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February is a dark cold month but it also means that half term is nearly here already! This may give you more time to consolidate some of the work that the children have covered during the term so far. Look at the 'Test on number facts' or the paper on 'Winter crafts' and have fun together! We have also included some revision papers as well as the chance to win some more books.


Foundation Stage Children in Reception love topic work and having fun with shapes and numbers. Try these papers and see!


English in KS1 Children are constantly being asked to make their writing more colourful with the use of adjectives.Try the Describing Words paper and increase your child's vocabulary and improve their writing skills.


Maths for KS1 Many children need practice with Mental arithmetic. It is much easier to do this on a one to one basis so that you can explain the methods and improve their results.


Comprehension for KS2 There are many aspects to Comprehension which can include understanding the written text, interpretation of ideas and spelling. You can help your child improve by working together to provide individual explanations.


Maths for KS2 Your children do need to have their number facts and tables at their fingertips. Working on the papers below will improve these and help ensure better results and the enjoyment of maths.

worksheet KS3 English These papers will increase knowledge and the use of vocabulary. Pupils in KS3 need to appreciate poets and their style of writing. They should be able to write an appreciation of individual forms of writing.


Maths for KS3 These papers are based on the Key stage 3 curriculum and will help pupils improve their results in class as well as in tests.


Science Have fun making an edible igloo yet still learn about science! Science can be enjoyable as well as constructive. Learn about food and be aware of why we need a varied diet.


Spelling is so important as it is used in every subject and a good understanding of the rules can help children enormously. Use these spelling rules as they are a useful aid in remembering difficult words.


Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources
Here are some lesson plans and ideas which can be used to stimulate and encourage all children.

Giveaways Lots of exciting giveaways for you again this month. Entering is simple - just see our Giveaway page and let us know which prize(s) you would like to win, along with your address. My Big Word Book is a board book full of colour for babies. Babies will also enjoy the finger puppet who tells the story in Lenny Long Legs and the colourful counting book Animal 123. Get ready for Easter with our two inspiring Easter Crafts books. For children just starting to read chapter books, we have sets of 6 Boobela books. The Body in the Fog is an exciting Victorian crime story and The Eye of the Storm will also appeal to lovers of mysteries. Get in the mood for the Olympics with Medal Mayhem.

    Animal 123  

New Books These are just a few of the new books recently reviewed which will help you help your children with their homework. For lots more ideas, take a look at our Best new books pages.

Maths Dictionary
Improving Spelling
Excellence Problem Solving Maths

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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