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My First Colours from Parragon Books

Learn all about colours with your favourite Disney Princesses! This beautiful tabbed board book for little hands will help children enter the world of learning and find out all about princess-perfect colours. As well as learning colours, young children will enjoy spotting favourite Disney princesses Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora and Ariel. Five big tabs can be used to open the book to the right page for the colours and each page features questions to encourage observational skills and promote discussion

Peekaboo Little Roar by Jo Lodge

This is a super, generously sized board book with lots of tabs to pull. Bright colours and a cast of appealing animals will have immediate appeal to little ones.They will love the hidden surprises! Interactive books such as this are a wonderful way to engage toddlers with books, and to instil the love of books from an early age. They are entranced by the flaps and love to share their favourite game of peekaboo. One in a new  series that covers key concepts including colours, counting and shapes. Excellent!

Bizzy Bear Fire Rescue by Benji Davies

Here comes Buzzy Bear to the rescue in his fire engine. Catchy rhyming text and pictures full of colour and activity make these books very appealing to young ones. The Bizzy Bear books encourage little ones to develop their fine motor skills as they pull and turn the tabs and push the sliders up and down - and then delight over the effects. It's a really sturdy book too, which will endure many hours of happy playing without bits falling off - always an important consideration with books for this age group.

First Words (Say and Play) from Sterling Publishing

A colourful board book packed with familiar objects for young children to name. It's a lovely way to encourage talking and recognition and little children love the opportunity to show off their first words as you share this book together. Clear colourful photos are set off against a white background, with each word in large clear text. Encourage children to see the relationship between the objects on opposing pages.

Animals Playbook (Baby's Very First Touchy Feely) by Stella Baggott

Some texture books can be slightly disappointing for little ones, with only a few textures, but this books is packed with textures (several on each spread)for little fingers to explore. I especially like the lines that weave their way across every page - children will love to follow these and it's a great way to encourage early 'writing' skills. Simple but bold colourful illustrations and lots of die-cut holes mean there's plenty to look at, and children will love to copy the animal sounds.

My First Book of Animals by Alain Gree

This is one in a charming new series of books, under GMCs exciting new imprint, Button Books, published October 2012. The three boards are designed for children aged 0 to 2 years old (three further titles, Alphabet, Transport and Nature, for 2 to 4 year olds are reviewed at Book-reviews-fiction-age-2-to-5-page-6. Each two page spread in this colourful board book features a group of animals with friendly faces - farm animals, pets, woodland animals, birds, insects, sea and zoo animals. Lots if things for children to spot and discuss. 978 1 90898 503 3 

My First Book of Colours by Alain Gree

Toddlers will love to be learn their colours with the aid of such absorbing and vibrant illustrations. At first glance, the book are very simple but there is lots of opportunity for discussion around the topic of these familiar objects - and toddlers love to point to and say the words for objects they recognise. Each double page spread has one page where the background is the colour, with the name of the colour in white on it - opposite this, is a colourful object showing the colour. Use the pictures as a starting point to discuss other objects of the same colour. 978 1 90898 502 6

My First Book of Numbers by Alain Gree

These books are a real pleasure to handle, with their softly rounded corners and colourful content. A big bold number is shown on one page, and on the opposite page is a colourful picture showing the appropriate number of objects. Start your child learning numbers and talk about the world around you with this colourful book with the clear illustrations against a white background, just right for little eyes. 978 1 90898 500 2 

Hello Baby: Shaped Grip Book A High Contrast Book by Roger Priddy

This is a really eye-catching range from Priddy Books - and that is what it is designed to do - to catch and stimulate the attention of the very youngest of babies. This chunky board book has appealing, curved pages - no sharp corners for little fingers. It features a die-cut grip handle for little ones to touch, hold and explore, plus three layers of wave shaped pages. Each of the very sturdy pages features bright colours and strong shapes.
"Hello Baby: A striking range of high-contrast books for newborns. Research shows that black and white are the easiest colours for babies to perceive, along with strong blue and red, and that clearly defined graphics improve their early recognition. With bold patterns and high-contrast colours, Hello Baby books are designed to give the most visually stimulating start in life to your baby from birth to 6 months."

