Leaflet 2010

Parents in Touch is an educational website which complements the work of schools by providing parents with additional guidance and support for children throughout their schooling. Many parents have commented on how useful the site is to them in explaining how schools work, how subjects are taught and the ways in which they, as parents, can support the work done in schools. As a result, many schools request copies of the leaflet illustrated below to distribute to their parents. If you would like to support your parents in this way, please email us with the number of leaflets you require, and the full postal address of your school. Offer closes 31 March 2010. Update January 2011 - we still have a limited number of leaflets available.

Parents in Touch leaflet 2009 - front Parents in Touch leaflet - back

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Read what teachers have said about Parents in Touch:

"Last year we distributed leaflets to parents at our two Induction Evenings. We would love to do this again, as parents found them very beneficial." K.H.,Bolton.

“Many of our teachers find your website an excellent resource and refer parents to it regularly.” G.R. Deputy Headteacher

"Your site looks really useful to parents." L.Y. Headteacher, Leicester. 

"I have recently become parent support advisor at........... School and i think the web site is great."J.S.

"I am sure my parents would be interested in subscribing to the site as they are very supporting and commited to their children's education." B.T., Headteacher, Staffordshire.


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