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Please read the giveaway rules carefully before entering.


Solve it with Sherlock Holmes


Solve it with Sherlock Holmes Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as they uncover the answers to a whole set of puzzles. All themed around the famous duo, plus housekeeper Mrs Hudson, the book is packed with puzzles, codes, riddles and other mind-boggling quizzes. A great range of puzzles which will exercise all sorts of solving skills. Children love mysteries, and the link with the world of Sherlock Holmes will really appeal - and might well encourage children to seek out the books...Read on.

Carlton Books have 1 copy to be won. Put SHERLOCK as your email header.

Turned in to MermaidMermaid Tail

And Then I Turned in to a Mermaid This is the first hilarious story in a great new series for middle-grade readers. When she reaches the age of 13, Molly Seabrook’s dull seaside life is transformed. She discovers that she’s PART-MERMAID! While this does explain why her bonkers Mum is always skinny-dipping, Molly is not happy - she just wants to blend in with her friends but that's not easy when she has to dress as a haddock to promote the family fish ’n’ chip shop. Growing up is hard enough without sprouting a fish tail in double maths, or disguising your gills from the cute boy at the ice cream kiosk...Read on.

One winner will receive a copy of the book along with a gorgeous mermaid tail blanket! 

Egmont have a further 4 copies of the book to giveaway. Put MERMAID as your email header.


Bad Nana


Bad Nana: All the Fun of the Fair Seven year old Jeanie has three nanas; Bad Nana is the most fun, although, of course, she's not really bad... just rather naughty! Bad Nana definitely isn't your average granny - she overturns the stereotypes in a wonderful way. Always, though, she is caring and looks out for the underdog. This time, she's joining Jeanie on the annual family visit to the fair - and that offers some wonderful opportunities for fun. It's a riot of colour, with flourescent pink enlivening the entertaining black and white illustrations; perfect to entice even the more reluctant reader...Read on.

Harper Collins have a Bad Nana Bundle to giveaway. Put NANA as your email header.


Biology Pairs Game


Biology Pairs Game Perfect for classroom or home, this is a fun and effective way to reinforce important key words without it feeling too much like work - it's perfect for a refreshing break from more formal revision. This fully illustrated game for KS2 and KS3 pupils contains five different sets of cards (each a different colour) giving 75 different biology words to pair up with their meaning. Players can either use one set at a time, or add other sets to increase the challenge. This simple memory game requires players to match up the image, word and its definition...Read on.

Oaka Books have 1 game to giveaway. Put BIOLOGY as your email header.

Mermaid Craft


The Mermaid Craft Book: 15 Things a Mermaid Can't Do Without This talented duo brings us another super book that young crafters are going to love. Their books are always eminently practical, with activities that can be easily carried out and that produce excellent results. Mermaids have an enduring appeal, with their air of mystery and other-worldliness, and they're a great topic for crafts. Suitable for boys and girls aged 3+, all of the projects use readily available or easily sourced materials,. The clear instructions and accompanying illustrations ensure that the activities are easily achievable...Read on.

Little Button Diaries have 3 copies to be won. Put CRAFT as your email header.

 Unicorn Creativity

The Unicorn Creativity Book Do you believe in unicorns? Do you love magic and fantasy? Then this is the book for you! It's a beautifully presented spiral bound book with a whole world of activities based on these mythical creatures that have so much appeal to children. There are drawing and colour-in ideas, sticker pages, a unicorn board game, a slime recipe, doodle challenges, spot the difference and lots more. 150 stickers are included to embellish the pictures and for children to design their own scenes and there is a personalised door hanger and unicorn-themed art paper...Read on.

Carlton Books have 2 copies to giveaway. Put UNICORN as your email header.

Space Creativity

The Space Creativity Book Space fans will love this creative, interactive book, packed with variety. Are you a suitable candidate for space, though? Take Astronaut Alan's space test first.There are puzzles, games, stickers, postcards, stencils, maps, recipes, decorations, pull-out art paper... the list goes on! There's also a lovely gatefold cover to decorate and display. The book is spiral bound, making it practical and easy to use, and the colourful pages are really appealing...Read on

Carlton Books have 2 copies to be won. Put SPACE as you email header.

Hair Helper 

The Hair Helper I have no idea how many hours I have spent over the last few years trying to find hairbands, clips and hairbrushes for our girls. I'm sure we have bought hundreds over the years, yet first thing in the morning they become invisible, only turning up in bizarre places and when you don't need them! The Hair Helper is customisable storage for hair accessories and we were very pleased to be able to receive one of them for review. You can choose the frame colour you would like along with a fantastic choice of coloured ribbons for the inside, you can then add lettering if you would like a name on it and a selection of motif stickers to decorate it. The Hair Helper comes beautifully presented and it comes with clips and screws that you can use to make it ready for mounting to a wall. The letters for your name and the motif stickers come ready for you to stick to it and we love that you can personalise it like this...Read on

The Hair Helper have one Hair Helper to giveaway. Put HELPER as your email header.

 Sam Wu Spiders

Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Spiders Sam Wu is a great character, one with whom children can readily identify; he shares fears common to many and handles them magnificently. Of course, like children everywhere, he doesn't want to let anyone know. And so when Tulip, the school tarantula, disappears from her cage, Sam decides it's up to him and his friends to save the school from the eight-legged escapee...Read on

Egmont have 5 books to giveaway. Put SPIDERS as your email header.

Oh the Places

Oh the Places You'll Go: Dr Seuss can always be relied on to bring us books that reflect children's lives and interests and this super book is no exception. This book is perfect to mark events in children's lives, from fun times and triumphs to lurches and slumps. Dr. Seuss takes his own inimitable look at the adventures that life may have in store for any of us...Read on

Harper Collins have 3 books to be won. Put PLACES as your email header.

Mr Dog Seal DealMr Dog

Mr Dog and the Seal Deal A famous name is always a good way to interest children in reading, and Ben Fogle's insight into animal lives makes this an excellent first novel. The book is co-written with best-selling children’s author Steve Cole, making for a really good pacy read, perfectly geared to children. Mr Dog loves travel and adventure - and helping other animals in trouble. Mr Dog is spending some time out at sea, riding the waves with the fishermen. But when a local seal goes missing, he has to spring into action – fast! on

Harper Collins have 2 sets of the two Mr Dog books to giveaway. Put MRDOG as your email header.

Giveaway Rules

Entry into the giveaway is deemed as acceptance of these rules.

Giveaways open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.

Prize winners will be chosen at random from the list of entries. The decision of Parents in Touch is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Except if you enter by email, winners will be contacted for their postal address. You will have 48 hours to claim the prize once notified. Twitter winners will be notified by DM requesting their address, Twitter ID and prize name to be emailed - if not received within 48 hours of the DM, the prize will be forfeit. Email entry is for registered users only.

One entry through each method per giveaway, per household - multiple entries will disqualify from all giveaways. Only entries adhering to the instructions in  'How to enter' (above) will be considered.

Parents in Touch reserves the right to: change these rules at any time, change the prizes if the original prize becomes unavailable, or to withdraw the competitions without notice.

Please allow 30 days for receipt of prize once notified.

Except otherwise indicated, all giveaways close on the 31st July 2019.

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