Hello Baby: A High Contrast Cloth Book by Roger Priddy

This series is a far cry from the soft pastel colours we have come to expect in books for little ones. They result from research showing that black and white are the easiest colours for babies to perceive. Those,along with strong blue and red, and clearly defined graphics improve their early recognition. This is a soft-touch, padded cloth book that little ones will love to touch and cuddle. On the front page is a soft, safely sewn-in mirror for young, light-sensitive eyes to look into and the back page is satisfyingly crinkly to stimulate hearing too.

Hello Baby: High Contrast Flash Cards by Roger Priddy

I had never thought of flash cards for such young babies but the striking contrast and deep colours of these cards will stimulate babies. Eight striking double-sided shaped flash cards will attract babies attention. They are made from thick, sturdy card and held together on a strong plastic ring. Like many of the books and products in this range, it is packaged in a gift box, making it an ideal present for newborns. Hello Baby is designed for babies up to six months and really makes the most of the fact that babies are receptive and a stimulating environment is key. The range is well thought-out , to take maximum advantage of a baby's ability to learn.

Hello Baby: A High Contrast Book Shaker Teether by Roger Priddy

Many senses will be stimulated with this board book for babies. They will enjoy touching and exploring the curved pages (just right for little hands to grasp) with their bold colours and patterns. It has a clever integral, combined shaker-teether with soft, rounded corners to chew and dot textures to explore in the teether and multi coloured little balls inside to shaker to produce a satisfying rattle. Very ingenious!

Hello Baby: A High Contrast Cloth Buggy Book by Roger Priddy

A soft padded, tactile, cloth buggy book that babies will love to touch and look at, almost round in shape and again featuring the strong colours and shapes which are the trademark of this series. And you needn't worry about losing it - it has a soft cloth strap and clip ring to fasten to baby's buggy, or to the car seat. An ideal way to keep baby entertained and stimulated while out and about. Packed in a neat plastic popper pack (not for use by baby) to keep it safe and clean when not in use.

Noisy Pets (Simple First Sounds) by Roger Priddy

Babies and young children love to press buttons and hear realistic noises, so they will enjoy hearing the meow, woof, tweet and squeak of the animals in this book. Big buttons which work easily wherever pressed will avoid any frustration! One colourful page shows each friendly pet, along with questions to encourage observation. Then meet all the pets again on the last page and see if your child can remember the noises. For children of 1+, this will help speaking, stimulate hearing and touch and develop hand-eye coordination - and they'll have lots of fun!

Fuzzy Bee 123 by Roger Priddy

Young fingers can have trouble turning the pages of a book, even with conventional tabs - the generously sized cloth tabs on these books are easy for little fingers to grasp.- and with four colours to choose from, they can practise colour recognition too! This interactive touch-and-feel board book  introduces the numbers 1 to 5 with bright colourful animal pictures (with very friendly faces!) and big numbers. On each two page spread, children will find a different texture - shiny bee wings, flapping butterflies, furry caterpillars and lots more. And there's a snail to spot on every page!

Rainbow Friends by Roger Priddy9781849156202_thb

A selection of colourful animals - and equally colourful backgrounds - introduces children to colour recognition. The animals are delightful, with charming expressions, and alternative ones have an interesting texture for little fingers to explore  - the orangutan's fluffy tummy, the chameleons spots........ and there's a chameleon cleverly camouflaged on each page too! Fabric tabs to the page edges add to the tactile experience.

The Selfish Crocodile Book of Sounds by Charles Faustin

The Selfish Crocodile returns in this very funny book, this time to introduce animal sounds - but not the sounds you might expect! Minimal text - just the sound on each page - but lots of interest in Michael terry's humorous and colourful illustrations. Encourage children to use this book to make up their own stories around the animals depicted - the expressive illustrations will give plenty of ideas to stimulate the imagination.

