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I have forgotten my password
If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password?" under SIGN IN.  

In order for us to communicate with you effectively by email please enter the following email addresses in your email address book, "safe senders" or equivalent, to ensure our emails to you are not trapped by an over enthusiastic spam filter.

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Failure to do this could lead to important information not getting to you, for example, a password reminder requested by you might be consigned to your spam/junk mail box.

I want to change the email address or password on my account with you.
After signing-in click on 'Your details' under YOUR ACCOUNT. If you are a subscriber, please do not re-register in order to change your email address - this will not give you access to the resources. You must amend the email address attached to your current account, as we cannot move the subscription details to a newly registered account. If you have any problem changing the address, please contact us.

Removal from mailing list
You may opt-out of our Newsletter mailings at any time by clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the foot of the Newsletter. Alternatively, you may choose to opt-in or opt-out of emails under 'NEWSLETTER EMAILS' here.  Please note that your request may take a few days to activate. You will no longer receive any Newsletter emails.

May I pay by credit/debit card over the phone?
Sorry, we are unable to provide this facility.

I can’t view/print the worksheets or test papers
Most downloadable documents are Adobe (.pdf) files. In order to view these you need to have Adobe Reader on your computer. This is available for FREE and you can download it from the Adobe web site by clicking here. Please ensure you are using a current version. If you have high security settings, this may cause a problem. Sometimes, your computer settings may cause pages to open in a new or minimised window, or may save worksheets directly to your hard drive - please check your downloaded files on your PC in the event of problems. 

My child cannot complete the worksheets on line. 
Our worksheets are designed to be printed and used off line. 

I am using a Mac
You can still view our documents. You might need to install viewers for MS Word (.docx) or Adobe (.pdf) files as explained above.

How many worksheets and test papers do you have?
There are over 7500 worksheets and links to other resources available. If you have questions about the resources available, please contact us prior to subscribing. 

Do you provide answers to the question papers?
We endeavour to provide answers to most worksheet questions where appropriate and to the test and exam papers written by us, with the exception of a few of the English papers, particularly comprehension, where the answers are subjective. We do not see the necessity of providing answers to very basic worksheets.

Answers to SATS/ICGSE/GCSE papers are contained in the Mark Schemes/Teacher's guides which can be found through the Worksheet Finder. Other answers are generally found at the end of each worksheet. Where links are provided to other sites, or papers included from schools and publishers, we cannot guarantee that answers are available.

How do I find work at the correct level or for a specific year group?
All children work at different levels and you, as their parent, are the best judge of the suitable work for your child. Many of our worksheets are marked with the appropriate school year. We also have a series of Year Group pages which include a selection of resources. Once you have ascertained from these the level at which your child is working, you can select appropriate worksheets using the Worksheet Finder and the key stage required. The backgrounds of the page thumbnails show the key stage - yellow FS, orange KS1, green KS2, grey KS3.  All our pages on science, history, geography, RE and citizenship are arranged by year group.

About us

Sarah Brew

Sarah has a qualification as Clerk to Governors and is Clerk to the governing bodies of several local schools. This role ensures she has extensive knowledge of current educational developments and the issues faced by schools.

Sarah is a Chartered Librarian, with many years experience of working in academic and school libraries. Her experience includes working in schools and colleges in London, and she was Librarian at a leading public school. Her recent experience as Librarian in a Preparatory school has given her a good insight into encouraging children to develop a love for reading. She has also taught ICT and held the post of Registrar.

As a trained indexer, Sarah has undertaken work for, among others, the National Childrens' Bureau. She has also worked with focus groups for leading educational publishers and worked as a consultant for a market research and information handling company. This has been combined with raising a family.

Additionally, we use the services of experienced subject teachers to assist with website content.

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