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Teachers! Are you looking for fresh ideas to use in the classroom? At Parents in Touch we have a huge range of colourful and stimulating resources for you to use in the classroom.

Parents in Touch was initially set up to help parents, but the interest shown by schools has led us to open up the site to teachers, many of whom are now using our resources in the classroom and as homework activities. We have shown here just a small fraction of our thousands of resources. Please look around the site to see what else we have to offer.


Here is a sample of some of the KS1 maths worksheets on the site. If you want to view them all, see the maths worksheets page.Some of these may be useful for individual children as extension activities or as a further teaching aid. As most of the worksheets are written for parents, we have only included a selection here but realise that others may be useful to you as a teacher to consolidate work you are covering.

Practical ideas to make maths fun
Fun maths ideas Years 1 and 2
Maths at KS1
Number sequencing
1, 2 & 3 Times Tables
Fun maths for year 2
Maths puzzles & problems for year 1 & 2
Put the pennies


Communication is so easy and varied in the modern day that it can sometimes be essential that children are distracted from playstations, computer games and other electronic toys to be encouraged to concentrate and enjoy reading. It is therefore useful if teachers have stimulating activities to encourage children into increasing their vocabulary, using their imagination and enjoying books. We have tried to support teachers in achieving this aim in the reading worksheets, booklists and topics on the site.

Reading sheet 1
Hetty Hen the teacher
Reading list 4-6
Katie Morag
Grandpa Chatterji
The little red hen rebus story
Winnie the Pooh

We have the whole curriculum for history, geography, RE, science and Citizenship covered, with resources to support teaching. Here are highlighted just a sample of our pages which include activities for you do with children in the classroom, as extension or homework activities. In addition, many more supporting resources can be found through the Worksheet Finder.


A fun game about teeth
Parts of the body & quiz
Growing older
Identifying materials without looking
Shiny objects
Making different sounds
Finding electrical appliances


Homes long ago
Florence NIghtingale
Toys colouring pages
Homes through history


A year in our street
Traffic survey
Travel to school
Our local area


Citizenship at KS1
Playground games
All about me
Animals and us


Religious artefacts
Belonging - people who care for me
The stories Jesus told
My celebrations

Thinking skills

Concentrate and read
Word search 2 KS1
Book quiz for 5 to 7 year olds


Handwriting A to M
Handwriting N to Z
Handwriting book
Magical skills - handwriting


Topics on a wide range of subjects can be found through the Worksheet Finder. These are full of activities ideal for supplementing work in the classroom.

Our senses
A topic on transport
An alien topic
Food we eat


All sorts of phonics
Sounds and phonics and words
Pictures and quiz
Phonics for 6 to 8 year olds

Other resources - here are some examples of useful resources which we have collated to help teachers. Many more can be found through the Worksheet Finder, under Teacher Resources.

Primary design and technology
Curriculum Review Summary
Letters and sounds
Primary Literacy Planning and Objectives
Securing level 2 in mathematics
The essential spelling book 2
Letters and sounds -phase 4
Literacy objectives FS and Year 1
Literacy objectives Years 2 and 3
Maths objectives FS and Year 1
Maths objectives Years 2 and 3

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