How to help your child with probability KS2

How to help your child with probability KS2

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Maths 7-11 years

Some typical maths topics explained for KS2 (Key Stage 2) Maths.

Explaining numbers to children
It is important that pupils have a clear understanding of numbers and how to use them.  Younger children start establishing  a clear understanding of units then they gradually  progress to Tens. Visual aids such as conkers, beads, blocks or sometimes fingers can help establish the number concept

As our number system is worked in BASE 10 each number has a place value. This means that its value depends on its position. In arithmetic the positions or columns are given names. This shows for example the number 965.

Th H T U
(Thousands) (Hundreds) (Tens) (Units)
  9 6 5
When you move from one column to the next starting with the units each number becomes 10 times larger. 
For the number 9 6 5 we have: 
U = 5 units
T = 6 groups of 10 = 60
H = 9 groups of 100 = 900

In these number examples the figures underlined have the following values:
  3789     3 is 3000 (three thousand)
40327 40 is 40000 (forty thousand)
65891 8 is 800 (eight hundred)

An even number is a number which can be exactly divided by 2  e.g 2  4  6  8  10.

All other numbers are odd numbers e.g 1  3  5  7  9  11.

A prime number is a number which can only be divided exactly by itself and by one. All prime numbers are odd numbers apart from 2. 1 is not a prime number 5  7  11  13  29 and 53 are examples of prime numbers.

Square numbers are numbers whose dots can be arranged in the shape of a square. e.g. 16

The names of 3D shapes will be learnt.
Here are the names of the angles.

Have fun with Numbers and Maths

It is important that Maths is as much fun as possible so incidental learning with games and puzzles can reinforce all learning.
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