Maths - shape

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Foundation stage

The papers in Foundation Stage aid children to enjoy drawing squares, circles, triangles and other shapes. This can be followed up by children enjoying playing with building blocks  to form shapes, for instance a square castle with triangular turrets. Playing together with children in this way reinforces learning.
Foundation Stage number and shape book
Colour these shapes
Exploring shape and colour for FS
The name of shapes
Sort out these octagons
Shapes for FS

Key stage 1

Encourage children in Key Stage 1 to learn the names of the shapes by playing and forming castles and towns etc. They will gradually be taught the names of 3D shapes.

Revision of shape for KS1
Introduction to 3D shapes
Shapes with name,figure and description
Circle the shape which comes next
Matching patterns and shape
Shape topic KS1
Learn about shapes
Do you know your shapes?
2D shapes explained
Learn about shapes
Turns KS1
Help your child with turns
Shapes KS1

Key stage 2

Types of triangles, nets and the properties of 3D shapes are worked through in Key Stage 2
Types of triangle
Pythagoras' theroem
KS 2 Name these 3D shapes
Properties of 3D shapes
Shapes and nets of shapes
Properties of 3D shapes 2
Properties of 3D shapes 3
Platonic shapes
Angles and obtuse angles
Properties of triangles
Solid shapes worksheets
Worksheets on area
Worksheets on angles
Worksheets on area 2
Worksheets on area - shapes
Worksheets on triangles
Worksheet on lines
Coordinates translation
Help your child with enlargement 1
Help your child with enlargement 2
Worksheet enlargement 1
Worksheet enlargement 2
Worksheet transformations
How to help your child with transformations
The Pythagorean Theorem
Polygons KS2
Fractions of shapes

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