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Did you know that parents who introduce their babies to books give them a head start in school and an advantage over their peers throughout primary school? Or, that what parents do with their children before they are three years old plays an important part in their development, having more of an effect, even than social background, on a child’s readiness for school? In early 2012, research appeared on the National Literacy Trust’s website that stressed this impact and influence of the home learning and communication environment in the early years.
 Play. Discover. Learn.
Launching in Spring 2013, Little Tiger Kids is a wide-ranging series of picture books with an original and fresh approach. Fully photographic, this bright and innovative new range of engaging pre-school books is designed to stimulate growing minds. Interactive books and puzzles are guaranteed to entertain, educate and inform children, providing a fun hands-on experience to aid learning and development. For age one upwards, Little Tiger Kids gives your child the perfect head start.

The photographic approach of Little Tiger Kids provides children with a window on the world. The multi-sensory aspect of the series offers them the opportunity to lift flaps, turn tabs, feel textures, handle jigsaw pieces and, above all, starts them on a journey of discovering the enjoyment of reading 

Goodnight Ocean by Carmen Saldana

In the same style as 'Goodnight Forest' (below), Goodnight Ocean has clever cut out pages where your child will learn all about the ocean creatures, their habitat and how they sleep in their watery world. Beautiful and brightly coloured illustrations make this book captivating for littles ones and the rhyming text on each page only adds to the pleasure that this book is to read. We find out that jellyfish swim in their sleep and dolphins keep one eye open as they rest; educational and fun - a perfect combination!

Goodnight Forest by Carmen Saldana

Beautifully designed with cut out pages so you can peep through to the next night-time scene, you will find two or three facts on each page about the animals that live in the forest and what they get up to. The facts are short which will help your child to remember them and they will love the clever cut outs that give you clues about what forest creatures you might find on the next page. Each page begins with some rhyming text and you will learn about rabbits, foxes, mice, deer and woodpeckers, to name just a few. Wonderful illustrations will fascinate your child and make learning fun.

I Love My Mummy (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

This board book with catchy rhyming text has a lovely tactile cover, with ever-decreasing cut-out petals in pastel colours to encourage little fingers to investigate. As they turn each page, they will find all sorts of mummy animals being celebrated by their young ones. There's Mummy Cow, Mummy Frog, Mummy Cat and many more, all with gorgeous colour drawings which neatly incorporate the die-cut petals which go through the book. The spring-like flowery feel of this book makes it an ideal Mother's Day gift. Daddies - why not get a copy for your little one to give mummy? I promise you it will be treasured.

I Spy Learn and Go Sticker Activity (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

With plenty to spot, stick and learn, young children will have hours of fun using this colourful book. They can hunt for hidden objects, colours and shapes on the busy pages. There are five different scenes - through the town, at the park, at the train station, at nursery and at the leisure centre. These are all familiar scenes for children, so they will love to spot things with which they are familiar, and it gives adults plenty of opportuni.ties for conversation. Erasable makrkers can be used on the wipe-clean pages, which are thick, glossy and very durable; there are aslo over 100 stickers which can be re-used to your child's heart's content. The book is packed with learning opportunities, as pages of questions and puzzles are found too - even a pictire for children to complete themselves. This really is an excellent first activity/sticker book, well designed and a pleasure to use

Red Car, Blue Car: A Pop-Up Book of Colours (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

Young ones always love the gentle excitement of pop ups books and this, with its bright colours and simple pop-ups will delight them. It introduces children to the world of colours with pop-ups, simple yet engaging pictures and an alliterative rhyming text that romps throught the book. With colourful characters, engaging text and ingeniously robust pop-ups perfect for little fingers, children will soon learn their colours - and their vehicles as they enjoy the bus, aeroplane, cars, rocket and balloons.

My First Sound Book: Emergency Rescue! by Annette Rusling

The first thing children will go for with this bok is the sound button which appears from the cover and on right through the pages of this colourful board book. They will learn all about different emergency vehicles - including police cars, helicopters, fire engines and ambulances (note that the vehicles are not UK). With bright colours, appealing photographs (many of them super-sized for extra impact) and informative text, this is a great book for toddlers. The final page asks questions to stimulate interest, reinforce observation and enhance conversational skills. A fun book about the types of vehicles children will see frequently when out and about.

