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For guidance on teaching methods and how maths is taught in schools, please see the menu on the right. Links to most of the papers below will be active only if you are logged in as a subscriber to Parents in Touch (i.e. not if you are a guest or registered user). We have carefully arranged the papers on this page in the order that they will be taught in school,  starting with writing numbers, understanding the concept of number and on to the beginning of addition.

Introduction to number work


Counting Frogs
Ball counting
The Very Hungry Caterpillar worksheet
Tower building
Longer or shorter
Biggest and smallest
Number topic for foundation stage
Length worksheet for FS
An example of maths ideas for FS
Practice in writing numbers
Write over numbers; colour pictures
FS maths
Foundation Stage number and shape book
FS worksheet on measuring
Maths ideas for FS
Numbers 1 to 4
How to help with Foundation stage maths
Number work 3 - 5
Foundation stage maths ideas
FS maths
Fun for foundation stage topic
Counting 1 to 10
Exploring shape and colour for FS
Foundation maths
Measuring height
Writing numbers
Beginning to count
Number sheets
Sale in the toy shop
Revision of numeracy 2
Practical ideas to make maths fun
Fun maths ideas Years 1 and 2
Maths at KS1
Number sequencing
Games with dice

Number posters 1-5

Learn to count 1
Learn to count 2
Learn to count 3
Learn to count 4
Learn to count 5

This work would usually be done in Early Years and continued in Reception. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division papers are arranged in the order in which they would be taught. It can be useful to parents to find a stage in the processes which have been taught to your child in school and start again at a slightly easier paper to increase confidence. There are pages on Parents in Touch to help parents understand how the four rules of number are taught in school. This page also covers all other aspect of maths- weight. length, money, geometry, algebra up to areas covered in the GSCE syllabus. You will find SATs papers, and other maths examination papers on the site for revision and support. We hope that this is useful to you.


How addition is taught in school

Worksheet 1 addition tell a story
Worksheet 2 addition tell a story
Worksheet 3 addition tell a story
Addition using a number line
Addition using a number line 2
Horizontal addition 1
Horizontal addition 2
Horizontal addition 3
Horizontal addition 4
Horizontal addition learning to add
Adding with counters 1
Adding with counters 2
Adding with counters 3
Horizontal addition 5
Vertical addition set 2 1
Vertical addition 1-4
Vertical addition set 2 2
Vertical addition set 2 3
Vertical addition set 2 4
Vertical addition 2
Vertical addition 3
Vertical addition 4
Vertical addition 5
Tens and units 2 2
Tens and units 2 3
Tens and units 2 4
Adding multiples of 5
Rabbit counting

Tens and units 4

Tens and units 5
Number bonds


How subtraction is taught in school

Subtraction with pictures 2
Subtraction worksheet 4
Horizontal subtraction
Horizontal subtraction 1
Horizontal subtraction 2
Horizontal subtraction 3
Horizontal subtraction 4
Horizontal subtraction 1-4
Subtraction less than 10 (1)
Subtraction less than 10 (2)
Subtraction less than 10 (3)
Subtraction less than 10 (4)
Subtraction less than 10 (5)
Vertical subtraction 1
Vertical subtraction 2
Vertical subtraction 3
Vertical subtraction 4
Vertical subtraction 5
Vertical subtraction 2 1
Vertical subtraction 2 2
Vertical subtraction 2 4
Vertical subtraction 1-4
Decomposition subtraction 1
Decomposition subtraction 2
Decomposition subtraction 3
Decomposition subtraction 4
Decomposition subtraction 1-4
Introduction to decomposition
Mixed addition & subtraction 1
Mixed addition & subtraction 2
Mixed addition & subtraction 3
Mixed addition & subtraction 4
Mixed addition & subtraction 1-4
Mixed addition and subtraction worksheet
Ways to help with mental subtraction
Mixed worksheet 2

Mixed worksheet 3

Mixed worksheet 4
Mixed worksheet 5


How to teach multiplication


Multiplication 1-4
Starting multiplication
Blank multiplication square
Table testing square
Multiplication 2
Multiplication 3
Now try these-multiplication 4
Introducing multiplication 1
Worksheet on grid multiplication
Long multiplication using partitioning
Worksheet for traditional multiplication


1, 2 & 3 Times Tables
4, 5 & 6 Times Tables
Teaching 7, 8, 9 and 10 times tables
2 times table
3 times tables
4 times table
5 times table
6 times table
7 times table
8 times table
9 times table
10 times table
11 times table
12 times
Multiplication square
2,3,5 and 10 times tables


How division is taught in school


Division sums with pictures
Division-simple division using tables
Division 2
Division by 10
Division sums with counters
Worksheet sharing and grouping-division
Division and multiplication worksheet 4
Division 3-counters
Division 1-4
Division using tables
How division is taught in school
Division sums with counters 2
Division worksheet 7 x3
Long multiplication and division
Multiplication & division problems



FS worksheet on measuring
Teaching length
Capacity worksheet
Introducing cubic centimetres
Worksheets on measuring
Teaching weight
Weight worksheet
Scales - part 1
Scales - part 2

Rules of numbers

Explaining numbers

Place value

Place value 1-tens and units
Place value 2 -numbers to 100
Place value 2 no 2
Practise 3 digit numbers
Place value 3-Counting practice
Introducing place value
Place value - introduction
Place value hundreds, tens, units
Place value 4-to millions
Place value to hundreds
Place value to 99



