Maths revision help

Maths revision help

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Maths - KS3 and KS4

It is always easier for pupils to comprehend the new principles taught in KS3 and KS4 maths if they have a solid foundation of the four rules and the other  concepts. Additional resources for KS3 and KS4 can be found under the specific topics on the right hand menu and also on the Worksheet Finder. This page includes papers to help pupils with revision at Key Stage 3. There are test papers, papers on ratio and scale, symmetry, percentages, algebra, formulae, nets, indices, GCSE revision papers, sequences and mixed papers. Work through the papers which cover the area of maths where pupils need revision. Students should be encouraged to ask someone to discuss with them any worries that they may have... maths teachers will want their pupils do as well as possible too!

For guidance on teaching methods and how maths is taught in schools, please see the menu on the right.

Revision for KS3 maths
Ratio and scale for KS3
Questions on symmetry for Year 7
Maths revision help
Directed (negative) numbers
Problems for KS3
Year 8 optional mental maths
Maths revision topics for KS 3
Revision paper for KS3 maths
Revision paper in maths for key stage 3
Year 8 maths revision
Thoughts on revision for KS3
Improve your level at KS3 maths
Percentages for KS3
Mental arithmetic for KS3
Revision questions for KS3
Negative and fractional powers
Algebra for Year 8
Algebra revision
Worksheets on nets
Formulae explained
Revision for KS3 maths
Algebraic fractions for year 8
Brackets and simplifying for year 8
Rules of Indices
Revision for KS3 SATS maths
Revision of index notation
Frequency for KS3
Questions for year 7 maths
A dictionary of mathematics
Area teaching ideas for KS3
Maths GCSE paper 3 - practice questions
GCSE revision algebra
Questions on angles for KS3
Functional maths project
Sequences and the nth term 1
nth term 1
Sequences and the nth term 2
12 and 24 hours timetables
Algebra for KS3 and 4
Ratio and proportion
Handling data
Revise and reinforce - Pythagoras' theorem
Polygons KS3
Year 7 revision questions and answers
KS3 practical maths
How to help with coordinate representation
Worksheet coordinate representation
How to help with symbols & formulae
Worksheet using symbols and formulae
How to use geometric instruments
Proportion paper 1
Proportion worksheet for Year 7
How to help with number patterns KS3
Worksheet number patterns
KS3 maths paper on algebra
Tables, scales and graphs exercises
Stopping distances
Number rounding and significant figures
Tide tables - maths questions
Questions on graphing
Algebraic expressions
Measurement exercises 1
Year 8 maths to help revise
Probability KS3
Summary of reflection, rotation and translation
Problems for KS3 no 2
Percentages 2
Convert these decimals for Year 7
Congruence and similarity
Averages 2
Practice for KS3 maths
Maths suggestions for Year 7
KS3 maths interpreting data
KS3 maths challenge 1
KS3 maths challenge 2
Tricky numbers
Puzzling maths
Kenduko puzzle
KS3 maths and ideas
KS3 maths find your way
Practise these questions KS3
KS3 number worksheet
KS3 algebra worksheet
KS3 maths for Year 7
Order of operations
KS3 probability and statistics worksheet
KS3 geometry and measures
Uses of area in everyday life
KS3 maths problems
Maths for summer
KS3 handling data
KS3 number
KS3 handling data 2
Calculate the answers KS3
Significant figures KS3
Fractions KS3
Maths for 12 year olds
Maths thoughts KS3
Fractions and percentages KS3
KS3 tally graphs
Revision and practice angles Year 7
Revision and practice angles Year 8
Revision and practice angles Year 9
KS3 revision questions
Find the mystery numbers
KS3 maths puzzles
Practice questions KS3
KS3 maths test
Help with revision KS3
Improve your maths KS3
KS3 problem solving
Ratio KS3
Holiday maths KS3
Mixed maths KS3
Negative numbers KS3
Count and order KS3
Help your child with algebra
Number work KS3
Calculate the answers KS3 no 2
Maths questions for Year 7




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