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The Book of Me This is really a book for children to get totally immersed in, as they doodle, draw and complete it with their own data. Here are some questions for children to ponder: "If you ran your school, what would the rules be? Would you rather talk to animals, or speak every language in the world? How fast can you run?" Read on...

Bloomsbury Books have 3 copies to be won. Put ME as your email header.


Iexplore - Bugs Be warned - you will never look at bugs in quite the same way once you have read this book, with its free app that brings giant bugs to life! It's amazing what digital magic can do, bring us up close and personal in ways that only scientists used to enjoy. Get set to see the biggest, scariest and most awesome bugs of the world come to life right in front of your eyes, thanks to the power of Digital Magic. Watch a Goliath bird-eating tarantula crawl across your table, a Giant Wetapunga Cricket jump on your friend's hand and much more. Read on...

Carlton Books have 3 copies to be won. Put BUGS as your email header.


Just Like Daddy Who wouldn't want to be just like daddy, when daddy is strong and silly, kind and practical? But he also knows how to have fun, and even if he messes up, it's never a big deal. Dad deals with the scariest of monsters (well, spiders at least), keeps his eyes open on the rollercoaster (most of the time), and puts on all the silly voices when he reads a bedtime story. Read on...

Pavilion Books have 5 copies to giveaway. Put DADDY as your email header.


Cowboy Pug The Adventures of Pug We first met Pug as Captain Pug, the pirate who was afraid of water. Now Pug and his faithful companion, Lady Miranda, are going to be cowboys for the day - and first of all they're going horsetrading! But with their noble steed Horsey safely acquired, it's not long before they find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Can Pug the reluctant hero overcome his fears and save the day once more? Read on...

Bloomsbury Books have 5 copies to giveaway. Put COWBOY as your email header.

Travel Activity Book It's an excellent idea to take a travel-themed activity book with you when going on holiday - they keep children happily engaged on journeys and at other times when adults are busy, and they help to foster excitement about the holiday. Brainteaser puzzles, colouring, drawing, things to spot, places to visit... there's lots here, all with a travel theme. The lively illustrations by Charlie Brandon-King will inspire budding travel enthusiasts to question, observe and interact with their new surroundings, while exercising problem solving and fine motor skills. Eight perforated postcards at the back that can be drawn on and coloured in encourage children to reflect on their favourite holiday memories. Read on...

Button Books have 3 copies to be won. Put TRAVEL as your email header.


Build A...T-Rex This hands-on book is the ideal way to help young naturalists understand the majestic T-Rex, how it was formed, and to discover the inner workings of the world's most ferocious dinosaur. As well as creating the model, children will learn about the T-Rex body, their prey, and their extinction. The book features sturdy card press-out pieces to create a model T-Rex. Read on...

Build A...Butterfly Butterfly life cycles are a popular topic for Foundation Stage/KS1, so this book will be a real asset in the classroom, and to support children's learning at home. This board book has plenty of information about butterfiles to inspire young naturalists, and then they can follow the clear step-by-step instructions to push out the strong card pieces and put them together to make a lovely butterfly. Read on...

Frances Lincoln Children's Books have 3 pairs of books to giveaway. Put BUILD as your email header.


The Anti-Boredom Book Recently, there has been a real upsurge in books which encourage children to get outside enjoying the naturakl world, and here we have another book packed with interesting and unusual ideas. The stand-out difference with this book is Andy Seed's hilarious approach which will really entertain children. There are all sorts of activities - and not just for summer, either - try creating hillside art, look out for shooting stars, see what fun street names can be, go on a mud walk (but mind the mud doesn't get above your wellies!) -just a few of the wonderful ideas. Read on...

Bloomsbury Books have 3 copies to be won. Put BOREDOM as your email header.

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Giveaway Rules

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Giveaways open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.

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Except if you enter by email, winners will be contacted for their postal address. You will have 5 days to claim the prize once notified. Twitter winners will be notified by DM requesting their address, Twitter ID and prize name to be emailed - if not received within 5 days of the DM, the prize will be forfeit. Email entry for registered users only.

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Parents in Touch reserves the right to: change these rules at any time, change the prizes, or to withdraw the competitions without notice.

Please allow 30 days for receipt of prize once notified.

All giveaways close 31st May 2017, except if otherwise indicated.


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