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Origami Ocean

Origami Ocean Friends The four sections of the book will inspire children to take a greater interest in marine life, as well as enjoying the craft activity. It starts with Along the Coastline, then In the Rock Pool, followed by Around the Reef, and finally In the Deep. Each project is graded by difficulty, with three levels, so children can build up their skills progressively; there are 35 different creatures to create. The step-by-step instructions and clear photographs, as well as helpful arrows showing you where to fold, make the projects easy to follow...Read on.

CICO Books have 5 copies to be won. Put ORIGAMI as your email header.

Word Bandit
Word Bandit from Drumond Park Be prepared for a head full of words with this fun game - your brain will be spinning! The teams take it in turns to take on the one-armed Bandit across different categories to find words, names, celebrities and more. Children will love playing with the wacky one-armed bandit, which offers a really fun element to the game. The great thing is that the game features four easy word games, giving plenty of variety and making the game good value. The game can be played in two teams of any number, or by two individuals; we found it worked well to play as teams initially, then children are happy to play on their own once they have grasped the rules. The game uses from one to four rows of random letters to either find famous people, think up words in well-known categories, find things that ‘begin with’ (such as boys’ names) or spot short words spelled out by the letters on show...Read on.

Drumond Park have 3 games to giveaway. Put BANDIT as your email header.

Absolutely Everything

Absolutely Everything! Simply wonderful! The approach really appeals to me - the authors' aim is to connect knowledge together and make world history fun and accessible. Modern teaching has a sad way of compartmentalising subjects, and teaching history as a series of discrete time periods, rather than looking at the overall picture; this book counteracts that perfectly. Fact is stranger than fiction can certainly be applied to this book which starts with the creation of planet earth and the rise of animals, and moves on to globalization, wars and global warming. Here are some of the questions the book answers. How was our universe made from a tiny speck of energy? Where did the first trees, plants, animals and humans come from? What happened to the dinosaurs? What was so miserable about medieval times?...Read on.

What on Earth Books have 3 copies to giveaway. Put EVERYTHING as your email header.

Best Sound


The Best Sound in the World Roy is a music-loving lion who lives in the city. He catches the sounds of the city and makes them into music... and at the same time, he tries to avoid Jemmy the lemur, who tries to help. Eventually, thinking his music isn't good enough, Roy sets off on a magical world-wide journey to find the best sound of all. In this wonderful journey, he visits the sea, deserts and mountains, but despite the variety, no sound is perfect. After all his journeying, with a surprise companion, it turns out that Jemmy can help after all. Wonderful illustrations are full of entrancing detail and repay plenty of attention...Read on.

First Editions have 2 copies to giveaway. Put SOUND as your email header.

Whos Not in School

Wrong Adventure

Who's Not in School Who's Not in School is the first of two books by Ross Mountney, a former home educator. This book follows Harry for a week, he is the youngest child in a family who are home educated. Harry spends his days going on adventures; sometimes behind the sofa, sometimes in the supermarket and sometimes he likes to do experiments like his older brother and sister do, but he ends up filling the toilet with bricks.  Harry plays with other children from the home educating groups that they meet up with and we learn that he doesn't just have his adventures during the week, he has them at the weekends too!...Read on.

The Wrong Adventure We join Harry and his family again for another story from Ross Mountney, who is a former home educator. Harry loves to explore the world and he is inspired to dig an escape tunnel after learning about them with his older siblings. He digs a tunnel which goes right under the fence and comes out in the garden next door! After he thinks that he is lost next door, he gets a bit upset and decides that he was on the wrong adventure and is very glad to finally see his Dad...Read on.

Eyrie Press have one set of these 2 books to giveaway. Put SCHOOL as your email header.

Minecraft Build a Theme Park

Minecraft Stem Challenge: Build a Theme Park There's lots of emphasis in schools on STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Here's a brilliant way to build children's enthusiasm for these key subjects by utilising their interest in Minecraft. There's all they need to build their very own Minecraft theme park, including a bouncy castle, water ride, haunted house, ferris wheel, roller coaster and animal park. Once they have completed these, children are encouraged to think about the logistics of their park, including access and lighting. As they create each project, there's plenty of information about the science and technology needed to make everything work, providing a really valuable learning element to the book...Read on.

Carlton Books have 4 copies to be won. Put MINECRAFT me as your email header.

Power to the Princess

Power to the Princess Here we have 15 princesses from fairytales, brought up to date with their own very modern twist on life, perfect for the current generation. This superb and unusual anthology is illustrated with contemporary pictures by Julia Bereciartu. What is a princess? Read these stories and you will learn that a princess is many things - someone who helps others, a person open to new ideas, someone who helps others and more besides. Meet today's Cinderella, Snow White, Thumbelina and more. The stories focus on issues including self-image, confidence, LGBTQ, friendship, advocacy and disability...Read on.

Quarto have 3 copies to be won. Put POWER as your email header.


Toppsta Reading Record

Toppsta Reading Record Toppsta is the UK’s leading children’s review platform. The Toppsta Reading Record is a resource for schools, but it will be really good for home use too, and home educators will find it especially useful. The free Reading Record is a high-quality and unique 24-page reading diary, designed for sharing between school and home. It would be good to see it available in libraries.  It is hoped it will encourage more reading, as children try and hit the goals for 1, 5 and 10 books read. Remember though that reading is not a race - it's not about how many books children read, but about the pleasure they gain from those books. The Reading Record also provides a space for children to practise writing a review, helping them develop not only their writing skills but also an understanding of which books they enjoy reading and why...Read on.

Toppsta have 10 Reading Records to giveaway. Put TOPPSTA as your email header.


Lets Make Comics

Lets Make Comics This is a brilliant way to encourage writing skills, creativity and imagination. The author is both a practising cartoonist and comic book making instructor, so perfectly placed to share her expertise. The book will appeal to all ages and would be great shared as a family - make your own comic book, perhaps? 65 activities are presented by Bramble the Bear and Peanut the Turtle; each activity teaches a new skill, so the skills are learnt in small incremental steps which can be achieved easily and confidently. Humorous and informative one-page comics and exercise prompts offer easy-to-master lessons covering a range of essential skills including creating expressions, writing captions, creating original characters and producing stories...Read on.

Watson Guptill Publications have 3 copies to be won. Put COMICS as your email header.

Giveaway Rules

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Parents in Touch reserves the right to: change these rules at any time, change the prizes, or to withdraw the competitions without notice.

Please allow 30 days for receipt of prize once notified.

All giveaways close 31st October 2018.


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