Book reviews - non fiction ages 5-7 (page 5)

We have reviewed some of the best new non fiction available. There are so many wonderful books being published now that it can be hard to choose, so take a look at the ideas below and then browse in your local bookshop or library. Many of these books are also excellent classroom/library resources, so there's plenty here for teachers.

The most recent reviews are at the top of the page, so these are generally the most recently published books.

Bird Builds a Nest: A Science Storybook about Forces by Martin Jenkins

This simple book is perfect for the youngest children; it reads like a picture book but is actually a first introduction to forces, as exemplified by a bird building her nest. First, she pulls - and has to find how much she can pull. Then she must find out what is too heavy, and how many she can carry at once. Pushing and pulling, falling and weight are all part of building her nest, each with a simple explanation. Richard Jones' charming illustrations show both the forces in action and the way the bird cleverly crafts her nest, all ready for... A well-told story that will stimulate discussion about forces in everyday life - and about nature.

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