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Slime Factory

So Slime Factory I knew as soon as I saw this set that I would have a couple of little reviewers that would jump at the chance of playing with slime! We have the 3-pack of slime and the colours inside are yellow, green and pink. There are just 3 simple instructions on the back of the pack to follow and it says it is mess free. Each pot has a lid and inside each pot is a silver packet; inside the packet is small bag of coloured powder, a small bag of glitter or confetti and a surprise figurine. All you have to do is to empty the bag of powder and the bag of glitter in to the empty pot and then fill with water to the marked line. Read on...

Canal Toys have 2 Slime Factory sets to giveaway. Put SLIME as your email header.

 Barry Loser Football

Barry Loser is the Best at Football, Not! Let's face it - Barry Loser is unlikely to ever be the best at anything! Except, of course, at being the star of brilliantly hilarious books that children will lap up. In his tenth escapade, we find everyone at Barry’s school has gone football crazy as the World Cup is coming along, but poor Barry is, simply, rubbish at football. So he decides to become a coach...and, never one to pass up a challenge, soon he's committed his team to playing Tarquin and friends. And that's just the start of another hilarious series of adventures. The author has a quite exceptional gift for knowing just what will appeal to children and he brings something fresh and new to every story. Read on...

Egmont Books have 3 copies to giveaway. Put BARRY as your email header.



Marge and the Secret Tunnel Marge is every child's dream babysitter, and life is never dull when she's around. And maybe - just maybe - Marge can help Jemima and Jakey work out who (or what) is at the end of the secret tunnel. In the second story, shopping is never going to be ordinary with Marge. The final story sees Marge in charge at the end of the holidays and soon she is trapped...With lively drawings and three stories in the book, this is perfect for newly confident readers, who will relish the hilarious stories and friendly characters. There's plenty happening to engage readers, without being too much to absorb, and to ensure their attention is held throughout; there are no boring passages in the Marge books! Read on...

Piccadilly Press have 3 sets of four books to giveaway. Put MARGE as your email header.

My Favourite Me 

My Favourite Me Children are often initially enthusiastic about keeping a journal or diary, but that enthusiasm can wane as they find they don't really know what to write. This inspiring journal, which is just for girls, will overcome that problem, as it's full of ideas for young diarists to follow through. From the perfect start to the day to routine tracker and on to sleep style, girls can record daily lives. Far more though - ambitions for the future will help girls aspire and dream. With inspirational quotes and practical tips and tricks along the way this book will bring out your favourite "you", encouraging and motivating there is so much to record and all beautifully presented to keep girls enthused. Read on...

Carlton Kids Books have 3 copies to be won. Put FAVOURITE as your email header.

You Are Awesome 

You are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) Anything Teens and tweens don't find it easy to talk about things they feel are holding them back; this empowering book gives them the opportunity to find out for themselves how to become awesome and tackle tasks they felt were impossible. It will encourage their confidence and help them to discuss their ambitions. Does your youngster express negative thoughts about their abilities? Then they need this book! It inspires and empowers young readers to find the confidence to realise their potential, building up their self-belief. Full of examples of successful people from Mozart to Serena Williams, it demonstrates that success really is earned rather than given - and that everyone can develop talents through determination, positive thoughts, practice and self-belief and, most importantly, a Growth Mindset. Read on...

Hachette Children's Books have 5 copies to be won. Put AWESOME as your email header.

100 Activities

The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities The authors, who run the superb blog Little Button Diaries, really know what appeals to children and how to put their ideas across in a simple, fun and easy-to-follow way; this has gained them a huge online following. Their books support this success and this nature-inspired craft book is perfect to encourage children to get out and about. The activities are in 8 sections, including Outdoor Cooking, Messy Makes and Wildlife Spotting, so there's plenty for everyone and many of the ideas can be carried out indoors on rainy days if you build up a collection of bits and pieces when out and about in the good weather. Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by engaging photos which will really motivate and inspire. The ideas will all help to increase children's appreciation for the natural world, and encourage observation and awareness of the need to care for our environment. Read on...

Little Button Diaries have 2 copies to be won. Put OUTDOOR as your email header.



First Wonder Box First News is a highly successful newspaper for children which has proved a huge hit with schools as well as families. Now the team behind this has brought out First Wonder Box - a brand new subscription service. Combining learning and fun, First Wonder Boxes are designed for 4-8 year olds. The aim is to introduce them to the world around them, topics so far include Castles, Under the Sea and Human body. Each is full of fun activities that will help children learn, and they support the Early Years and KS1 curriculum too and education experts have been involved. The varied activities may include word searches, crazy facts and quizzes; drawing challenges, games, stickers, collectable cards, puzzles and creative projects; there will be a themed toy too and even the box transforms into a game or activity. Read on...

First News have 1 First Wonder Box to giveaway to 5 winners. Put WONDER as your email header.

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