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Maps of the United Kingdom It's brilliant to see a collection of maps based entirely on the UK, and these will really help children to get to know where they live. Take a tour of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, county by county and meet the incredible people born there, learn about its proud history, and discover ancient castles, modern feats of engineering and natural highlights. Each map shows the main towns - although you will need to use a scale map alongside if you want to go visiting, as this is very much a pictorial introduction...Read on.

Wide Eyed Editions have 3 copies to be won. Put MAPS as your email header.

This Book is Not Rubbish The current interest in recycling, and especially the focus on the dangers of plastic waste, make this a highly topical book which will definitely be well received. "Covering issues like plastics, pollution, global warming and endangered animals, this is a one-stop guide to becoming an eco-warrior, not an eco-worrier." There are plenty of ideas here and children will definitely be intrigued by titles such as 'Don't hand in your homework', 'Don't Rush to Flush' and 'Eat More Chips!'. Many simple changes are suggested relating to parties, clothes, washing up, glitter and plastic bags; see the impact of each on the Planet-o-meter, which shows just how each change helps...Read on.

Hachette have 3 books to giveaway. Put RUBBISH as your email header.


STEM: Engineering, Maths, Science & Technology STEM subjects are science,technology, engineering and maths. Teaching uses an integrated approach, making this series from Carlton Books the perfect complement to the curriculum. Engineering can seem a dry subject but this book will excite children's interest with its hands-on approach. Many strands of the science curriculum are covered, including forces, friction and materials. There are over 40 activities; each has an explanatory page plus related activities. Succinct factoids explain the engineering theories, inventors and discoveries behind them, giving children just sufficient background knowledge...Read on.

Carlton Books have 1 set of 4 different STEM books to giveaway. Put STEM as your email header.



Who Are You Calling Weird? The animal world is truly amazing, as this beautiful book so ably shows. Although some animals are familiar, others are less well known, but the informative text soon ensures we know all about them, and just why they have their strange behaviour or appearance - it's always for a purpose. From the green fur of a three-toed sloth, the octopus that looks like Dumbo (and who is named after him), to the pink and wiggly appendage of the star-nosed mole, there’s something new and unusual to marvel at on every page, and to increase our awe for the natural world...Read on.

Words & Pictures have 2 copies to giveaway. Put WEIRD as your email header.


Damson the Donkey

Damson the Donkey One day, Adam Greenwood spots two large ears appearing above the grass in their orchard - it's a donkey. The Greenwood children are determined to keep the donkey, called Damson, even though their parents say no initially. But Damson doesn't want to stay put - she takes herself off all over the place, including to the local school, supermarket and country show. Finally, she returns home after one of her jaunts and there's a lovely surprise in store for everyone....Read on.

Red Robin Books have 5 books to giveaway. Put DONKEY as your email header.


Super Ski Jump

Super Ski Jump from Drumond Park This unusual game makes a refreshing change and will challenge players' skills. It's easy to set up, so you can get playing quickly, and it's ideal for 2 to 4 players from 8+ upwards. The game takes place over three exciting rounds and the aim is to score the most points by doing tricks and making the perfect landing from the ski ramp. Players choose their character and playing piece, then take it in turns to jump once in each round,  The youngest player goes first . Put the character at the top of the ramp, and adjust the height of the ski ramp to one of the three different levels. Then, turn the wheel to send your character whizzing down the ramp... now the skill element comes in, as the player presses down on the lever to raise the lower part of the ramp and send your character off into the air! Watch carefully and count the points gained... and the rest of the group must keep a careful eye too!...Read on.

Drumond Park have 3 games to be won. Put SUPER as your email header.


Lavinia and the Magic Ring This is a modern-day fairy tale which is far from being like the fairy tales of old... definitely not for the squeamish as pee and poo feature liberally! Lavinia is a modern-day little match girl in Milan facing a cold and hungry Christmas. When a fairy gives gives Lavinia a ring with peculiar magic powers, Lavinia s fortunes could be changed for good... or for something definitely stinky! It's up to Lavinia to use those powers wisely...Read on.

Catnip have 3 copies to be won. Put MAGIC as your email header.

 Never Too Young

Never Too Young This inspiring book shows children that they are never too young to make an impact on their world. From Picasso, who changed the world of art forever, to Malala Yousafzai, who bravely promoted girls' education, here are 50 inspiring young people. Many are well known - Some, like Anne Frank, Pele, Louis Armstrong and Joan of Arc, and Stevie Wonder, are prominent figures, and others are lesser known. Those included come from around the world, from all eras of history and have made themselves known. They come from a variety of historical periods and backgrounds, and have made an impact in politics, sports, human rights, science and more...Read on.

Sterling have 3 books to be won. Put YOUNG as your email header.


A Therapeutic Treasure Deck of Grounding, Soothing, Coping & Regulating Cards This lovely little box of cards was developed by specialist clinical psychologist, Dr Karen Treisman, aimed at both professionals and parents, it contains 70 cards and an explanatory booklet which guides you through them. The cards use a range of techniques that can aid children (and adults) express themselves and their feelings by helping them to feel safe and create effective coping strategies for a variety of common issues such as stress, anxiety and emotional deregulation. It is suggested that you first familiarise yourself with the cards and select the most appropriate ones; they can be used in all sorts of ways from letting the child choose one themselves, integrating them in to games or using them as a teaching tool...Read on.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers have 1 box of cards to be won. Put TREASURE as your email header.

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Parents in Touch reserves the right to: change these rules at any time, change the prizes if the original prize becomes unavailable, or to withdraw the competitions without notice.

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All giveaways close 30th November 2018.


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