Maths - measuring

The teaching of measuring includes length, capacity, weight and scale. This work is introduced practically and then formally.

For guidance on teaching methods and how maths is taught in schools, please see the menu on the right. 


There are worksheets here on length, capacity, cubic centimetres, weight  and scale. Introduce these concepts to your child by physically measuring the length of their bed, a book etc. Capacity can be experienced in a practical manner playing with water and using a measuring jug. Have fun together doing this. 

FS worksheet on measuring
Teaching length
Teaching weight
Learn to measure
Weighing KS1
Measuring KS1
Introducing cubic centimetres
How long?
Help your child at home with measuring
Add these weights
Capacity worksheet
Weight worksheet
Scales - part 1
Scales - part 2
Circle the longer or shorter
Conversion worksheet on measuring
Maps and plans worksheets
Weights in the kitchen
Worksheets on measuring
KS2 problems on weight



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