Introducing fractions
Shading fractions 1
Shading fractions 2
Worksheet 1 -Fractions
Worksheet 2-Fractions
Worksheet 3-Fractions
Worksheet 4 - Name these fractions
Worksheet 5- name these fractions
Worksheet 6 -Fill the boxes
Worksheet 7 -colour the squares
Worksheet 8-Fill the correct fraction
Worksheet 9-put fractions in order of size
Worksheet 10- Fraction work
Fraction questions Key stage 2
Writing a fraction
Fraction-writing a fraction 2
Change a fraction to a percentage
Percentage of amount 1
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Percentage of amount problems

Adding and subtracting fractions

Subtracting fractions
Subtracting fractions - answers
Subtracting fractions 2
Subtracting fractions 2: answers
Addition and subtraction of fractions
Addition & subtraction of fractions 2
Adding fractions with a common denominator
Adding fractions with the same denominator
Simple fractions


Arranging decimals
Position of decimal
Shading decimals 1
Shading decimals 2
Decimals - writing a decimal 1
Decimals - writing a decimal 2
Decimal worksheet with answers
Decimal addition worksheet with answers
Decimal fractions 2
Decimal fractions with answers

Data handling


Find the treasure
Pictogram of favourite colours
Two graphs Years 1 and 2
Fruit picking graph
Asking questions on graphing
Counting cars
Favourite colour graph
How parents can help with maths
Graph work for year 1 and 2
How many cars of each colour?
Carroll diagrams
Carroll diagrams 2
Venn diagrams 1
Venn diagrams 2
Comparison of graphs
Using data and statistics
Using Excel and creating graphs
Statistics and graphs

Telling the time

Here are some worksheets to help your child learn to tell the time.


Draw the time - hours
What's the time Mr Wolf?
Help your child with telling the time - FS
12 and 24 Hour Clock Questions
Time worksheet 1
Digital and Analogue Time conversion chart
Real life problems - time
Real life problems-a bus timetable
Teaching time

Time clocks with hands

Time game
Write the time
Time problems for KS2

Fun maths exercises


Maths puzzles & problems for year 1 & 2
Maths challenge
Maths fun for year 3
Maths fun for year 4
Maths puzzles and problems-years 5&6
Fun maths for year 2
Fun maths for year 3
Fun maths for year 4
Fun maths questions for year 5
Fun maths for year 6
Maths puzzles
Maths fun


Foundation stage


Foundation Stage number and shape book
Colour these shapes
Exploring shape and colour for FS
The name of shapes

Sort out these octagons

Shapes for FS

Key stage 1

Revision of shape for KS1
Introduction to 3D shapes
Shapes with name,figure and description
Circle the shape which comes next
Matching patterns and shape

Key stage 2


Types of triangle
Pythagoras' theroem
KS 2 Name these 3D shapes
Properties of 3D shapes
Shapes and nets of shapes
Properties of 3D shapes 2
Properties of 3D shapes 3
Platonic shapes
Angles and obtuse angles
Properties of triangles
Solid shapes worksheets
Worksheets on area
Worksheets on angles
Worksheets on area 2
Worksheets on area - shapes
Worksheets on triangles
Worksheet on lines



Identifying coins
Match the coin and the price
Put the pennies
Money recognition
Money questions
Adding and subtracting money
Mental maths on money
How to teach money
Money in larger amounts
Money Practice
Money with pence
Money working with coins
Sale in the toy shop
Money problems with shopping
Money worksheets

Mental arithmetic

More papers can be found in the Worksheet Finder under SATS papers.

Mental maths 1
Key stage 2 mental maths 2
Mental arithmetic
Mental maths 2
Maths game for Year 6
Mental arithmetic test 1 for KS2


Single variable equations
Algebra problems and equations
Introduction and how to teach equations
Linear and simultaneous equations
Algebra and equations 2
Equations for KS3
Solving simultaneous equations


Maths revision papers can be found on the Maths papers page.

Key stages 1 and 2


Maths ideas for using at home
Numbers and sums
Revision ideas for ks1 maths
Assorted questions for KS1
Key stage 1 Maths revision topics
Key stage 1 Maths revision paper
Practical ideas to make maths fun
Maths for Year 1 and 2
Have fun together with maths
Ideas for number for Year 2
Graph work for years 1 and 2
Maths thinking for Year 4
Revision problems KS2 maths
KS2 maths paper B
Revision maths Year 6
Maths SATS questions & explanations
Sample KS2 maths paper for revision
Year 3 maths revision and test
Decimal Fun
Definition of prime numbers and sequencing
Multiples and factors
Definition of prime numbers with practice
Year 3 maths
Different maths ideas for Year 3

Key stages 3 and 4

Maths revision help
Directed (negative) numbers
Problems for KS3
Year 8 optional mental maths
Maths revision topics for KS 3
Revision paper for KS3 maths
Revision paper in maths for key stage 3
Year 8 maths revision
Thoughts on revision for KS3
Improve your level at KS3 maths
Percentages for KS3
Mental arithmetic for KS3
Revision questions for KS3
Negative and fractional powers
Algebra for Year 8
Algebra revision
Worksheets on nets
Formulae explained
Algebraic fractions for year 8
Brackets and simplifying for year 8
Rules of Indices
Revision for KS3 SATS maths
Revision of index notation
Frequency for KS3
Questions for year 7 maths
A dictionary of mathematics
Area teaching ideas for KS3
Maths GCSE paper 3 - practice questions
GCSE revision algebra
Questions on angles for KS3
Functional maths project
Sequences and the nth term 1
nth term 1
Sequences and the nth term 2

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