For teachers KS3 and KS4

Teacher's resources

There are some publications shown below which will be useful to teachers in planning and advising pupils.

Community cohesion in schools
Google - global issues
Book list for Year 7
Literacy objectives Year 6 and 6 to 7
14-19 curriculum
14-19 Education skills implementation plan
Choosing your A levels
Choosing your GCSEs
Functional skills
IB 16-19
IB Middle Years Programme
It's your choice
The Diploma


Our English resources will provide teachers with additional work to reinforce that done in school.

Anne Frank
The machine gunners
A midsummer night's dream
Siegfried Sassoon
Punctuation for KS4
Story starters for KS3
Spelling challenge KS3


We selected these to provide teachers with supplementary work to reinforce that done in school. There are many other worksheets on the site which will be useful for revision or additional explanation.

Sequences and the nth term 1
Directed (negative) numbers
Functional maths project
A dictionary of mathematics


KS3 science resources can be found through the Worksheet Finder.

KS3 2005 optional science task for more able
Science So What
Climate change - Google
Science sites for teachers

Our subject pages provide resources and activities for curriculum subjects.


Rainforest activities
Chocolate and Fair Trade - Google
Citizenship - the European Union
Planning a tour of England


20th century inventions
Industrial Revolution and the local area
World turned upside down
Source material on the Suffragettes


Martin Luther
Buddha - teachings and events
Creation stories
Visiting a synagogue


Unit 1 Citizenship
What do you know about Parliament?
Rainforest activities
Millennium Development Goals



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