old, this illustrated journey through our world's culture and events travels from the Big Bang to the iPod and into the future." It will spark children's creativity as they look at the drawings, puzzles and activities which sit alongside facts and images from Peter Goes's remarkable visual history of the world. Children are encouraged to put their own spin on the book as they decorate their pages just how they like - there are no 'wrong' things, which encourages children to let their imaginations take over. And as they journey through this incredible book, historical facts will just fall into place.

Doodle Magic Animals by Jake McDonald

This unusual book is packed full of ideas to inspire children's artistic abilities. There are lots of ideas, all based around wonderful creatures from the animal kingdom. Bugs to soaring birds, snakes to mighty land mammals - they are all here. But when children have finished adding their own interpretation, you may not recognise the creatures! Doodle Magic Animals is packed with over 50 drawing and colouring activities which are bound to appeal to children. Best of all, they can draw and draw again on the lift-to-erase luminous sheet. Then, when they have practised their skills, they can complete the brilliant papercraft projects. Full of inspiration, this is an unusual book which will capture children's interest.

Harry Potter Quidditch: Deluxe Book and Model Set (Incredibuilds) by Jody Revenson

Quidditch is a competitive sport played, of course, in the Harry Potter books. This beautifully produced book takes a behind-the-scenes look at how Quidditch was imagined and brought to life for the Harry Potter films. It will fascinate all fans, with its film-making secrets, insights from the actors and thrilling artwork. The book also includes everything you need to create your own wooden Golden Snitch model. There's no need for glue when assembling the laser-cut wood pieces, which comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. To make the model your very own, there are colouring and crafting ideas. There's also a character guide book featuring interviews from cast and crew of the Harry Potter films. A fascinating collection, all in one book. Perfect for Harry Potter fans.

The Big Book of 100 Little Activities by Laura Minter and Tia Williams

This is an invaluable book to have at hand for rainy afternoons and long winter days. There are 100 boredom-busting craft activities divided into eight sections - Nature lovers, Messy makes, Rainy day, Sunny day, Little Laboratory, Paint and print, Playing and performing and Dressing-up. Whether you want something that is quick and easy to set up, or whether you have more time to spare and want a longer project, there is bound to be something that will appeal on every occasion. The book is brought to us by the award winning bloggers Little Button Diaries, and all the ideas have been tested by their own children, so you can be sure they will work. The instructions are easy to follow and there are detailed diagrams as well as photos to help you achieve the desired end result. The activities are ideal for pre-schoolers, but there is plenty to engage older children too. Here are some of my favourites - masking-tape car track ,waterproof sand, ziplock bag painting and foil butterfly. As you can see, the crafts use supplies that are readily to hand or easily obtainable - and not expensive, either. A super book for every home with young children, and for nursery schools and playgroups too. Published by GMC Publications, September 2016, ISBN 978174942458.

Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Princess by Fiona Watt

I was really pleased to see that Usborne have brought out a new series of their highly successful Sticker Dolly Dressing. So often, sticker books have small stickers that are too tiny for little fingers to manipulate, and then children get frustrated. This book has lovely bright pages with pictures of all sorts of little princesses, all waiting to be decorated with some of the 200 re-usable stickers included with the book. Princesses Amelia and Rose are at dancing class; Princess Natalia is at her family's summer palace; Princess Flora is in the rose garden - and there are many more lovely scenes. The stickers show which pages they belong to, and they can also be stored in the fold-out flap on the back cover. A very pretty book that little girls will love.

Sticker Dolly Dressing Costumes Around the World by Emily Bone

Children can enjoy an exciting journey around the world as they dress the dolls in traditional dresses, ornate jewellery, dancing shoes and headdresses. The theme is festivals around the world, and they include the Venice Carnivale, Swedish midsummer, Holi, a Hungarian folk festival and lots more. There are boys and girls to dress with the 250+reusable stickers,and they are all shown against colourful background scenes which show the festival. The book offers a good opportunity for children to learn about festivals around the world, and also to learn where the places are - why not get an atlas out and find the places? The shiny thick paper will be very durable and there's a fold-out back cover to store spare stickers. A lovely colourful sticker book with plenty of learning value.

My Spooky Activity and Sticker Book from Bloomsbury

There are plenty of activities for children to enjoy in this spooky activity book. Help the spider get through the maze, match the spooky shapes, write a spooky coded message, spot the difference, and lots more. In the centre of the book, there are 200+ stickers to go on specific pages of the book, and children will have fun with these. Activity books do help children's learning - they encourage motor skills, imagination and puzzle solving - and they really enjoy them too.

Kew A Year in the Garden Colouring Book (Colouring Books) by Clair Rossiter

This is a top-quality colouring book on good quality paper which is ideal for crayons or felt tip pens; with care, water colours could be used - and I tried acrylic paints left over from Paint by Numbers, and they worked brilliantly. There are over 90 beautifully detailed line drawings which follow the calendar year, with flowers, wildlife and seasonal garden pictures. There's even a bookmark in the back cover to cut out and use to keep your place. You will find little things to spot and find as you go along and it's a great way to appreciate the intricacy of the natural world. In black and white, it's a beautiful book, but when the pictures are coloured in, it will be stunning.

Pharaoh's Fate: Solve the ancient Egyptian mystery by Camille Gautier

This engrossing book takes young readers on a fascinating journey back in time as they learn about ancient Egypt in this thrilling interactive adventure. Someone is plotting to murder the pharaoh and it's up to you to stop them. From the glittering riches of the royal tombs to the bustling markets of ancient Thebes, your journey will require you to decipher hieroglyphs, learn about gods and goddesses, hunt for clues and unmask the culprit before it's too late. It's such a good way to get children to really engage with history, as they work out how to solve the clues. The book is packed with information, and there are lots of informative illustrations too. The challenges will really stretch children, helping them to reason and deduce and the format ensures the learning will be thoroughly embedded. Fascinating and unusual.

