Foundation Stage for teachers

Areas of Learning

These comprehensive teaching resources cover all Areas of Learning in a fun and imaginative way and provide ideas for a full term's work on the topics. Many more on our Foundation Stage pages.

Topic on mini beasts
Foundation Stage topic on buildings
My dad is brilliant-topic FS
6 goals on The hungry caterpillar
The gruffalo FS topic
Topic on underground
My mum is fantastic topic
Handa's hen
Exploring shape and colour for FS
Counting songs
Alphabet songs

The beginning of number

Introduction to number and number concepts can be covered orally, through matching games and worksheets enjoyed together with an adult.

Introduction to numbers
Making sets
Write numbers 1 - 4
Foundation maths
Foundation stage maths ideas
Beginning to count
Numbers 1 to 4
Revision of numeracy 2
FS maths
Help your child with telling the time - FS
Maths thoughts for R and KS1
Numbers and counting


Many parents nowadays do start the process of teaching phonics at home by their pronunciation of the first letter of a word. This process can be tailored in school to make the teaching of phonics both enjoyable and beneficial. See the Phonics page for more resources.

Phonic picture cards a-e
Phonic actions for s,a,t,i,p and n
Phonic actions for g,o,u,l,f and b
Phonic actions for y,x,ch,sh,th
Starting phonics
Animal sounds used to teach phonics
Farmyard sounds topic
Language work on Humpty Dumpty
Nursery rhymes help with phonic sounds
Nursery rhymes for phonics
Letters and sounds for FS
Phonics can be fun


Children from an early age emulate adults by putting pen to paper. They love painting and using crayons and these activities can be beneficial in learning the art of handwriting. Our handwriting pages include examples of the various styles of handwriting.

Use your crayons
Dinosaur colouring pages
My own book
Colouring pictures
Handwriting patterns
Shapes and writing patterns
Write over numbers; colour pictures


Traditional nursery rhymes
Action rhymes for 4 year olds
Finger Rhymes
Counting rhymes for three year olds
Fireman finger rhymes
School routines rhymes
Can you name these nursery rhymes
Baby rhymes


Below you will see just a small sample from our range of English worksheets. These will help the beginning of learning in a fun and imaginative way. More topics can be found through the Worksheet Finder.

Match the pictures
In the night garden
FS basic thinking skills
The little red hen rebus story
Everyday life for FS
Foundation action sheets
Topic on spring
Rainy day topic
Learning is fun
Language work on Humpty Dumpty
Harry and Tilly
All about animals
All about me
Literacy booklet
Goldilocks and the Three Bears discussion board

 Resources for teachers

We have collected together a range of resources to help you. You will find many more resources on the Worksheet Finder, under Teacher's resources.

Birth to Three Matters
Changes to EYFS
Communication, language and literacy
Crickweb Early Years resources
Foundation Stage Policy
Foundation stage profile
High frequency words R to 2
Letters and sounds
Knowledge & understanding of the world
Statutory Framework EYFS

Weather (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Caroline Quin and Sue Pearce

The Activities for 3-5 Year olds series is produced by Brilliant Books. It's a practical series which represents excellent value when you look at the huge range of ideas and activities included in each. All of the play activities are designed to develop important preschool skills and positive relationships and are linked to the Early Learning Goals of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, revised by the Department of Education for September 2012. The series is now in its second edition.
Weather is all around us and a topic which is constantly discussed.. Here you will find ideas raise children's awareness of the weather through  weather poems, creating foggy night pictures, choosing the right clothes for the weather, measuring puddles, making simple weather vanes and various ways of charting the weather.

Caring and Sharing (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Linda Mort and Janet Morris

Caring for others is an essential skill and one that cannot be learnt too soon. So this practical book, which encourages active learning and family involvement, is very timely. It helps adults both at home and in pre-school settings to work together and set consistent boundaries for children so they feel safe and secure and confident about the behaviour expected of them. There are ideas for encouraging children to say 'please' and 'thank you', to take turns, to share and to listen. The activities are practical and use resources which are readily available.

Gardening (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Caroline Quin and Sue Pearce

Gardening has become increasingly popular in schools, with many setting aside areas for children to grow flowers and vegetables. Encourage this from an early age because gardening offers children lots of new experiences and opportunities to develop new skills. The activities in the book are perfect for young children and many ensure a quick result, ensuring interest is kept alive. Don't forget that there are plenty of growing activities which can take place indoors too - a garden scrapbook, flower arranging and plants in a jar are just some ideas.

All About Us (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Irene Yates

This practical book is based on the everyday world around children, so it introduces and reinforces familiar concepts. The activities include ideas to help children to describe themselves and others, to explore and express their feelings in a variety of ways and to develop a positive self-image and sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. In a simple way, the book helps young children to develop a sense of their own identity and their own place in the world.

Colours (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Irene Yates

Colours are often one of the earliest things children learn - in our daily life with young children, we point to objects and ask children to tell us the colour, or ask them to give us the blue crayon, for example.These activities build on that early learning with ideas that can be easily used whether by a childminder with one or two children, or a large reception class. For example, read a familiar story based on a colour and then encourage children to create their own story. As with all the books in the series, each activity explains the learning opportunities, links to the Early Learning Goals, outlines the equipment, describes the activity with extension work and discussion.

Families (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Linda Mort and Janet Morris

The family is the single most important element in a young child's life so it is the perfect theme for Early Years activities - it can make an excellent base for many activities and learning opportunities. The book gives practical activities to help children learn key skills such as knowing their address, as well as fun activities including making a bed and action rhymes. Each activity is linked to an Early Learning Goal and using these can be a great help to teachers in ensuring they are covering all aspects of the Foundation Stage curriculum.

Food (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Adrienne Walton

Food - a topic which will interest all children! Again, we are offered a wide range of activities ranging through making cakes, sprouting beans, learning about The Hungry Giant and singing songs - and many more. The ideas can all be uses as the basis for the practitioner to build on and develop his/her own ideas. The activities are clearly laid out with all the information needed to carry them out.

Pets (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Caroline Quin and Sue Pearce

The layout of the books mean each activity can easily be written up as a lesson plan, allowing the teacher to incorporate any specific needs for their own setting. The extension activities are useful suggestions that can be incorporated as time allows, or used for a follow-up session. Here children learn how to care for and respect pets, even if they are not able to have their own pet at home. They learn about different animals, how to care for them and can undertake a range of activities based on animals.

Shopping (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Caroline Quin

Shopping - children love it or hate it! Whichever it is, it is an experience that virtually every child shares, making it the ideal topic for classroom activities and discussion. Many settings will have a shop corner, so the ideas in the book will be ideal for extending the play value of this area. The activities are clearly described and the equipment will be available in most settings. Another very practical book which contains an amazing number of ideas.

Water (Activities for 3-5 Year Olds) by Irene Yates

Children love water play and it offers so many learning opportunities - children find out about science when they learn about ice; playing with water increases coordination skills; making a boat encourages imaginative play - the list is endless! The suggestions in the book can easily be incorporated into the Early Years curriculum and help ensure all goals are covered and children's early learning gives them the best possible start to their formal education. All in all, an excellent and practical set of books which gives comprehensive coverage.

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There are over 80 of these little gems to choose from, with 5 new titles publishing each year. They are a value-for-money resource with hundreds of fresh ideas covering a vast array of topics for children from 36 – 60+ months.

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