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Dear [NAME]
We are looking forward to some sunshine in August as there are so many exciting visits to be enjoyed with the children. Young ones all need a break from the routine of school and some freedom to enjoy life outside without too many routines.

This month we have done things a little differently by writing the newsletter topics as if speaking direct to your children, so please share these with your child and enjoy the suggestions together. (Let us know if you like this approach: send a message.)

Many children will enjoy compiling a topic, maybe about their holiday, home, history or geography with photos, leaflets and drawings. If you are cooking, encourage your child to help with measuring, timings or even the stirring. This all aids learning!

We know that there will be some children starting school or looking forward to new schools and we have ideas to help them. It is a good idea to ensure that on days when the weather is inclement that they continue to enjoy reading, painting, craft work and perhaps some thinking skills and crosswords. Have a great holiday! 

FS on starting school What an exciting time for you all. We hope you will enjoy your new school, make many new friends, enjoy learning, games, computing, music and all the other subjects that will be new. Here are some suggestions for you to try... and there are many more on the site.
KS1 English and reading If you have done a topic at home you can take it to school to show your new teacher. Maybe you would like to try some of the papers here so that you are ready for school and have more confidence starting a new class.
KS1 maths Do you know all your shapes? Have you been shopping with Mummy and tried paying with your own money? If you can tell the time you will soon know when it is time for tea, swimming, your favourite TV programmes. All very good reasons why you might like some of these papers.


KS2 English Perhaps your teacher did suggest that you keep a diary of exciting days in the holidays? It is fun planning a story so try this one and see. It is very relaxing reading whether it is a comic, book or magazine. It is amazing how many facts, details, and new words that you discover. Keep reading... there are some super books as Giveaways in this newsletter.
KS2 maths As you get older you will need to understand money, be able to measure, divide and multiply to ascertain how many items are needed for you and your friends to share comics, books or football stickers. These worksheets will help you be ready for your new class.
11+ ideas Good luck to all the pupils who are sitting exams next term. In some parts of the country the 11+ exams are in September so it is a good idea to practice some papers during this month. Try these and make sure that you are ready to do as well as you can.


Topics and ideas This has been an exciting summer with the Olympics, golf, football, cricket... a real summer of sport. This may give you an idea for a topic as there are lots of great sporting photographs in all the newspapers and colour magazines. There are some other suggestion below too.
Science I hope that during your hoiday you will be able to enjoy swimming, cycling, walking, skating and being outdoors. The worksheets below may give you more ideas and help you to be fit and healthy before the weather gets cooler again.
Thinking skills These are great to use and pass the time while you are travelling. Some of them will be real family activities. Challenge  Dad or Mum to some of the Thought Provoking puzzles!
Summer activities There are many outdoor activities which you will enjoy... gardening, picking strawberries, erecting a tent and perhaps sleeping in it. How much do you know about the Uk?... do the quiz with your family or friends and see.
KS3 ideas For some pupils, entering KS3 may mean starting a new school. Good luck with this and make sure that you are prepared and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Check that you know your tables, can answer questions such as 'Who is the Prime Minister?' etc. Enjoy your new school or your new year group.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month - there's something for everyone here. Young girls will love the new Secret Kingdom series, while for older readers there is the exciting new series Codename Quicksilver; the youngest children will enjoy Little Grey Rabbit's Noisy Night. There's activity fun with My Drawing and Colouring Book and Drawing Shape by Shape and an intriguing look at one of the senses in I Taste. Young DS owners will enjoy Little Charley Bear's Toybox of Fun, and everyone loves Spot!

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages. 

The London Colouring Book  Make With Maisy  Mega Mash Up  Are We Getting Close yet? 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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