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These worksheets are for children to enjoy maths and for families to challenge each other by seeing who can find the answers first. All this consolidates all aspects of maths and mathematical thinking. You will find that working with these worksheets does help children enjoy maths; they help to encourage pupils to concentrate better, help each other and hence the learning is consolidated and improved.

For guidance on teaching methods and how maths is taught in schools, please see the menu on the right. 

Fun maths paper for KS1
Fun maths for KS1 no 2
KS1 revision and fun page
Maths fun for year 4
Maths fun for year 3
Magic circles
Maths challenge
Fun maths for KS2
Maths puzzles and problems-years 5&6
Maths game for Year 6
Fun maths for year 3
Fun maths for year 4
Fun maths questions for year 5
Fun maths for year 6
Maths puzzles
Maths fun
Fun maths for all the family
Fun maths
Maths games for 7 to 11 year olds
Fun maths 17
Maths quiz with answers
Fun maths for the family to enjoy
Maths games for children in KS1
Puzzles for KS2


Santa's list of children by town
What number is the fairy hiding?
What number is the fairy hiding 2?
Santa's elves maths KS2
Have fun with these questions 2
KS3 maths fun time paper 1
KS3 maths fun time paper 2
KS3 maths fun time paper 3



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