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Gilly the Giraffe

Gilly the Giraffe The book starts with a story about Gilly the Giraffe to share with children. This can be used to initiate discussion and to explore children's feelings Do they, like Gilly, lack confidence? She wonders why she stands out so much with her long neck, her long black tongue and her mosaic patches? Why do some of the other animals point and laugh at her? But when Gilly is shown why these things are special, she finds herself full of confidence. This is followed by a wealth of creative activities for adults and children to explore together, developing the themes in the story. The activities are clearly explained, easy to carry out with space to complete them on the page, and they can be used in home or school situations - ideal for PSHE lessons in primary school....Read on.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers have 3 copies to be won. Put GIRAFFE as your email header.

Explorer Plants
Explorer Mammals 
Explorer Plants! Encourage children to explore the world of plants and find out just how they work with this book which is perfect for inquisitive young minds. They will join Agent Osprey as she works to uncover the mysterious world of plants and presents her findings in the form of a naturalist's journal (it's a great way to give children ideas for presenting projects). There is plenty to think about and many questions are answered....Read on.

Explorer Mammals! This time, Agent Osprey is on a mission to investigate the animal world and she looks into how they have survived and thrived. Join our explorer on her quest to find out as much as possible about these amazing creatures in her fascinating journal. Find out key discoveries, how they manage our environment and plenty more, to answer all manner of questions and increase our awe for the wonders of nature. Fold out the 1.8m timeline to enjoy a fascinating journey from the earliest known creatures up to the present day....Read on.

What on Earth Books have 2 sets of the two books to giveaway. Put EXPLORER as your email header.

Grandma Grandpas Garden


Grandma & Grandpa's Garden Grandma and Grandpa loved their garden and spent many happy hours there together, but happiness came to an end. This touching story brought a tear to my eye and is a perfect book to share with a young child who has lost a loved one. It is full of hope, love and importance of sharing memories and feelings. Gabriella Buckingham's beautiful watercolour illustrations really bring the story alive and provide plenty of opportunities to identify flowers, plants and vegetables....Read on.

Red Robin Books have 5 books to giveaway. Put GARDEN as your email header.

Lucky Gecko 2


Lucky Gecko We received two boxes from Lucky Gecko and were impressed as soon as we opened them. They offer two options, each with a range of topics. The first we explored was the Sleuth Bumper Pack, perfect for aspiring detectives and all children who are keen to understand the world around them and are always asking questions. The pack is inspired by detectives and code crackers and will encourage children to think logically to solve problems. With Alan Turing recently voted the most iconic person of the 20th century, here's the chance for children to follow in his footsteps and explore codes and ciphers. The task is to identify the culprit in a fictional criminal investigation. The activities will help with the code work which often tested in the 11+ and Common Entrance exams, but have huge benefits for every child....Read on.

Lucky Gecko have 1 Bumper Pack to giveaway. Put GECKO as your email header.


Cuddle the Magic Kitten Cuddle is the star of another collectable series for young readers who naturally appeals to the same market as Muddle - give her a cuddle and the magic begins. Olivia and Graces find themselves in an enchanted school for fairies, unicorns, pixies and more in this enchanting story. The littlest unicorn at the school is lonely and it's up to Cuddle and the girls to help him to make new friends.....Read on.

Imagine That have one set of 4 books to be won. Put CUDDLE as your email header.


Muddle the Magic Puppy This is just the sort of series that is perfect for young readers setting out to enjoy books on their own; they get engaged with the series and that encourages them to read more. This is the fourth story about cute puppy Muddle whose magical powers are triggered by jumping into a puddle....Read on.

Imagine That have one set of 4 books to be won. Put MUDDLE as your email header.

Paperscapes Space

Paperscapes: The Spectacular Journey in to Space Take a fresh look at space in this fascinating book with press-out diecut pages which reveal a gallery of planets, rockets, rovers, stars, space probes and more. The book showcases the natural wonders found in space as well as the man-made objects that have been sent into space to discover what's there. The unique diecut format of the book allows the dramatic photos to leap off the page - just press out the shapes to create an out-of-this-world galaxy. Fact boxes and Did You Know...? sections add to the information included....Read on.

Carlton Books have 1 copy to be won. Put SPACE as your email header.


Essay Writing Planner for Non-fiction Essays Where do I start? This is heard so often by parents and teachers, and especially as pupils move into KS3 where longer essays are required. This innovative pack from Oaka Books is just what they need to encourage them to get started, and build a good foundation for essay writing. The pack includes a very practical topic booklet which gives key tips on writing a great essay, all succinctly presented to make for easy use and review; it also includes sentence starters and useful words. Alongside that are double-sided colour coded essay planning sheets which are laid out in sections including introduction and conclusion. This is a downloadable product so you can print as many copies as you need....Read on.

Oaka Books have 10 downloadable essay kits to be won. Put ESSAY as your email header.

Animals Around WOrld

Animals Around the World Welcome to a new world - Wimmelworld, a land of few words but lots of pictures. These unusual picture books encourage young readers (from 2+) to seek out familiar things from the crowded pictures. In these one-of-a-kind picture books, every spread is a new panorama teeming with life. The first page of each book introduces a unique cast of characters who are hidden in plain sight on the pages that follow. In this book, join the Patel family as they travel the world in search of all sorts of animals. Apart from the first two pages, the book is wordless, giving children the chance to use their imaginations and make up stories based on the vibrant and detailed illustrations which teem with activity....Read on.

The Experiment have 3 copies to giveaway. Put ANIMALS as your email header.

Giveaway Rules

Entry into the giveaway is deemed as acceptance of these rules.

Giveaways open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.

Prize winners will be chosen at random from the list of entries. The decision of Parents in Touch is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Except if you enter by email, winners will be contacted for their postal address. You will have 48 hours to claim the prize once notified. Twitter winners will be notified by DM requesting their address, Twitter ID and prize name to be emailed - if not received within 48 hours of the DM, the prize will be forfeit. Email entry is for registered users only.

One entry through each method per giveaway, per household - multiple entries will disqualify from all giveaways. Only entries adhering to the instructions in  'How to enter' (above) will be considered.

Parents in Touch reserves the right to: change these rules at any time, change the prizes if the original prize becomes unavailable, or to withdraw the competitions without notice.

Please allow 30 days for receipt of prize once notified.

Except otherwise indicated, all giveaways close on the 31st March 2019.

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