English and literacy

English is one of the most important subjects on the curriculum. It is essential that all children are given the best facilities to enable them to master the complexities of the English language. Children enjoy listening, looking, watching and mimicing right from birth. These increase vocabulary, stimulate an interest in reading and provide a solid basis for understanding. We have divided this page into sections on various parts of the English work covered in school so that all can enjoy reading, writing and have a good understanding of the English language. Click on the hyperlinks to see our full range on each topic.


Encourage your child to enjoy reading
Katie Morag
The wind in the willows
Lord of the flies


Rhymes to teach listening
Monster poems
Rhythm and rhyme


Year 2 reading test
Comprehension 1 with inferred questions
The art of shopping


Help your child have fun writing
Storymat 5
Tom's diary-writing
Improve your writing style KS3 and 4


Stimulate spelling in children
Spelling ideas
Spelling patterns le Year 3
Years 7, 8 and 9 spellings
High frequency words R to 2
Medium frequency words Years 4 and 5
SATS spelling words for Year 6
KS3 spelling list


English ideas for KS1
English thoughts for KS1
Verbs explained
Clauses 2
English grammar for Year 3
Parts of speech KS3


How to help with punctuation
Inverted commas
Full stops


Surprise KS1 SATS type paper
English paper for Year 3
Year 4 optional English In touch with nature

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