What's the Time, Clockodile?: A Clickety-Clackety Clock Book! (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

A good sized clock is visible on the front cover and throughout the book. The story takes the reader through from getting up time and right through the day until bedtime. Along the way, they can turn the hands on the clock to match the clocks which appear in the pictures; at the same time, the text explains the hours, half and quarte hours and on to five minute times. Digital times are also shown, on the bottom of the pags. Colourful characters Clockodile and his friend Robbie Robot will engage children's attention as they enjoy the story and begin to learn the tricky concept of telling the time. A good introduction. The hands of the clock make a satisfying ticking noise when turned, which children will enjoy.

Egg: An Egg-Citing Easter Eggs-Capade! (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

I love the way these books capture young ones' attention from the start, with the layers of shapes which they can spot on the front cover and which entice them into the book. This Easter egg-scapade has all the animals on an Easter egg hunt, collecting the differently coloured and patterned eggs as they search in all sorts of different places. There's a very special surprise at the end... With its bright clear colours and attractive scenes, this is a perfect springtime book.

Zip it: A Fancy Book of Fastenings (My Little World) by Patricia Hegarty

This colourful interactive book os just right to help little fingers get to grips with all the intricacies of fastenings. We all know it's important to encourage children to be able to dress themselves, especially before they start school or nursery, but so often in our busy lives, it is quicker to do it for them. This book, with its zip, button, velcro, popper and laces, all engagingly presented with a range of animal friends, is perfect to encourage children to practise these essential skills at their own pace and with the enjoyment of friendly characters to guide them. Each fastener is explained and this is such a good way to practise, away from the pressure of getting dressed - and much easier in a book!

Tall and Short: A Peek-Through Book of Opposites (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

Little Tiger Kids always produce books which are full of things to appeal to toddlers. Right from the cover of this board book, little ones are drawn in by the cut-outs which encourage them to explore. As they turn the pages, they will discover all sorts of contrasting animals and the attractively shaped cut-outs (which include fish, bird and flower shapes) encourage tactile skills and allow children to peep through at the next page. The catchy text rhymes to make a good read-aloud book.

Surprise: A Book of Christmas Shapes (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

Another ingenious book with cut-outs on the cover which gradually decrease in size towards the end of the book, giving an enticing peep inside to engage young ones' attention. Anticipation builds asthe friends find out what surprises they will uncover in this bright board book. The rhyming text makes the excitement build until the surprise at the end.

Hoot: A Hide-And-Seek Book of Counting (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

These books are clever! Cut out windows that gradually get smaller and expose a little of each page tempt the reader into the book, right from the front cover. It's nighttime and Billy Blue Owl is ready to play hide and seek in this playful book of numbers and colours. Count to five win this catchy rhyming story with lovely appealing owl friends as children develop numeracy skills, enjoy tactile ecploraion and enjoy sharing with an adult.

My First Touch and Feel Book: ABC Alphabet Fun

Touch and Feel books are great for babies and toddlers - they love to feel all the different textures and as they search the pages for them, they are developing tactile skills - it's lovely to wath them explore and then trace the textures over and over again. Each two page spread has a new texture as well as colourful pictures taking your child right through the alphabet and rhyming text. It's perfect to share and explore together as your child learns, expanding vocabulary and encouraging discussion.

123 Sticker Activities (My First Sticker Activity Book)

Many sticker books have far too many tiny stickers for young children and, although they love to try, they get very frustrated. These books have plenty of good sized stickers plus lots of guidance on using them. There are 80 pages of activities - far more to enjoy than just stickers! The 250+ photographic stickers are excellent quality and combined with the suggested activities are a great way to introduce children to numbers and make them fun. There are many hours of fun to be had.

ABC Sticker Activities (My First Sticker Activity Book)

Much more than just sticker books (there are over 250 superb stickers), these books are packed with activities that will encourage learning in a fun way. Most letters have two or more colour-coded pages of associated activities - and the alphabet border at the sides will help children learn. There are plenty of opportunities for drawing and tracing to develop early pencil skills and the books are also sprinkled with useful facts so children will gather knowledge on the way. All sorts of learning skills are developed - reading and letter recognition, creative thinking, vocabulary and onbservation skills. A very impressive pair of books with huge learning value all presented in a fun way.

Roar: A Big-mouthed Book of Noises (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

Little ones will enjoy exploring the cut out holes that go right through the book, introducing a range of animal sounds with a question on each page which is answered on the next. As they become familiar with the book, young ones will be anticipating what is to come next. Bold clear pictures with bright colours make for an attractive book and it's always fun hearing children join in with the animal sounds. The rhyming text also incorporates plenty of opportunity for actions too.

