Book reviews - learning to read - Collins Big Cat

 What is Collins Big Cat? The Collins website answers the question.

  • Over 600 books for 3-11 year olds.
  • An equal mix of fiction and non-fiction readers.
  • Topical non-fiction to interest children in today’s world and support the science, geography and history curriculum.
  • The best authors and illustrators known for creating beautiful books and engaging stories, loved by children
  • Poetry, plays, traditional tales and literary classics to help deliver the 2014 curriculum
  • Support your struggling readers with Progress and challenge top readers with Pearl.
  • Put the fun back into phonics with high quality readers and our lively phonics programme.
  • Get children really thinking with comprehension activities included in every book.
  • Readers are matched to Reading Recovery and quizzed for Accelerated Reader.
See Book reviews - Learning to Read - Collins for more information about the Big Cat series.

Collins Big Cat Band 12/Copper Year 3 Ages 7 -8

•Copper/Band 12 books provide more complex plots and longer chapters that develop reading stamina.

Collins Big Cat Band 13/Topaz Year 3 Ages 7 - 8

Topaz/Band 13 books offer longer and more demanding reads for children to investigate and evaluate.

Collins Big Cat Band 14/Ruby Year 4 Ages 8 -9

Ruby/Band 14 books give increasing opportunities for children to develop their skills of inference and deduction.

Collins Big Cat Band 15/Emerald Year 4 Ages 8 - 9

Emerald/Band 15 books provide a widening range of genres including science fiction and biography, prompting more ways to respond to texts.


Collins Big Cat Band 16/Sapphire Year 5 Age 9 - 10

Sapphire/Band 16 books offer longer reads to develop children's sustained engagement with texts and are more complex syntactically.


Collins Big Cat Band 17/Diamond Year 6 Ages 10 - 11

Diamond/Band 17 books offer more complex, underlying themes to give opportunities for children to understand causes and points of view.


Collins Big Cat Band 18/Pearl Year 6 Ages 10 - 11

Pearl/Band 18 books offer fluent readers a complex, substantial text with challenging themes to facilitate sustained comprehension, bridging the gap between a reading programme and longer chapter books.