Chart for help with maths revision

Chart for help with maths revision

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Maths - revision papers

Foundation Stage

Much of the learning at this stage should be enjoyed  together in a group or with an adult. This gives children confidence and reassurance. It is enjoyable and useful to work with blocks, counters, shells etc so that children have a visual image and this helps reinforce the understanding. Enjoy sharing this together.

Foundation Stage number and shape book
FS maths
Reception maths paper
Revision paper for FS maths
Games to play with your children
Number sheets

Key stage 1

Children love to learn and are especially happy if an adult sits with them and they work together. Maths can be fun!  Also encourage your child to work on their own although a word of encouragement helps a great deal. It is good to work together and watch your child improve and learn.

Revision questions for KS1
Key stage 1 Maths revision topics
Key stage 1 Maths revision paper
KS1 maths revision paper
Maths at KS1
Revision questions for KS1 maths 2
Maths for year 1
Revision maths paper KS1
Key stage 1 maths
Revision of numeracy 2
Maths paper for entry to pre-prep
Maths paper for entry to Prep school at 7
KS1 maths revision paper
Year 1 maths
Revision ideas for ks1 maths
Fun maths questions for KS 1
Revision and guidance for KS1 maths SATS
Sample maths questions at KS1
Revision maths paper for KS1
KS1 maths revision for Year 2
Revision & guidance for KS1 maths SATS 2
KS1 maths tasks for the more able
Mental maths 1
Revision questions for KS1 maths 2
KS1 maths topics 2
Ideas for revision for KS1
Maths questions for KS1
Maths revision paper for KS1
Maths for 5 to 6 year olds
Test your maths for 5 to 6 year olds
KS1 assorted questions for maths
Maths for Year 2 revision
Maths for 5 to 6 year olds thoughts
Maths for KS1
Year 2 general maths paper
Maths revision for SATS KS1
KS1 maths SATS revision questions
KS1 maths revision sheet
KS1 maths revision for parents to use
Question paper on maths Year 2
Maths paper for Year 1 and 2
Year 1 everyday maths paper
Revision for Year 2
KS1 maths paper
Maths test for Year 1

Four rules of number worksheets

These pages are very good for quick sessions on revision.

See the Worksheet Finder for many more.

Revision addition for KS1
Revision of subtracting for KS1
Revision multiplication for KS1
Division revision worksheet
Paper with questions on number for Level 3-6
Number topics from levels 3 to 8

KS1 maths revision papers in SATS format and SATS papers

It is always a great idea to revise with your child at this age...but make it using visual aids which will help your child remember better. Please be careful not to worry your child but treat the exercise as a game. Spend time together in this way and your child will improve their learning.

Please see our SATS papers page for all the papers available.

Key stage 1 maths
SATS type maths KS1
Maths key stage 1 paper 1 with answers
KS1 maths level 2
Maths KS1 Level 3 children's booklet
Key stage 1 maths SATS revision paper

Revision for KS2

Confidence is the key to success so be enthusiastic when working with your child and be sure to offer plenty of praise. They need to work quite quickly so build up to this by woring in short sessions, then increasing the length of the sessions and amount to achieve as they become more confident.

Try these questions KS2
Year 6 maths test paper
Reinforce maths for KS2
Maths questions for Year 5
Maths at 7 -Year 3
Maths at 8 years old
Maths revision for KS 2
KS2 maths paper
Key stage 2 Maths
Key stage 2 Maths revision paper 2
Maths revision for Year 4
Maths revision for Year 5
KS2 maths paper 3
Maths revision help
Year 5 maths paper
Maths revision -year 3
General maths test paper for KS2
Year 6 maths revision paper 1
Revision maths Year 6
Year 4 maths revision and test
Maths topics for revision KS2
Key stage 2 Maths revision paper 2
Revision problems KS2 maths
KS2 maths paper A
Key stage 2 maths test paper
Year 6 maths revision 2
Sample KS2 maths paper for revision
Maths paper for seven to eight year olds
Maths paper for 9 to 10 year olds
Progress in maths 11
Year 3 maths for practice
Year 3 maths for practice
Test on number facts
Revision questions for KS2
Maths revision for KS2
Revise maths skills for Year 3
Revision paper for Year 5 on numeracy
SATS revision paper for Year 6
Revision of maths skills for KS2
Multi choice maths questions for KS2
Thoughts on maths for Year 4
KS2 varied questions for maths
Year 5 or 6 maths test paper
Maths for Year 5 practice
Maths revision KS2
KS2 maths practice paper
Maths revision KS2 no 2
Assorted maths questions KS2
Maths test KS2
KS2 revision strategies
Year 6 maths
Maths revision paper KS2
Tick box maths test Year 6

Papers based on Optional SATS Years 3-5

It is an exercise in confidence when you work together through these papers so spend the time together and make sure that your child enjoys it but understands the concepts. Children do need the support of adults and will enjoy it when they arrive at the correct answers.