Maths Activity Book (STEM Starters for Kids) by Jenny Jacoby

STEM subjects are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and the books in this series encourage children to take an interest in these subjects. Children will learn about maths by reading the simple explanations and then in a practical way by doing the activities on each topic. The approach is very practical - including shopping, at the post office and cooking, thereby showing children how important learning is to everyday life. All sorts of puzzles and activities are here for children to enjoy, with a mix of fun games, puzzles and activities with equal appeal to boys and girls. Among other skills, they will need addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to tackle the challenges. Colourful and engaging, really attractively produced, this book makes maths fun and reinforces classroom learning in a positive way.

Neon World Colouring and Drawing Book with Stickers (Fluorescent Activity Book) by Vicky Barker

Brighten up your world with this book which can be decorated with pages of fluorescent stickers. The black and white pages (with a little bit of bright green) are full of inspiration for creating drawings all based on nature. From the age of the dinosaurs, to visiting under the sea and flying high in the sky and into outer space, there are all sorts of ideas to stimulate children's imaginations. Design satellites, draw sea creatures, create your own dinosaurs... and lots more. Why not use fluorescent pens to make the drawings even more exciting? Then use the stickers at the back of the book to embellish the pictures. Full of inspiration.

The Magical World of Amy Lee by Amy Lee

Gaming is certainly not just for boys, as a recent survey shows. Amy Lee has huge, mainly female, followings on social media. Now she has brought out her first book, featuring all the favourite characters from 'Amy Lee's Land of Love'. It's jam-packed with fact files, puzzles, crafting, games, quizzes, colouring, mazes, stories and much more to delight young gamers. Can you escape from the witch, decode a secret message from the fairies, stop Mittens causing too much chaos and become a cute recruit? The content is all great quality and there's plenty here to provide hours of entertainment. It's excellent value too.

The Magical World of Amy Lee by Amy Lee

Gaming is certainly not just for boys, as a recent survey shows. Amy Lee has huge, mainly female, followings on social media. Now she has brought out her first book, featuring all the favourite characters from 'Amy Lee's Land of Love'. It's jam-packed with fact files, puzzles, crafting, games, quizzes, colouring, mazes, stories and much more to delight young gamers. Can you escape from the witch, decode a secret message from the fairies, stop Mittens causing too much chaos and become a cute recruit? The content is all great quality and there's plenty here to provide hours of entertainment. It's excellent value too.

Mr. Men Halloween Sticker Activity Book by Roger Hargreaves

Join the ever-popular Mr Men for some spooky fun in this fabulous Halloween sticker book. There are all sorts of activities for children to enjoy - colouring, counting, writing, mazes, odd one out and much more. All illustrated in bold bright Halloween colours, and with four pages of spooky stickers for added fun. It's all very entertaining and with the added benefit of developing key skills such as fine motor skills, coordination and concentration.




Annuals 2017

The Gruffalo and Friends Annual 2017

Based, of course, on the much-loved picture books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, this is the ideal way to extend children's enjoyment of, not only The Gruffalo, but the characters from Room on the Broom; The Snail and the Whale; Charlie Cook's Favourite Book; A Squash and a Squeeze; Monkey Puzzle and The Smartest Giant in Town as well. This, the official Gruffalo and Friends Annual 2017, is bursting with fun stories, perfect puzzles and amazing activities. There are 64 pages of crafts, recipes (I love the Gruffalo Bread, in the shapes of favourite characters), quizzes, games, drawing, writing and colouring-in; even find out how Axel Scheffler created his drawings. There's plenty to keep ensure children will keep going back to the book throughout 2017, and it will also encourage them to return to the stories as well.

Bing Annual 2017

Young Bing fans will be thrilled to see the first-ever Bing Annual; annuals have a perennial appeal - for years, children have looked forward to opening one at Christmas, and the appeal never wanes. This annual is packed full of stories, games, crafts and fun activities. This annual has a great new feature - a collection of keepsake pages throughout the book for recording memories, preferences and firsts as well as spaces to stick in photographs or draw pictures. From personal details to family and friends, this is a great new feature that means children will return to the annual over and over again - and mums and dads will treasure it afterwards.The craft ideas are really good too, including eggy heads and painty butterflies. This is a super annual, with all sorts of enjoyable activities to encourage fun and learning.

Bing Annual 2017

Young Bing fans will be thrilled to see the first-ever Bing Annual; annuals have a perennial appeal - for years, children have looked forward to opening one at Christmas, and the appeal never wanes. This annual is packed full of stories, games, crafts and fun activities. This annual has a great new feature - a collection of keepsake pages throughout the book for recording memories, preferences and firsts as well as spaces to stick in photographs or draw pictures. From personal details to family and friends, this is a great new feature that means children will return to the annual over and over again - and mums and dads will treasure it afterwards.The craft ideas are really good too, including eggy heads and painty butterflies. This is a super annual, with all sorts of enjoyable activities to encourage fun and learning.

Twirlywoos Annual 2017

This brightly coloured annual, with its illustrations set against white pages, is suitable for young children. They will thoroughly enjoy the mix of stories with simple activities and exercises; throughout the annual, all the activities underpin the ‘learning through play’ element that is such an important part of the TV series, introducing very young children to simple concepts through humour and the endearing Twirlywoo characters. The activities are well thought out and link well with the stories, making the annual flow, and capturing the attention. It's clearly presented, with engaging pictures, a clear font and clear layout - a lovely annual.

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