A Boot, A Hat, Now Who Is That? (Flip-Flap Fun) by Sally Symes

Children love guessing games so they will enjoy turning the pages, guessing who is hiding, then lifting  the flaps to see if they were right - and as the flaps are lifted, so the pictures are transformed. This is a simple and enjoyable novelty board book for the very young, to share (the rhyming text is great to read aloud) or to read alone.  Nick Sharratt's illustrations are wonderful, as ever, and just right for young children who enjoy the simplicity and bright colours.  

I'm a Monster (Look at Me) by Sebastian Braun

This in one in a series of board books shaped like masks for children to wear. Eyeholes and a cut-out for the nose are the features of the books. In this, children can be all sorts of different monsters, all shown in bright colourful pictures. These are the perfect way to encourage imaginative play - there are more in the series, so why not get the set for play when friends come round? I'm an Alien! (Look at Me) , I'm a Robot! (Look at Me) and I'm a Clown! (Look at Me) are all available - all the titles are great for both boys and girls.

Mary Had a Little Lamb (Classic Books with Holes) by Marina Aizen

I love this retelling of the classic nursery rhyme! We all know about Mary's little lamb, but what about the clean one, the fleecy one, the black one  and the rest? They all follow Mary everywhere and through the book more and more appear through the sheep-shaped holes - no bring circle cut-outs in this book! The pictures are full of action and the new rhymes are super. It's a lovely extension of an old favourite. Here are more in the series -  The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round (Classic Books with Holes), Old Macdonald had a Farm (Classic Books with Holes) and This is the House That Jack Built (Classic Books with Holes)  - there are lots more!

What Can You See, Spot? by Eric Hill

Spot is back! This bright colourful, generously sized board book is a lovely way to introduce young children to the friendly pup. What can you see Spot? With lots of familiar things on every page, toddlers will love to recognise and name everything.  It's a fun way to extend your child's vocabulary; with lots to talk about on every page. And at the end is something familiar to every toddler....

Little Space Explorers by Anthony Lewis

It's time to go exploring! This innovative book features a double-sided figure (boy one side, girl the other) who slots into the acetate pocket on each page as s/he enjoys an exciting adventure. It's a lovely way to promote discussion, as the young reader can interact with the character during the adventures; also develops fine motor skills. It helps to promote acceptance of disability, as one of the characters wears a hearing aid. Here are a couple more - Little Jungle Explorers (Little Explorers) and Little Snow Explorers (Little Explorers)

Monkey and Me by Angela Muss

A series of books designed to get young children talking and interacting. The bright colourful pages are stimulating and depict scenes familiar to children. The use of colour is exciting and unusual and even inanimate objects have friendly expressions. But the special thing about these books lies in the adorable finger puppets which adorn them. Each has its own very distinctive expression and children or adults can put a finger into the puppet heads and get talking! Let’s make a playground with Monkey. There’s a lot to talk about! Join in the simple conversation in the book, then make up your own. Delightful books. Illustrated below are the rest of the series - Frog and Me, Panda and Me and Penguin and me. Collect the series and enjoy hours of fun and talking with your little one.

Hello Baby Mirror Board Book by Roger Priddy

A striking board book with a mirror on the inside back cover that shows through each page. Bold patterns in black and white are complemented by strong blue, red and yellow to stimulate baby's vision. Hello Baby is a new range from Priddy Books which make use of the fact that black and white are the easiest colours for babies to see. The books are designed to give the most visually stimulating start in life to your baby from birth to six months. We all know how important those first few months are, and here is a way to develop baby's skills from a young age - as well as looking they will reach out to grasp the book.