Other maths tests links

Year 3 maths revision and test
Maths optional-type Year 3
Maths optional-type Year 4
Year 4 optional maths paper 4a
Year 5 maths optional paper 3
Optional-type maths for Year 3 - 2
Year 4 optional maths paper x
Year 5 optional-type maths paper 2
Revision & guidance Year 4 optional maths
Year 4 optional-type maths paper 2
KS2 optional maths tasks for the more able
Maths paper key stage 2
Maths revision for KS 2
Year 4 optional maths paper
Multi choice maths paper for 11 year olds

Papers based on KS2 SATS

Here are some SATS  papers which are useful to work through with your child. They do need to understand the layout of the paper and to learn to work to time. Try not to rush children but ensure that they work continuously and have an understanding of the timings of the papers.

Please see our SATS papers page for all the papers available.

Key stage 2 sample maths questions 1
KS2 maths calculator paper
Maths paper SATS
SATS maths questions at KS2
Maths SATS questions & explanations
Key stage 2 mental maths 2
Maths KS2 paper 4
KS2 mental maths
Revision and guidance for key stage 2 maths
KS2 maths paper B
KS2 maths paper A
Mathematics revision for Year 6

11+ and Common Entrance papers

These papers are useful for revision at any time. Children will approach the papers with more confidence if they have seen something similar before.  Be aware of the need to work to time and do not over-burden children.

Also useful for general Year 6 and SATS revision.
Please see the 11+ page for more papers.

11+ maths traditional 1
11+ Maths multichoice 1
11+ maths traditional 2
11+ maths traditional 3
Maths paper for 11 years old- multichoice
11+ Maths multichoice Paper 4
Maths paper 2005
Maths paper A 05
Maths revision help
Maths paper for CE at 11a
Maths paper A for CE at 11
Maths CE/11+ paper 2
Maths CE at 11 paper 1
Maths paper at 11 (3)
Maths paper 2005

Key stage 3

These test papers cover all the aspects of maths which your child will have worked through in school. Quick revision sessions at home will reinforce this learning and with more time explanations can be easier to give than in a classroom.

Please see our SATS papers page for all the papers available.

Other maths tests links

KS3 maths paper
KS3 maths revision paper
Maths revision topics for KS 3
Revision paper in maths for key stage 3
Year 8 maths revision
Revision paper for KS3 maths
Key stage 3 revision maths
Questions for year 7 maths
Maths revision for KS3 no 2
Revision paper for KS3
Revision questions for KS3
General maths paper for Year 7
Revision for KS3 SATS maths
KS3 maths paper on algebra
Revise with these questions KS3
Useful revision questions KS3
Thoughts on revision for KS3
Revision test KS3 maths
KS3 maths 4 - 6
KS3 maths revision paper 2
Practice paper 2 level 6 to 8 calculator
Practice paper 1 level 5 to 7 non-calculator
Practice paper 2 level 5 to 7 calculator
Year 8 maths paper on number
General maths for Year 7
Further maths for Year 8
Foundation GCSE maths for Year 8
Maths paper for Year 7
Maths revision paper for KS3
An assorted maths paper for Year 7
KS3 examination questions for revision 1
KS3 back to work paper 1
KS3 back to work paper 2
KS3 back to work paper 3
Maths for KS3 revision
Revise your maths for KS3
Higher KS3 to GCSE worksheet
KS3 to GCSE worksheet
KS3 maths revision
Maths KS3 thoughts
Revision ideas KS3
Maths KS3 revision
KS3 maths revision 2
KS3 maths test paper
KS3 mixed paper
Revision exercises KS3

Key stage 4/GCSE

Please search under KS4 in the Worksheet Finder for more maths and links including GCSE.

Pupils at this age will mainly work on their own but there are times when it is good to suggest that you will help. You may find that they are willing to allow you to help. It is always beneficial to take an interest in any work which your children do at home.

GCSE maths 2007
GCSE intermediate tier maths 1
Maths GCSE Foundation Tier 1
Maths GCSE Foundation Tier 2
Maths GCSE Intermediate Tier 2
Maths GCSE Intermediate Tier 3
Maths GCSE paper 3 - practice questions
Knowledge of GCSE maths
GCSE questions

Common Entrance at 13

Here are some papers which cover the syllabus for these examinations. It is advisable to work in a quiet part of the house and to encourage teenagers to ask you to test their revision. Confidence is the key to success.
Maths CE at 13
13 maths Common Entrance
Common entrance maths at 13
13+ Maths CE paper 4

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