Looking for Comprehension Activities?

We find many parents are looking for help with comprehension with a view to improving their child's abilities. This is good because it is definitely one of those subjects that get better with practice.
Comprehension is about understanding what is read. What you can do, as a parent, is to encourage reading and pose questions about what is written. This actually makes reading more enjoyable for your child. The guidance we offer will directly support the work their teacher will do in school.
Comprehension is a capability that will be continually developed throughout school. Having the skill will enhance the ability to absorb information and reason on any other subjects. So giving attention to it will bring increasing rewards later. Good comprehension contributes to improved reading and spelling. It is also true the other way round: attention to reading and spelling contributes to deeper understanding.
On the page Comprehension - worksheets you will find guidance on which worksheets will be at the right level for your individual child at Key Stage 1 and 2.
You will find useful examples of how to help your child on the page: Teaching Comprehension
Comprehension worksheets KS3 highlights our resources designed for 11 to 14 year olds.

Use our Worksheet Finder

As well as these resources, use our Worksheet Finder to identify all the appropriate worksheets available at each key stage or age range. We have identified that parents most often search for help with comprehension when their child is at key stage 2. This indicates that parents are most concerned about primary reading comprehension between the ages of 7 and 11. In response, we have produced a range of over a hundred worksheets for KS2 comprehension. 
You will note as you use the Worksheet Finder you can look for worksheets for other areas within the subject English such as:
  • reading
  • spelling
  • grammar.

(While on the topic of reading may we encourage you to use the Best New Books section of the site to identify books your child will find enjoyable to read. Every week you will find reviews of new books just published. 

By all means make learning fun as you use our comprehension activities to help your child develop their reading skills.

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