Poppy Cat: All Aboard by Lara Jones

Poppy Cat and her friends sail off on an exciting adventure to find buried this brightly coloured board book. Egbert wanted to steer the ship, but he took them right into the fog - then left them! Luckily, a friendly whale was on hand to help, and the friends find the treasure and have a great time. There's plenty more fun for children to enjoy at

Things That Go (Say and Play) from Sterling Books

Lots of things that go feature in this board book - there are cars, trucks, trains, planes and lots more vehicles zooming across the pages. These twenty-six photos mean that preschoolers will have plenty to discover, talk about and so extend their vocabulary. The photos are true to life and there is more content than many board books. It is American, so some vehicles may not be quite what we are used to.

Where's Eddie? by Daniel Nunn and Steve Walker

The bright red cover of this book will immediately attract young ones, and the use of bright colour is continued throughout in the backgrounds to the pages. Count to 10, then off you go to find Eddie, who is hiding in a variety of unlikely places. Children will love to spot him in the brightly coloured photos, and at the same time they will be learning 'plce' words  -in, on under, and so on. 

Everyday Alphabet by Daniel Nunn and Rebecca Rissman

26 objects pictured in a range of exceptional photos - some just depict the object, others are full of detail, such as 'm' for mirror, with a little girl applying Mummy's lipstick! Large clear letters help learning, and an alphabet frieze runs across the top of the pages, highlighting the letter. An unusual and attractive alphabet book, with lots of talking points. 

I Can Count by Rebecca Rissman

Another bright colourful early learning book from Raintree Publishers. Colourful images, catchy rhyming text and an attractive design combine to make learning numbers fun for young children. The pictures are unusual and great fun - unexpected subjects include puffer fish and pretty coloured tulips.

Wheelie Truck and Friends from Dorling Kindersley

An unusual book, part toy and part book. Little ones will love to wheel it along the floor - and the wheels spin beautifully freely when pushed. It even comes with its own little velcro fastener to keep the book shut when using it as a wheelie toy. Interestingly, the toy-like appearance is heightened by the fact that there is no book title on the front cover. The boldly coloured pictures against the white background will catch the eye, and children will enjoy making the vehicle noises shown in the text - a good way to develop language skills.

Little Hide and Seek Words from Dorling Kindersley

It is amazing how many things little ones can recognise on the page, even when they are not saying words clearly - we can tend to under-estimate their understanding. This book is an excellent way for a young child to show you just how many pictures and words he recognises. One page is packed with colourful pictures of familiar objects, whilst the opposite page has rhyming text to share and something to look for - and then pictures of more things to spot, and Teddy on each page too. And at the end is a wonderful big fold-out page full of items to spot - and it's sturdy card, so less likely to tear. Play I-spy and help your child's observation and language skills.

Baby Jake Loves Adventures from Egmont Books

Baby Jake has just returned to TV with a whole new series of adventures, and old and new young fans of the series will enjoy these colourful new books. In this book, young ones will love to peep through the holes and spot what is on the next page - and an adult wiggling their fingers through the holes will produce lots of giggles too! All Baby Jake's friends are here, so children can spot them and see what they are up to. And they can join in with the familiar songs too.

Baby Jake Loves Peekaboo from Egmont Books

All babies and young children love peekaboo, so join in with Baby Jake. Who is hiding under the flaps? I like the big flaps and the fact that they are at the side of each page, making them easy for little fingers to open - and there will be squeals of delight as children recognise all Baby Jake's friends. There's a very special friend to see on the last page too! Introducing books based on favourite TV characters can be a great way to encourage young children to take an interest in books.

Baby Jake Loves His Friends from Egmont Books

Cheeky little Baby Jake is having fun with all his friends. There are lots of textures to explore in this book - there are furry ears, a fluffy tummy, and lots more. Children love these textured books and take great pleasure in searching out the textures, and going back to them over and over again. These are bright colourful books, which reflect the TV characters excellently - instantly recognisable for young ones.

Things That Go (My Little Carry Books) from Dorling Kindersley

Just the right size for little fingers to hold, this chunky board book has an integral handle. Lots of vehicles are shown in bright colour pictures - a delivery truck, a farm tractor and a helicopter are just a few. Encourage children to spot and name them all on the last pages. The rhyming text is fun to read aloud and there's plenty for adult and child to talk about.

