Geography KS1 & KS2

 Here are some worksheets based on the requirements of the curriculum from September 2016. These include worksheets which your child will enjoy discovering their local area and where they live.

Islands KS1
Who works where?
Recording the weather
Know the UK KS1
UK weather for KS1
Wales for KS1
Scotland for KS1
Northern Ireland for KS1
Weather topic for KS1
Continents and oceans for KS1
Map symbols KS1
Geographical vocabulary for KS1
Skara Brae
Tourism and leisure symbols on OS maps
Weather quiz
The White Cliffs of Dover
Effects of sun angle on climate
Rocks and soils
A geography dictionary
Topic on canals
Topic on Canterbury
Oceans and seas
Know your geography for KS2
Ernest Shackleton
Geography revision Years 5 and 6

Our geography worksheets below are based on the National Curriculum pre-2014. Some directly cover the topics; some give research suggestions and others give a broader perspective on the topic, which helps pupils put their knowledge into context. Pupils in KS2 will cover most of these topics, although maybe in a different sequence.

Unit1 Around our school  - the local area
Year 1
Children enjoy finding out about the area around their school, their street and their local area.

Around our school
A year in our street
3 times tables
Animals in literature quiz

Unit 2 How can we make our local area safer?
Year 1
Children can enjoy doing a traffic survey, learning how to make roads safer and finding out about the varied ways pupils travel to school.

Traffic survey
Walking bus website
Making roads safe
Travel to school

Unit 3 An island home
Year 2
Children learn about 'What is an Island' as well as enjoying the Katie Morag stories.

What is an island?
Katie Morag's island stories
Katie Morag and the island of Struay
Katie Morag

Unit 4 Going to the seaside
Year 2 children learn about the environment at the seaside.

Beside the seaside
Seaside holidays
Coastal environments for KS1

Unit 5 Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?
Years 1 and 2 These worksheets are all based on 'Where in the world is Barnaby Bear'.

Who is Barnaby Bear?
BBC Barnaby Bear
Barnaby Bear
Barnaby Bear website

Unit 6 Investigating our local area
Year 3
In this section children explore their local area and start to develop skills such as mapping and compiling a leaflet of Our Town.

Our local area
Mapping skills
Leaflet on your home town

Unit 7 Weather around the world
Year 4 pupils discover details about Weather reports, Topics on seasons and changes of world weather.

Weather report
Weather around the world
Topic about seasons
Weather forecasts for around the world

Unit 8 Improving the environment
Year 4
Ecological projects and learning about landscapes all introduce children to ideas on making their environment better.

Learning through landscapes
Ideas for school grounds
Countryside Classroom
Eco project

Unit 9 Village settlers
Year 4 Early people left standing stones , long burrows and white houses carved into a hillsides as signs of their first settlements

Early settlements
Jorvik Viking Centre
Anglo-Saxon village

Unit 10 A village in India
Year 4 Learn about a village in India.

Welcome to India
Kerala life in India
India - book

Unit 11 Water
Year 6  All of us use water in many different ways. It is essential to our survival.

Water cycle
Water Aid
Trip to the river
Anglian Water - resources

Unit 12 Should the High Street be closed to traffic?
Year 5
Sometimes you see schoolchildren doing a High Street  survey. They are collating details about many aspects of the area of the road they are in:

  • Buildings and how they are used.
  • The jobs and work that they see people doing.
  • Traffic numbers and how it is controlled e.g. Zebra crossing, Traffic lights, and traffic free areas.
  • How safe is the High Street? Are the pavements wide enough for prams and buggies? Can elderly people manage to cross the roads walking slowly? Is the pavement even with no broken paving slabs?
High Street traffic survey
Green Cross Code
Safer streets survey
Local traffic web link

Unit 13 A contrasting UK locality - Llandudno. Llandudno is Wales's largest resort, uniquely situated between the Great and Little Ormes.
Year 5

Exploring seaside towns
Flamborough Head
Visit Conwy

Unit 14 Investigating rivers
Year 6 What is the name of your local river? Describe some river activities.

River activities
Focus on rivers
Studying your local river
Rivers of the world

Unit 15 The mountain environment
Year 6 The Alps have a gentle climate in spring, summer and autumn.

Mountain climates
The mountain book

Unit 16 What's in the news?
Years 3-6 Encourage your child to take an interest in world and local news.

What's in the news?
Planning a TV news programme
TV reporters
World Info Zone

Unit 17 Global eye
Year 2 This unit includes investigations and ideas in geography and science.

Global eye
Primary Global Eye
Ultimate human body

Unit 18 Connecting ourselves to the world
Years 3-6 World InfoZone is an interactive resource for schools and students to use and enjoy.

Global Gang
Rich world poor world
World Info Zone

Unit 19 How and where do we spend our time?
Year 4 How do children enjoy their free time? Can they read a map?

Leisure survey
Where and how do we spend our time?

Unit 20 Local traffic - an environmental issue.
Year 5

Are our streets safe? As 70% of people travel to school and work by car, are our streets fit for purpose?

Safer streets survey
Local traffic
Living Streets
Local traffic web link

Unit 21 How can we improve the area we see from our window?
Year 4
Enjoy learning about your school grounds. Tabulate what you see and record results in graph form or using IT.

Ideas for school grounds
Countryside Classroom
Neighbourhood journeys

Unit 22 A contrasting locality overseas
Year 2 Learn about Mexico and compare this country to Belfast.

M is for Mexico
We are from
Belfast and Mexico City

Unit 23 Investigating coasts
Years 5-6 Have fun with the seaside worksheet and enjoy the Investigating Coasts program

Investigating coasts
Rivers and coasts

Unit 24 Passport to the world
Years 1-6
Improve your knowledge about places and their locations.

Passport to the world
Around the World
Geography topic KS3
World atlas

Unit 25 Geography and numbers
Years 1-6
Try Geography revision KS2 and refresh your memory. The Ordnance Survey website is useful to understand.

Unit 25 Geography and numbers
Ordnance Survey website
Map detectives
Local statistics


Geography revision for KS2

Curriculum in Scotland and Wales
Our current worksheets are based on the National Curriculum for England

Geography curriculum for Wales
Geography curriculum in Scotland

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