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Science is an absorbing subject which can be fascinating and exciting for children. It can also be a hard subject to understand, so we have put together a selection of worksheets to give you an overview of the way you can support your child's learning in this essential subject. Many of the worksheets offer the opportunity to do hands-on learning at home - the best way to help children understand scientific concepts.
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Want some general help with science for key stages 1 and 2?  The best place to start is our Science eBook. For just £1.99 (or free when you take out a 3 year parent subscription by 31 December 2016), you can:

  • find the whole Programme of Study for KS1 and KS2 science
  • support the science curriculum
  • get ideas to help your child learn scientific concepts at home in everyday situations
  • encourage observation of our world 
  • enjoy the experiments, fact sheets and quizzes which support KS1 and 2 learning.

topic on water

Topics are an excellent way to stimulate your child's interest, and to encourage them to do research. They can be tackled by any age group - just tailor the material to the needs and interests of your child.

  • Topic on Food will encourage children to think about what they eat.
  • Topic on Flowers will encourage observation of the world around us.
  • Topic on Water is full of fascinating facts about this essential commodity.
  • Topic on Habitats will support learning about habitats which are studied in KS1 and KS2. To see our topics on a wide range of subjects, go to the Worksheet Finder and search under Topics.

Help Your Child at Home with Science is filled with practical ideas to use at home, which will explain key scientific concepts.

Topic on spring
Children in Foundation Stage learn about science as part of topic work.
KS1 We have many worksheets on the science curriculum for KS1 and KS2  so you can support and anticipate your child's learning at every stage. Children can learn about day and night with
KS2 There are lots of resources to be found through the Worksheet Finder and these will help to support science teaching at home. 
KS3 Gain an overview of the science for Year 7 in A Snapshot of Science Topics for Year 7.

Science at home There are so many opportunities to enjoy science at home, without needing special equipment.


Quizzes are enjoyable for everyone - try these at home or in the classroom. They are an excellent way of making revision fun and cam show up areas where a little extra help is needed.


Famous scientists The National Curriculum requires children to learn about famous scientists - it is fascinating to explore the lives of those people who have had such an impact on our world and the way we live.

Help Your Kids With Science See Inside Science Utterly Amazing Science Science Revision KS2 KS3 Science Revision and Practice
 Pinball Science Ravensburger Science Prehistoric Expedition Cars and Boats Construction Gorilla Anatomy Model Electro-dough Kit

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