Dear Zoo Touch and Feel Book by Rod Campbell

This classic book really needs no introduction - it is a favourite that has stood the test of time. Beloved by children since its first publication in 1982, it has never lost its appeal and is now brought to a new generation in a Touch and Feel format for even more inactivity. Amazingly, one in five households have or have had a copy of the original story. The classic text and illustrations are here, complemented by wide ranging textures, such as the elephant's big floppy ear, the giraffe's long hairy neck and a special toy for the final, perfect, animal. Find out more here.

Meow! Meow! (Baby Touch and Feel) by Priddy Books

Babies love to explore textures with their fingers and this book offers them lovely generously sized textures to explore - great to develop sensory skills as they learn to enjoy books. Appealing kittens feature on every page, enjoying a variety of activities, all discussed in rhyming text. Children will love to stroke the soft fur and soon learn to search out the textures. Of course, the book is in Priddy Books' trademark brilliant colours.

First Time: Nursery by Jess Stockham 

A lovely colourful book which is a great way to introduce your child to the excitement of going to nursery for the first time. From getting up and getting dressed, through to making new friends and joining in new activities, to meeting mum at the end of the day, it's all here. There is lots to talk about, giving your child the opportunity to ask questions and be reassured by you. Bright simple illustrations are just right for young children. Use it alongside the Set to Sign Cards: Nursery. These will give even more opportunities to talk about what to expect. Child's Play say these books "use dialogue to engage the reader in the situation rather than a more formal presentation of factual information. We hope this will help children to related to various characters in the story and picture themselves within the situation. Various scary, difficult, or simply new things that they will face are included".


Little Bee by Edward Gibbs

A new board version of this story, to allow the youngest reader to enjoy it, and including a special fold-out flap. Each creature is fleeing because he is being chased by a bigger creature, until the hunter is asked at the end 'Big Hunter, Big Hunter, why do you flee?' 'Because'.... well, you will have to find out for yourself! A perfectly constructed story with few words and its very simplicity makes it very appealing. Simple yet bold illustrations echo the theme of the story perfectly and the expressions on the faces of the animals are just wonderful.

First Fun 1 2 3 from Miles Kelly

A bumper board book for babies to enjoy with their parents. The bright cover is slightly padded, giving a lovely feel for little fingers. Inside, there are 40 brightly coloured board pages, with numbers from 1 to 20, finishing with four pages from 0 to 100. The illustrations are bold and eye-catching and the objects illustrated are all different, giving adults lots to share with their child. The variety is fascinating - for instance, there are 20 different fruits, so as your child grows older, you can help him to identify them, along with everything else. A lovely introduction to counting, to be used on many different levels.

The Selfish Crocodile Book of Words by Faustin Charles

This unusual board book is a lovely way for children to learn animal names. Monkeys, frogs, butterflies, birds and many more animals are joined by a few words from nature such as grass and leaf to make a brilliant first-word adventure - with exuberant illustrations to hook in young readers. The final spread is a great opportunity to use all the words in the book to describe the picture.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star illus by Gill Guile

Little ones will be attracted to this book right from the start, when they spot the lovely big soft fabric star which features prominently on the cover of this board book of bedtime rhymes. Inside are adorably illustrated versions of some popular bedtime rhymes, including Rock-a-bye baby, Wee Willie Winkie and Star light, star bright. The perfect opportunity to snuggle up with your young child and set a pattern for many years of sharing bedtime stories. And as your child grows older, you can discuss the charming pictures.

Hey Diddle Diddle illus by Gill Guile

This time, it's a lovely tactile spotted blue moon that will capture a child's attention on the cover. A selection of popular nursery rhymes is illustrated with delightful and often unusual pictures - Little Jack Horner is a mouse; all we see of Little Boy Blue is his feet and the rabbits are having a lovely game of Ring-a-ring o'roses. The text bounces across the softly coloured pages in this most attractive book.

