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Many children will take tests and exams in the later part of the Summer Term. You will find this newsletter very helpful in building up your child's confidence and spotting any areas where some extra help will be valuable.  We know we have many home educators among our users and even if your children are not sitting formal tests, now is still an excellent time to review the year's work- please see below for some suggestions. You will also find a range of general revision and preparation tips which can be used for any subject. rewrite
tips for KS2 English SATS
Help with tests and exams You can help your child approach tests and exams with confidence and without putting on undue pressure. Take a look at the advice in the pages listed below.
maths SATS KS1 SATS type papers These papers will guide your children as to what to expect when doing a timed test, and build confidence through practice. Remember that knowing spellings, grammar, tables and the four rules of number will all help pupils approach these papers with confidence.
KS1 revision Below, you will find just a few papers from our wide range to help with revision.
maths SATS KS2
KS2 SATS type papers These papers help to extend and elaborate on the principles and formats used in actual SATS papers. Working through these together can help to improve imagination,reinforce maths and English principles and elaborate on the work done in school.


KS2 revision Below, you will find a small selection of revision pages covering topics children will study in KS2. If you use the 'Search' facility, you will find many more on all subjects.
english 2016 
SATS resources We have a wide range of different types of SATS resources on the site - this is just a sample. You will find many more by browsing on the site so do take a look. Although the format of the SATS papers frequently changes, the principles remain the same, so these papers are still valuable for revision.
KS3 revision We have a wide range of revision resources for KS3. The best way to locate them all is through the Worksheet Finder and searching on 'Revision' for your chosen subject.
KS3 revision papers These papers can be used to review learning and give indications as to any gaps in understanding. They provide very useful guidelines to both parents and teachers.
11+ and Common Entrance The entry to a new school is always a challenging time for both parents and pupils. There are so many decisions as to which type of school is best for your child. Using some of these papers will help you have an idea of the level at which your child is working.
Home educating All the resources on Parents in Touch are just as applicable to home educators as to parents of children in formal school. You will find our pages on 'How to help your child with...' especially helpful.
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