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Dear [NAME]
We hope that you all had a lovely family time over the holiday. Everyone at Parents in Touch would like to wish you a very happy New Year and every success for 2014.
In this January newsletter we have included new work for each subject and for each age group. There are many worksheets on the website which will extend, consolidate and elaborate on these papers. This will be useful to you, as we all know that children in any particular age group all work at different levels, so your child may need revision in one area or another.

Enjoy also, the reading ideas on the book pages and look at the super Giveaways that are available this month.

KS1 English Key stage 1 is an important time in learning for children as it is where they begin to enjoy books and start exploring ideas for themselves. They should be encouraged to use their imagination, increase vocabulary and start writing their own stories.
KS2 English Children are curious and how often do you hear  questions such as .."But why does that happen....when did that start.....or who invented that?" Encourage your child to read and explore by reading a variety of books which answer some of their questions.


KS3 English  Pupils at this age usually work on their own but there are many occasions where they need guidance, explanations and resources to establish the facts and then be able to use them. Having additional books at home can inspire, increase knowledge and be very helpful to consolidate facts.
KS1 maths At this stage pupils still need attention and advice at home. Fractions are tricky but by using a pizza to illustrate these will help understanding and be remembered.
KS2 maths  Decimals are important in everyday life as we use them daily in many aspects of life. Children do need to be alert and speedy when working out answers so try the Mental maths paper together and see who wins!
KS3 maths Handling data and algebra will be used in many more subjects than maths-so ensure that your child has a good understanding of these to make life as easy as possible for them later on.
Foundation Stage  Animal sounds are a good way to introduce your child to phonics. Many children will have shape sorters so use these in a game to consolidate the names of the shapes. Having fun while learning is essential at this age.
Spelling Some children are natural spellers but other need tips and rules to help them. Look at the ideas here and on the site to help your child spell well. 
Science Making science fun is essential. It is also a good way to ensure that your child understands the basics. This will encourage them to read more, attempt different experiments and understand how things work.
World War I 2014 will mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. These papers are to help remember this war, to outline the causes and battles and to remind us about the facts and results of this hard fought war
Topics I always enjoyed researching a topic at home with my children. They will gain pleasure from learning about sea creatures or discovering about the Roman myths and legends. Have fun together.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Books for all interests this month - The Dork Diaries are a great read for girls. Plenty of activities to enjoy in I Love You sticker book and Rio Activity Book. Young chess players will find Chess for Children an excellent guide. And finally, motor racing fans will love the DVD Tooned 50.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

Record Breaking Comprehension Year 4  Skills Builders Times Tables   What Your Year 5 Child Needs to Know Your Guide to Grammar 

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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