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Dear [NAME]
Many children will be preparing for examinations and tests during the next term. To help your child with revision you will find many relevant worksheets, exercises and sample test papers at all levels on the site. As a guide, we have included in this newsletter references to papers which will consolidate revision and act as a refresher for topics which often appear in some form in test papers.

We hope that as summer approaches you will be able to enjoy some outdoor activities and excursions which can be great educational experiences. Have a great term.

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KS1 English Writing in sentences comes easily to some children but all children need to perfect this and to use adverbs and adjectives to improve their writing. Reading and books help to increase imagination and vocabulary which are needed as children learn to describe and write stories.
KS2 English  Increasing vocabulary and perfecting grammar and punctuation is necessary to ensure that children read with understanding and write fluently.


KS3 English In examinations pupils are working against the clock so strategies for doing comprehension, writing stories and thinking quickly are needed. There are many papers to help practise these on the site.
KS1 maths Many children in KS1 are really enthusiastic about working quickly and accurately. These are good skills for all children. Try the papers below with your child and see if they are quick but also accurate.
KS2 maths Some children find maths easy but many need help with working at speed but without losing accuracy. We have included these papers to help with this and there are many more on the site.
KS3 maths In most examination papers you will find questions on probability,negative numbers and equations. I hope these papers help with revision.
Science Science is fun and pupils enjoy learning about  topics such as floating, movement, space and the world around them. Make sure that your children understand the principles and the reasons behind what is happening!
Foundation Stage These children are nearing the end of their first year in school and will soon meet their Year 1 teachers. Use the papers here to revise the understanding behind the science, their knowledge of counting and numbers and understanding of the world around them with worksheets such as farm animals
Spelling Everyone needs to be able to spell so ensure that your children know where and when to use words. This will be useful in every subject that they study.
Phonics Phonics help children approach a new word with confidence and understanding. Try the words with your child and help them reinforce their learning.
lesson plan
Lesson Plans It is always useful to have a spare lesson plan in your file. It is also a great idea to start planning before the holidays so that you can enjoy them!
Topics Here are a collection of topics which you might like to work on with your children during the holidays. Researching, compiling facts and knowledge about other places is fun and interesting for children and adults.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. One lucky winner will receive a family ticket to Madame Tussauds Blackpool. We have some super fiction for 7-11 year olds, with Aldo Moon and the Ghost of Gravewood Hall, The Diamond Thief and Three Pickled Herrings. Toddlers will love the I Can Do It series. There are also some excellent DVDs - Sooty, Woolly and Tig and Justin Fletcher. For those who enjoy non fiction, there's an interesting look at World War II.
   Madame Tussauds Blackpool 

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. 

Esme's Egg   Mental Arithmetic Unforgettable French  The Wild Weather Book 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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