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In this month's newsletter we have as usual included a variety of worksheets and some new ones including: Time game and Beethoven comprehension for KS2 and Mobile Phone Technology under Science. 

Children of all ages enjoy and benefit from hearing a story at bedtime. This increases their vocabulary, stimulates their imagination and is a great way to enjoy a quiet cuddle and discuss events in general. There are many books featured on the website which you and your child can enjoy together. Also, take a look at the Giveaways at the end of this newsletter.

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KS1 maths Here are some new worksheets which are fun and also teach basic mathematical principles. Life is always easier when your child knows their tables so discuss these regularly.
KS2 maths Reinforce many aspects of maths learnt in school with the papers in this newsletter. Understanding the question in number problems may need extra explanation so that children can approach this type of question with ease and confidence.
KS3 maths These papers can be used to practise the varied aspects of maths that may arise in papers for this age group. There are many other papers on the site which may be used in conjunction with these.
KS1 English  Children at this stage are usually keen to learn. You can encourage this and ensure that your child has a strong foundation in all aspects of English on which to build.
KS2 English Try the worksheets below with your child and ensure they use adjectives and adverbs and can answer questions correctly. To help with this you can encourage your child to read each evening.


KS3 English These worksheets cover some of the aspects of English needed to be successful at this stage. Letter writing and work on verbs and proverbs will help with all the different aspects of writing.
Foundation Stage Young children enjoy stories and the actions of the fables can be a fun way of counting. Take your child for a walk and discuss all the buildings that you pass.
Spelling There are many tips on learning spellings and many words can be grouped into various types. It is often fun to play word games which reinforce the spelling groups and are still fun.
Science Many children learn more by practical science lessons than looking at a book. They can use their imagination as well as the principles behind the experiment.
Resources for teachers  ....... To help busy teachers,we have several pages of book suggestions. There are also reading suggestions in this section including the use of word mats below which are both very useful learning aids.
Topics I have always found it fun and interesting to compile a topic at home with my children. They are enthusiastic and love 'teaching' the other adults about the facts that they have learnt.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Bizzy Bitz is an excellent construction toy for young children. We have Alphaprints which will also appeal to young ones. Make Safari Animals and Project Ancient Egypt are excellent activity books. A Room Full of Chocolate is a thought-provoking read.
Bizzy Bitz   
Ancient Egypt

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

KS2 SATS Buster Mental Maths Oxford School Dictionary  Stories of the First World War  Geography Encyclopaedia

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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