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This page on comprehension begins with development of reading, and moves to writing and the understanding of the written word. All reading relies on comprehension to enjoy and understand the written word. It is also essential to ensure that children increase their spoken and written vocabulary. Comprehension exercises ensure that these are developed and that children get the most out of their reading. It is good if children can be encouraged to question and analyse any passage whether in a book, on the computer, Kindle or any other electronic device that they might read. The papers below help develop all of the above skills as well as hopefully giving children enjoyment!.

When reading a story to children it is always useful for adults to ask children a couple of questions about the book. For example, 'Did you enjoy that story?' or  'Would you like to go into space?... go to the seaside?', or other question relevant to the storyline. Children usually ask questions incessantly so try encouraging them to use this as a method of developing comprehension.

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Comprehension Key stage 1 (KS1)

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It may be necessary to spend some time discussing ideas before starting work. 'Teaching Comprehension' is written to give parents suggestions, explanations and information as to how children will be expected to work in school. Developing comprehension and understanding needs to be approached in a logical and varied manner. All the worksheets featured here include some ideas to help and inspire your child.

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Comprehension Key stage 2 (KS2)

Remember age groups may overlap. It is always a good idea to start with a passage which is easy. This builds confidence and stimulates interest.

Beethoven comprehension
How eclipses occur
"How to make" comprehension
Meerkats worksheet
Comprehension on John Masefield poems
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Brighten up your writing
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Comprehension - factual writing
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As they get older, encourage the use of dictionaries and thesauruses for spelling and vocabulary. The following passages are designed to extend a child's thought processes, increase their reading ability and ensure that they have a good grasp and knowledge of English. Please see also the English revision and test papers as these include comprehension.

The art of shopping
Boy by Roald Dahl + Comprehension
Year 3 optional English reading paper
A Pacific island
Mercury and the axe-comprehension
KS2 English SATS-type Animals
Year 6 English revision paper a
Year 6 English revision paper b
Comprehension on Achilles
Gulliver comprehension KS2
Birds of a feather comprehension KS2

Reading stories to children helps concentration and imagination. We have included some fiction passages from well known books to encourage reading and understanding. Many of these include comprehension passages and tests. More on the Using the library pages and on the Worksheet Finder.

Harry Potter
The machine gunners
Lord of the flies
Charlotte's web
The wreck of the Zanzibar
Bill's new frock
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Katie Morag
Grandpa Chatterji
Goodnight Mr Tom
Tom's midnight garden
Anthony Browne
Hans Christian Andersen
Carrie's War
The midnight fox
The angel of Nitshill Road
Boy by Roald Dahl + Comprehension
Aesop's fables
Kit's wilderness
The adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Railway Children
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Comprehension worksheets at Key stage 3 (KS3)

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