Citizenship - KS2

During key stage 2 pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals with their own experiences and ideas, and as members of their communities. They become more mature, independent and self - confident. They learn about the wider world and the interdependence of communities within it. They develop their sense of social justice and moral responsibility and begin to understand that their own choices and behaviour can affect local, national or global issues and political and social institutions. They learn how to ta ke part more fully in school and community activities. As they begin to develop into young adults, they face the changes of puberty and transfer to secondary school with support and encouragement from their school. They learn how to make more confident and informed choices about their health and environment; to take more responsibility, individually and as a group, for their own learning; and to resist bullying.

Our Citizenship pages are based on the previous National Curriculum. Some directly cover the topics, others offer a broader perspective to help pupils put their knowledge into context. They are relevant to the new curriculum but may be addressed in a different order.
UK General Election 2015
General Elections
How Parliament works

Unit 5 Living in a diverse world

  •  Discover some of the ways that this organisation works.
  • Discuss issues that affect society.
  • Pupils need help to research and debate topical issues.
Citizenship at KS2
Moving here
A diverse world

Unit 6 developing our school grounds

  • Eco School. Schools are a ipart of the local community so how can they be improved? Develop the garden area, plant vegetables and flowers for all to enjoy and admire are some ideas.
  • The area around the school . Children can work together as a group and with an adult construct a mosaic incorporating the aims for the school.
Playground fun
Improving our school grounds
Eco school
The area around your school

 Unit 7 Children's rights - human rights

  • Children's rights around the world  are central to all aspects of UNICEF's work.
  • The Red Tractor scheme is an alliance of farmers and producers formed to raise the standards of British Food.
Children's rights around the world
Rights for every child
Children's rights & children working in the UK
Partners in Rights

Unit 8 How do rules and laws affect me?

  • Rules and Responsibilities. Rules ensure fairness and can protect us from harm.  
  • How do rules and laws affect me? Many schools will have a school council which class representatives can attend and voice thoughts and ideas on behalf of the class.
Rules and responsibilities
School Councils in Wales
How do rules and laws affect me?
School Councils

Unit 9 Respect for property

  • Our Local area
  • Your local open spaces
Our local area
Crime Concern
Your local open spaces

Unit 10 Local democracy for young citizens

  • Local government
  • Local councils
Local democracy - RSPCA
Local government
Using Google - planning a wind farm
Local councils

Unit 11 In the media - what's in the news?

  • TV Reporters
  • Planning a TV news progamme
Planning a TV news programme
TV reporters
CBBC Newsround
What's in the news?

Unit 12 Moving on

  • First News
  • Glossary for citizenship
First News
Glossary for citizenship
Being a citizen

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