For teachers KS2

We have plenty of new ideas for you to use in the classroom.We have collected together some examples on this page, but for thousands more resources, please see the Worksheet Finder or our subject specific pages.

Maths There are numerous worksheets on the four rules of number on the maths worksheets page. Data handling, time, measurement and all the other topics covered in the KS2 syllabus are also available through the Worksheet Finder. We have included here some papers written to illustrate how all of these maths functions can be used in an enjoyable and different context.
Different maths ideas for Year 3
Decimal Fun
Maths thinking for Year 4
Have fun together with maths
Fun maths questions for year 5
Mental arithmetic
Maths fun
How long will it take?
KS2 optional maths tasks for the more able

English On Parents in Touch under English we have papers on reading, poetry, comprehension, writing, grammar and spelling. There are numerous revision papers which will be useful to consolidate the teaching done in schools.

Brighten up your writing
Charlotte's web
Comprehension 1 with inferred questions
Spelling ideas
KS2 English SATS-type Animals
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Punctuation and grammar revision

We have worksheets to address the curriculum for history, geography, RE, science and Citizenship clearly laid out, with resources to support each unit. Here are highlighted just a sample of our worksheets which include activities for you do with children in the classroom, as extension or homework activities.

Science The science pages follow the guidelines for the National Curriculum and you will find many worksheets on aspects of the curriculum. The ones below are just an illustration of this.

Helping plants grow well - activities
Metal and wood
Moving and growing activities
Grouping living things
Revision quiz on life cycles
Revision quizzes on earth, sun and moon
Experiments with dissolving
Forces in action - activities and revision

History Our history pages are closely linked to the National Curriculum. The ones below are just an illustration of this.

Roman activity
Tudor topic
World War II worksheets and activities
Victorians quiz

Geography The geography pages follow much of the National Curriculum. The ones below are just an illustration of this.

High Street traffic survey
River activities
Planning a TV news programme

RE We have covered many aspects of the RE curriculum, with worksheets on different religions and associated activities.

Diwali activities
Worksheets on the Bible
What do people believe?
Sacred texts

Citizenship As this can be a difficult subject to fit into a busy timetable we hope the pages below will save you time and be useful.

Rules and responsibilities
What's in the news?
Your local open spaces
Local councils
Thinking skills These pages will give you some fun ideas to help children's concentration and reasoning skills.
Reasoning puzzle 5
Spatial awareness 5
Logic puzzles 4
Thinking and teasers

Topics This is just a selection of the topics available. You can find them all through the Worksheet Finder.

Design and technology
Healthy eating topic
Autumn ideas
Topic on trees

Other resources - here are some examples of useful resources which we have collated to help teachers. Many more can be found through the Worksheet Finder, under Teacher's Resources.

Primary design and technology
Curriculum Review Summary
Primary Literacy Planning and Objectives
Maths objectives Years 2 and 3
Maths objectives Years 4 and 5
Maths objectives Year 6 and 6 to 7
Science programme of study KS2
Science National Curriculum
Literacy objectives Years 2 and 3
Literacy objectives Years 4 and 5
Literacy objectives Year 6 and 6 to 7

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