Maths - times tables

It is very beneficial for children to learn their tables as soon as possible.This can be done by learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and progressing from there. 

For guidance on teaching methods and how maths is taught in schools, please see the menu on the right. 


It is always worth ensuring that your child knows and understands their tables. Make good use of time together such as car journeys with questions like; " There are two sets of traffic lights with 3 lights on each who can tell me what 3 x2 equals?" Try games like this as they are fun and this incidental learning is a great way to reinforce learning.
1, 2 & 3 Times Tables
4, 5 & 6 Times Tables
Teaching 7, 8, 9 and 10 times tables
Pairs and doubles
2 times table
3 times tables
4 times table
Try these questions and test your tables
Enjoy these tables KS1
Ideas to Help Teach Times Tables
5 times table
6 times table
7 times table
8 times table
9 times table
10 times table
11 times table
12 times
Multiplication square
2,3,5 and 10 times tables
Jumbled times tables
Learn your times tables



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