Little Parrot (Touch and Explore) by Katie Saunders

Join Little Parrot as he goes exploring through all sorts of exciting places - but when he meets a snarling, stripy tiger, he is very very glad he can remember his way home - and little ones will love to repeat the journey backwards as you share this story. Little fingers will love to explore the super range of textures - there's the gritty sand, the shiny chameleon... and the scary shiny tiger's teeth. Lots to explore and enjoy in this colourful story which will encourage young ones to join in.

Moomin's Lift-the-Flap Peekaboo

Moomin and her friends continue to entrance young readers, with this new book for the very youngest reader. The favourite characters make an appearance on consecutive pages - there's Little My, Snorkmaiden, Moominpappa and Moominmamma ... and then someone very special is hiding on the last page. Who can it be? Big flaps, just right for little fingers, hide a peekaboo surprise on each brightly coloured page.

The Baby's Catalogue by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

Amazingly, it is 30 years since this children's classic was first published, and it is still as wonderful as ever. With this board book, you can share this with the youngest child and not worry about pages getting crumpled. Simple text words, matched with intricately detailed pictures give adults plenty of opportunity for discussion and elaboration. Themed around the familiar things in a baby's world, the old-fashioned pictures are full of charm. The same five families feature throughout, giving a real sense of continuity and something for little ones to identify with. A book which really stands the test of time and which should be passed down through families.

Noodle Loves to Drive by Marion Billett

A new title in the wonderful Noodle series, which features all sorts of different tactile treasures for little fingers to explore.  Join Noodle as he plays with his toys that go along - there's a tractor with big knobbly wheels, a textured train, a bumpy-wheeled bike and more. Simple shapes and bright uncluttered pictures give toddlers plenty to look at and discuss.  Little ones are drawn into the story through the mirror on the last page.

The Big Out and About Book by Georgie Birkett

Not a big book in size, but big in its scope as babies say hello to everything on the farm, in the park and at the playground. Babies will love the touch and feel textures, which help top develop motor skills. Every page has lots of objects to point to and name, so there's lots to encourage discussion. And when the bad weather sets in and mum and baby are snuggled up at home, there's a mini book to read.

Space Walk by Salina Yoon

A bright silver cover entices little ones to open up this book. Then they can explore the planets, one by one They lift the flaps and explore the planets one by one, with simple facts about each told through catchy rhyming text. The illustrations are bright and eye catching and this is an excellent introduction to the wonders of our solar system - good to see this for young children.

Shapes (First Concepts) by Roger Priddy

I love this series! The plays on words are really clever and appeal to adults. This is a fun way for childrfen to learn about shapes, with its bold use of design and colour, flaps to lift and tabs to pull. The text is clear and makes it easy for children to start to recognise words, and to link these to the shapes. The book encourages imagination and stimulates discussion.

Numbers (First Concepts) by Roger Priddy

I love the bright bold colours Priddy Books use in their books for young children - they are really eye-catching and ideal for little ones. This interactive book is a lovely way to introduce numbers, with tabs to pull and tabs to lift, revealing clever ideas which will amuse parents and children alike. Pull the flap under the cake and up pop five candles. And at the end of the book is a mini book, to give extra practice with those numbers. As well as learning numbers, children will also be learning manipulative and hand-eye coordination skills.

Colours (First Concepts) by Roger Priddy

Another bright bold interactive board book for young ones - this time, all about colours. There flaps to lift, revealing fun text underneath and clever tabs to pull which reveal ingenious changes of  scene - I like the black night picture with the cutout moon. Big bold text labelling helps children to learn their first words and the bright colours will help memorising. There are plenty of ideas for you to discuss and share too. 

Usborne First Picture Nature

This first nature board book for the very youngest children has lots of bright, colourful scenes showing animals and plants in their natural habitats. In the country, bugs and slugs, trees and leaves, tadpoles and frogs and much more. All the things a child might encounter when exploring the countryside with parents. This would be a lovely book to take on a country walk, or out on a picnic, to share and talk over the things seen in the countryside. It also gives a good basic introduction to life-cycles.

