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This page illustrates various topics covered in more depth on the specific concept pages. It could be used for individual pupils who might need extension work. It sometimes is a good idea to reinforce earlier concepts and also to challenge more able pupils with more advanced work.

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Maths revision papers can be found on the Maths papers page.

Key stages 1 and 2

It is important to consolidate the work at this stage. This means that maths work later on will be easier and children have a solid foundation upon which to build.
Maths ideas for using at home
Numbers and sums
Revision ideas for ks1 maths
Assorted questions for KS1
Key stage 1 Maths revision topics
Key stage 1 Maths revision paper
Practical ideas to make maths fun
Maths for Year 1 and 2
Have fun together with maths
Ideas for number for Year 2
Graph work for years 1 and 2
Maths thinking for Year 4
Revision problems KS2 maths
KS2 maths paper B
Revision maths Year 6
Maths SATS questions & explanations
Sample KS2 maths paper for revision
Year 3 maths revision and test
Decimal Fun
Definition of prime numbers and sequencing
Multiples and factors
Definition of prime numbers with practice
Year 3 maths

Different maths ideas for Year 3


Key stages 3 and 4

We have provided work for pupils at this stage which will be useful for personal revision. There are questions at all stage of learning to be used as preparation for examinations.
Maths revision help
Directed (negative) numbers
Problems for KS3
Year 8 optional mental maths
Maths revision topics for KS 3
Revision paper for KS3 maths
Revision paper in maths for key stage 3
Year 8 maths revision
Thoughts on revision for KS3
Improve your level at KS3 maths
Percentages for KS3
Mental arithmetic for KS3
Revision questions for KS3
Negative and fractional powers
Algebra for Year 8
Algebra revision
Worksheets on nets
Formulae explained
Algebraic fractions for year 8
Brackets and simplifying for year 8
Rules of Indices
Revision for KS3 SATS maths
Revision of index notation
Frequency for KS3
Questions for year 7 maths
A dictionary of mathematics
Area teaching ideas for KS3
Maths GCSE paper 3 - practice questions
GCSE revision algebra
Questions on angles for KS3
Functional maths project
Sequences and the nth term 1
nth term 1
Sequences and the nth term 2



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