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Dear [NAME]
Parents in Touch wishes you a very happy new year and every success for 2015.

Our newsletters are designed to keep you up-to-date with all key subjects that your child will study at school. As your child starts school again in January the subjects contained in this newsletter are certain to be useful. It is always useful to reiterate at home with your child the maths, science and English work which is currently being covered in school. This helps to consolidate the teaching points and ensures that your child has the confidence to make good progress and, importantly, to enjoy learning.

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KS1 English  Some children do need help with comprehension to understand how to find the correct answer from the given passage. It is always important to make sure that children at this stage can write complete and varied sentences. 
KS2 English Pupils in this Key Stage group need to be able to write complex and colourful sentences. This entails more imagination and a knowledge of stories, such as Alice in Wonderland, and narrative poetry which contains descriptive passages.


KS3 English The syllabus for KS3 ensures that pupils develop a wide vocabulary and have the ability to write clearly in a range of contexts. Writing mats ensure that the student can plan in a coherent style which suits varied audiences.
KS1 maths Many pupils need extra help at home with multiplication tables and it is worth spending time ensuring that they learn them. So many aspects of their future mathematical work will be much easier if tables are 'at hand' instantly.
KS2 maths  Maths should be fun so look at the 'Have fun ...' paper with your child. Test your child with the assorted questions and discover any areas which may need revising together.
KS3/4 maths There are a variety of papers below and these will be useful to do together to ensure that your child can tackle all the topics contained in them.
Foundation Stage Children in this age group are keen to learn and stories such as Handa's Hen will increase their imagination and vocabulary. Try the Rainy day topic paper for you to use at home. 
Spelling It is essential that all children spell correctly and use a varied and colourful vocabulary in their story writing. Use the worksheets in this section to help your child achieve this.
Phonics There are some rhymes which help with phonics and these are useful to use in the car to reinforce the learning of sounds. Play games such as the pairing of words and pictures.
Science Pupils find science stimulating. They enjoy learning about our bodies and how they work. Do experiments together at home such as planting flowers in their own garden.
Topics Cooking can be messy with children but well worth doing together as they learn so much. Weighing, timing, cutting and shapes are all experienced and are a fun way to learn.
Read the Gruffalo, the Snail and the Whale or Room on the Broom - all books written by Julia Donaldson and which are greatly enjoyed.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. Enjoy the fun of playing with Super Sands. Learn more about tour country with The Election and The Story of Britain. Pirate fun with The Jolly Dodgers and The Pirate's Curse.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

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