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Wildlife Watchers: Bumblebee Book Band BLUE

It's great to see a whole set of non-fiction readers. So many children prefer non-fiction, and by reading these books, they will really be building up their knowledge of the animal kingdom. These attractive small format books are packed with colourful photos which complement the informative text. This series of book-banded reading books gives young students a fascinating peek into the secret worlds of some much-loved, native wild animals. Written in an engaging narrative style, students will discover all about the little creatures that live in our gardens, school playgrounds, parks, hedgerows and woodlands. It's a superb way to encourage an interest in the natural world at the same time as mastering the high frequency words. Obviously, in a series like this, there will be plenty of unfamiliar vocabulary, and children's learning is supported by images and labels as well as by the excellent picture glossary which is a feature of every book. It's really good that the series focuses on familiar creatures and the books will make excellent library resources and will be invaluable for topic work. Quiz questions and notes for teachers and parents add to the learning value of these excellent books which will really encourage a love for reading.

Wildlife Watchers: Toad Book Band Orange


Wildlife Watchers: Long-Tailed Tit Book Band Purple



Whose Little Baby Are You? Book Band Blue

This is another excellent series of readers which will really encourage children to get to grips with reading, so that they can answer the question posed in the title of each book, and get to know more about the wonderful creatures that inhabit our world. It's good to see that this series focuses on animals from around the world, making it an excellent complement to the series reviewed above. Again, the books are small format and make good use of exceptional colour photography to really engage children's attention. The carefully selected main text is well complemented by text labels, and children are introduced to unfamiliar words through the picture glossary (words are highlighted in bold to help children). There is also a quiz in each book to ensure children have fully understood what they read. Another really good series which works perfectly both as early readers and as early reference books.










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