The Selfish Crocodile Book of Numbers by Faustin Charles

Some unusual animals feature in this first counting book. Starting with one toothy crocodile, it shows creatures including four bright birds, six very bouncy zebras and eight cheerful frogs, right up to ten cheeky chimps. Then your child can count the animals again on the last page. A bold bright board book for little ones to enjoy.

That's Not My Hamster (Touchy Feely Books) by Fiona Watt

I have heard a lot about this award-winning series from Usborne Books, and I was pleased to see this title lived up to my expectations. Little ones will love the tactile textures - hamsters with fluffy ears, a fuzzy nose, smooth paws, a tufty back, squashy cheeks -  and finally a soft fluffy tummy. The textures and the text help to develop sensory and language development, and children will love to cuddle up and share this book.  The brightly coloured pictures are prefect for young children.

Busy Airport (Lift-the-Flap Book) by Mandy Archer

Toddlers will enjoy this bright colourful lift-the-flap board book which has big sturdy flaps (and flaps within flaps!), just right for little fingers to explore. If you are planning to fly off on holiday, this is a lovely way for your child to see what happens at check in, security and boarding the plane. Lots of opportunity for you to discuss the busy pictures together, so you can be reassuring about what to expect. Lots of labelling will help discussion too, and there are questions to answer to help observation skills.

Igglepiggle, Iggleonk! (In the Night Garden) by Andrew Davenport

Very young children love the colourful creatures from In the Night Garden, so they will love to find their favourites from the screen in this colourful board book. Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos feature in the book and every spread has lovely textures for little fingers to explore. The big tabs show the characters, so children can easily turn to their favourite page. Each page features several small pictures, so there's lots to explore here.

Nursery Rhymes (A Ladybird Lift-the-Flap Book)

All the favourite nursery rhymes are here, illustrated in vibrant colour and with delightful characters - I love the grumpy-looking Old Mother Hubbard! Unlike many lift-the-flap books, the flaps in this are a generous size and are easy to open. making the book perfect for toddlers learning all our wonderful nursery rhymes. The pages and flaps are thin card, so the book will withstand plenty of enthusiastic use - and I am sure it will get plenty! A perfect first nursery rhyme book.

Five Wriggly, Wiggly Caterpillars by Debbie Tarbett

A colourful first counting book, with lovely tactile caterpillars to little fingers to explore. As the pages turn, the caterpillars reduce in number until there is just one left... and then there are five bright beautiful butterflies. Children can spot the differences in the caterpillars and they will enjoy the colourful pictures and enjoy the rhyming text.

I Love Puppies by Ana Martin Larranaga

I know a little one who just adores texture books - he feels every page of every book he reads to find the textures, so he will love this book! Lots of adorable puppies in this colourful book with stroke-able tactile patches. Children will love to listen to parents read the story aloud as they enjoy the bright pictures and enjoy the five varied textures.

Five Tiddly Woddly Tadpoles by Debbie Tarbett

Five tiddly, widdly tadpoles swim around their pond in this cheerful early counting book. The chunky plastic tadpoles will appeal to little fingers as they follow the tadpoles as they disappear - and then return as colourful frogs. There are lots of other friendly brightly coloured creatures to meet through the pages of this book too, as they all swim around the prettily coloured pond. 

Bubble's In Trouble by Ag Jatkowska

Oh dear! Poor little Bubble was enjoying a lovely swim and then gets stuck in a porthole. His friends all have good ideas to help him escape, but he just gets more and more stuck... until Octopus has the answer! Lovely sparkly tactile areas through the book and then a wonderful spinning surprise at the end - little ones will love Bubble's swivelling eyes too. A lovely bright eye-catching book which little ones will love.

Noisy Jungle by Emily Bolam

Join Snigger the Monkey and all his noisy friends in a colourful trip through the jungle. A lovely story to share and read aloud as there's the chance to make all the animal noises. The vivid pictures are complemented by the super touch-and-feel textures, great to encourage tactile skills - and there's an extra surprise as each area of texture when pressed gives off a jungle sound. Children will love all the discoveries this super book offers.lots to entertain young children. I like the parrot best!