Zoom (My Little World) by Jonathan Litton

This highly tactile board book will immediately encourage children to explore. The cover features a series of decreasing cut out circles in an array of bright colours, as the wheels of the car. Zoom inside this 'wheelie good book of colours' to find a series of bright friendly animals zooming around in a variety of vehicles accompanied by a catchy rhyming text to share. Each page has cut out wheels so you can peep through to see what is beneath. A lovely first book of colours.

Baby Animals Sticker Activities (My First Sticker Activity Book) by Jonathan Litton

The introduction of sticker books is a great addition to the range and one that will carry it on for slightly older children. Toddlers will learn all about baby animals in this colourful sticker activity book. With 80 pages of activities and over 200 photographic stickers, these is plenty to keep children occupied and engaged - it's full of learning fun! In fact, to call these sticker books can hide the huge amount of learning opportunities they include - spot the difference, colouring, tracing. mazes.... An excellent set of books.

Farm Sticker Activities (My First Sticker Activity Book) by Annette Rusling

Toddlers will learn all about the farm in this full colour sticker activity book. With 80 pages of activities and over 200 photographic stickers, this would be ideal to use before or after a visit to a farm - encourage your child to talk about the animals. The books are a super way to develop the imagination with activities including what would your farmhouse look like?, design a scarecrow and draw food for farm animals. The stickers are good quality and can be used to help identification. There are so many ways these books can be used to extend children's learning about the world around us.

My Busy Day (My First Jumbo Tab Book)

Baby days are full of activity and you can share and talk your baby through the day with this curved board book, which has sturdy tabs to make the pages easy for babies to select and turn - this is excellent for introducing books. Little ones will learn to recognise and name the pictures on the tabs too. The book is ideal to introduce your child to new vocabulary and first words by encouraging them to name and describe the bright clear photographs on each page. It's a lovely book to sit down and share together and a good way to stimulate talking.

Baby Animals (My First Lift and Learn)

This bright colourful lift-the-flap book shows the baby animal against a white background on the flap and underneath is another photo, this time of the mother set against a natural background. There are animals noises to copy too and plenty to talk about. So often flaps are too small for little fingers to manage (or too easily torn) but these big sturdy flaps are easy for little ones - especially if you help first time. The book's proud owner can also carry the book around with the handle on the top.

Lift and See Animals (My First Matching Books)

Little ones always love the excitement of seeing what is hidden under the flaps and with three flaps on each two page spread, there is plenty to stimulate interest. One side features an animal picture (plus the sounds it makes) and opposite are three different textures to match to the animal. As your little one lifts the flaps, he will see other animals pictured. The pictures are brightly coloured and the range of textures of animal skins fascinating in its detail. By discussing the pictures with your child, language skills will be developed as well as fine motor skills by lifting the flaps.

Noisy Trucks (My First Touch & Feel Sound Book)

Another book in this series which encourages very young children to develop their senses, this time through sound and texture which are combined to make an exceptionally interesting book with the big vehicles that always capture children's attention. The quality of the sounds is good and they work easily which isn't always the case - I have seen frustrated little children trying to make the sound work with some of this type of book. There are interesting textures too - a knobbly tyre on the truck and the rough drum of the cement mixer. Snippets of information too, to encourage your child to learn about the world around us plus encouragement for children to copy the sounds.
  My Book of Opposites

My Book of Opposites illustrated by Britta Teckentrup

Britta Teckentrup is an award-winning author whose clear bright illustrations are perfect for young children. Here she brings us a quirky cast of animals to help children learn about opposites. There are the loud monkeys and the quiet butterfly, the hairy yak and the smooth snake - and some surprises, as the fast animals are in a car and there are many wet and dry creatures. It's the unexpected that makes this book such fun and children will love share, discuss and remember. Buy this from Little Tiger Press.
  My Book of Counting

My Book of Opposites illustrated by Britta Teckentrup

I was really pleasantly surprised when I opened this book to find a huge range of animals shown for every number. On one side is one, two, three and so on, with lovely lively pictures of animals in a variety of vehicles and opposite the number is repeated with a whole range of creatures - so much here for little ones to discover and talk about. There's rhyming text to enjoy and a question on each page. A truly stimulating book which has so much to offer - numeracy, language skills and recall are all developed - and it's great fun with its quirky illustrations. Buy this from Little Tiger Press

Baby Day (My First Baby Book)

This engaging book follows baby's day from waking at dawn to a sleepy bedtime. Each page reveals an adorable baby image and a simple rhyme for you to share with your little one. A sturdy board book which will endure plenty of enthusiastic handling as baby starts to explore for herself.

Baby Play (My First Baby Book)

Big photos of babies are ideal for engaging babies with books as they start to recognise faces. The simple rhymes which accompany every activity are just right to share with little ones and as they get older they will recognise the things they enjoy doing which are depicted in the book - not games as such but activities such as pointing and kicking.

