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Teaching and homework resources


Our Foundation Stage pages are perfect for parents who want to give their child a good start to their school life, and many of the ideas can be done with very young children - our page on Give a Head Start is packed with ideas, so as teachers, you may want to encourage parents to look at these pages. As soon as children learn to hold a pencil, they will enjoy colouring; as they mature, develop pencil control with the ideas on our handwriting page. Nursery rhymes are an essential part of growing up. All these activities will give children confidence and support the work they do in nursery or Reception. 


We are often asked by parents for help with English and our KS1 and KS2 pages are written to help with the current curriculum which places a great deal of emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar. Other popular pages include how to help with comprehension, and reading. All these pages will be useful as aids to reinforce confidence when parents help children with homework. The introductory pages are all FREE for everyone and contain useful links to other resources, so you can see the huge range of worksheets and other resources available to our subscribers.
teacher History, geography and RE are all included in our site - either go to the subject pages as shown by the links or search for your chosen subject by key stage on our Worksheet Finder - you will be amazed by the number of resources!

Support for school work


Parents often ask us how maths is taught in school today. Teaching methods change so it is important that they know what their child is being taught, and the methods you use. Explain to them that it is fun looking at all aspects of measuring around the home. Times tables are essential for all children and we have plenty of resources. Learning about Money and Telling the time are vital key skills. Fun maths papers are a great challenge for all the family. >


Many parents wonder about how to help at home with the science taught in school - use our resources to help them.  Games enjoyed at home, such as electric train sets, LEGO, jigsaws and methodsing all help to explain the basic principles children need to understand the work covered at primary school. There are plenty of practical experiments they can try at home to support learning, such as Weather Experiments 1 and Fun science experiments - chemistry.

How to support parents

These worksheets are examples from the many on the site which help parents understand teaching methods.



Parents often ask this question: "What will my child learn in this school year?" We have pages for each school year from Year 1 to Year 9 and these are really popular with parents who want to know what work their child will be covering.  The better informed parents are, the more they can help their children. Teachers of Foundation Stage children, whether in Reception classes, in nurseries, or any other Early Years setting will find a host of resources. As children reach 5 to 7 or 7 to 11 age groups they are likely to have some homework so parents need to keep up to date! Key Stage 3 students may be more self sufficient but still need parental encouragement and support, especially in Year 7, when they have new routines to manage.
Help parents to Help children at home Each month, we find it difficult to select just a few worksheets from our phenomenal range, so we would urge you to spend time browsing around Parents in Touch  We hope you enjoy the site and we know you will find our resources beneficial.

Book recommendations

Did you know that we regularly feature book recommendations of new publications for teachers from education publsihers? This month, I have highlighted some titles from Bloomsbury Education. For general reviews, see Best new books.

Time to Discover Maths Lesson Planning for Primary School Teachers Raising Boys' Achievement How to be a Snappy Speller
My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things Usborne Children's Encyclopedia Oxford Children's Rhyming Dictionary Oxford Children's Thesaurus

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Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month - we have a bumper set of books for you, as well as geometry sets from Helix and Pickin' Chickens game from Drumond Park.
Find out more about favourite authors with books about Beatrix Potter and Roald Dahl.
Craft lovers will enjoy the four Get Crafty books.
Young readers will enjoy Ready Steady Mo!, How To Hide a Lion at School and Choose Your Own Journey.
For older readers, we have Timmy Failure, Dork Diaries and Superfairies books.
Finally, a journey of discovery in The Adventures of Earth.

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