Now We Have A Baby by Lois Rock 

Expecting a new baby in your family? Then this is the ideal book to give to the older sibling. It provides the perfect opportunity for the new parents to sit down and share with their child just what a new baby in the family will mean. It's a lovely story which shows just how important an older sibling can be in their new brother's or sister's loves, written at just the right level to have real meaning for them.

The Biggest Thing in the World by Kenneth Steven

The little polar bear wants to find out what is the biggest thing in the world.  Is it the musk ox? Is it the elk? Is it the whale? As Little Snow Bear embarks on an enchanting journey with his mother, he learns that the biggest (and most important) thing of all is love. It's a lovely story of  exploration, discovery, family and love, perfect to share with little ones. 

Spot's Busy Days: A Chunky Tab Book by Eric Hill 

Spot is an enduring favourite and even the very youngest child responds well to this endearing little dog. Here Spot does all the things busy young children enjoy - swimming, shopping, the fun fair, parties and going to the park. Lots to talk about on the brightly coloured pages. The tabs of this sturdy board book are perfect for little fingers not quite agile enough to turn normal pages - a lovely way to introduce very young children to the joys of looking at books for themselves.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Sound Book by Eric Carle

Listen to the caterpillar munching and crunching his way through his treats, and crawling from one to the next. Young children will enjoy the cheerful and catchy noises as they enjoy this perennial favourite. It's a strong board book, so little children will enjoy many happy hours as they read the well-loved favourite about the caterpillar who turns into a beautiful butterfly. Then they can move on to enjoy the classic edition with the holes.

Noodle Loves the Farm by Marion Billett

One Mum tells me that the Noodle books are her 11 month old son's very favourite books. He loves exploring the textures and looks out for them on each page. I am sure this latest title will be equally popular, as we join Noodle meets the pig, the horse, the cat, the sheep, the cockerel and the cows on the farm. The charming pictures offer plenty to discuss - and little ones will see a familiar face at the end of the book!

Counting by Ellen Giggenbach

Familiar objects will appeal to young children in this brightly coloured board book. There is lots to spot and count on each page - not just the named objects but much more - there are three lorries, and each lorry has a cargo of three objects...  Each collage-style picture  has lots of raised shiny textures for little fingers to explore. The pictures are quite delightful and will give rise to plenty of discussion. A lovely and unusual book. In the same series First Words 

Baby Animals (Rhyme and Find) by M Palmer

This is one in an unusual series of board books, which ensures children have a range of activities  to do with the book. Bright photographs are accompanied by rhyming text which is great to read aloud. Every page has a spot and find panel giving adults a lovely opportunity to share with their children. On the last page, children can spot all the baby animals they met in the book.

I Love My Mummy by Giles Andreae

A story to be shared, over and over again, by mummy and baby. This is a celebration of all the wonderful things about mums - maybe things we take for granted and which this charming book with its warm depiction of a loving relationship will bring to the forefront of our minds. Emma Dodd's illustrations are full of warmth and fun. The gentle humour will makes this a firm favourite. Also available - I Love My Daddy 

Bear Boar by Michelle Robinson

A tongue twister of a book to delight babies and adults alike. Great fun as you share the words and toddlers learn to shout them out. A single word to each page, together with vivid pictures to convey a simple and entertaining story. Friends Bear and Boar,  work out how to share a pear by passing it from paw to paw!  Yak Yuk is also available.

My First Farm: Let's Get Working from Dorling Kindersley

Hands-on fun for you and your toddler as you learn about life on the farm with this tabbed board book from Dorling Kindersley. Real photographs, comprehensively labelled, sounds to copy and questions to give interactivity - a book which will last from baby stage into toddler-hood. The picture coded tabs are perfect for little fingers and also a good learning tool. Every page gives ideas to discuss with your child and the variety of each animal or object is excellent - there are 7 different tractors, for example.

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