My First Book of Things to See

The bright photos are perfect for encouraging early recognition skills and the beginnings of conversation. Each page focuses on a specific location, such as the park or the beach with plenty of labelled pictures to enjoy. I like baby books which have tabs to turn the pages as these encourage dexterity and help babies to be independent and turn the pages for themselves - the little colourful pictures on these can also be used to identify the pages.

My First Puzzle Set: ABC Jigsaw and Book

An excellent way to introduce young children to the alphabet. A sturdy 30 piece puzzle is illustrated in the accompanying book and to add an extra dimension, children can spot the images from the puzzle reproduced in the book. The colourful book has questions for each letter and these will encourage your children to make sounds, try actions and stimulate discussion. As well as learning the alphabet, children will be using their problem-solving skills, developing hand-eye co-ordination and learning to concentrate. The reverse of the puzzle shows upper and lower case letters for children to fit into order. An excellent pack, which has many different ways to be used and which will provide many happy hours of learning and play value..

Farm (My First Touch and Feel) Little Tiger Kids 

Right from the cover, with its appealing little chicks and soft feel fluffy texture, children will be drawn to this book. Inside there are lots more animals to meet, each with a very differemt texture to feel to extend young children's tactile experiences. There's some bold text about each creature and animal sounds for children to imitate. It's a lovely book to share and to encourage even very young children to appreciate books.

First Numbers (My First Lift and Learn) - Little Tiger Kids 

I was thrilled to see this series. There seems to be a gap, which this has filled, for books for young children who are beginning to explore the world around them and who want simple but bright and colourful early learning books. There are many books for 3+, but these, which are ideal for 1 to 3 year olds, are an excellent stepping stone. This is full of delightful photos of familiar animals and objects, with more to discover under the generously sized flaps. Under each flap, your toddler will discover the number to trace, with guidelines to ensure correct writing formation.

First Colours (My First Lift and Learn) - Little Tiger Kids  First Colours

Introduce inquisitive toddlers to key concepts with these durable lift-the-flap board books that come with a carry handle which little ones will love. Encourage them to take the books out and about so they always have something to keep them entertained. Packed with photographs of everyday objects, each colour features a flap to lift with four images in the colour plus outline images which can be used for recognition and discussion.  The books work on many levels - encouraging language skills, hand-eye co-ordination and memory skills. Don't be mislead by the picture to the left - the book uses the English spelling of colours.

My First Touch & Trace: First ABC Little Tiger Kids

Toddlers are fascinated by the world about them and keen to use every opportunity to develop their skills, so now is the perfect time to introduce tracing numbers and letters. Each page features large grooved letters with directional arrows for children to finger trace. At this age, tactile experiences are a great way to learn and explore. It's worth noting that, unlike many board books, the pages are designed to lie flat so that children can easily use the book. Once they have practised their letters, children can the flap to see what lies beneath - and they will find more super photos which give another opportunity for discussion.

My First Touch & Trace: Count 123 - Little Tiger Kids 

This book helps the development of many key skills - numeracy, of course as they count from one to 20 and then reinforce that learning with the tactile spots 1 - 20 plus pictures to count and lift the flaps. Fine motor skills are enhanced by tracing over the numbers as well as by lifting the flaps. Tracing over the numbers helps build muscular memory and dexterity and is the perfect stepping stone towards pencil control. The multitude of colour photos give masses of opportunities for discussion and increase knowledge of the world around us.

My Big Book of Lift & Learn: 100 First Animals - Little Tiger Kids

Once again, here is a book to develop many important early learning skills. As you discuss the animals on each page (each page has a theme, for example Ice and Snow) you are helping your child develop her vocabulary and her speaking and listening skills. The photos will encourage an interest in the child's world, both at home and further afield. There are questions to discuss on each page. Each creature is clearly depicted against a bright coloured ivisual background, meaning they stand out and are clear for young ones to see. A super introduction to the wonderful creatures who inhabit our earth

My Big Book of Lift & Learn: 100 First Words - Little Tiger Kids

Develop your child's natural interest in the world around him by encouraging exploration through the 100 vibrant photographs which make up this book.  Each is labelled and there are some fun sounds for children to imitate too. This is an ideal way to increase vocabulary and speaking skills and to develop word-picture association. There are sections for toys, pets, Things That Go, Out and About, Clothes, Bed and Bath, Food, Party Time, On the Farm and In the Wild - a super range of topics to appeal to toddlers. Each topic has a question to encourage discussion. 

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