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Dear [NAME]
Everyone from Parents in Touch hopes that you all had a lovely family time over the holidays. We all wish you a very happy New Year and every success for 2016.

In this newsletter we have included a variety of topics from worksheets on 'Animals' to 'Persuasive writing' and a 'Challenge spelling paper'. These will help your child in many areas and stages of learning. It is also very useful to revise spellings and tables. This can be done in the car and enjoyed as a family challenge!

English Children in Key stages 1 and 2 love learning about animals so they will enjoy these papers. It is important to increase older children's vocabulary and use of words to improve the interest in their writing.
Maths Maths is fun so try the Addition and Mental maths papers together and see who does best! The KS3 papers are very useful for reinforcing learning and revision.
Foundation Stage Children love facts about animals so work together through the papers here. It is fun watching young children learn so enjoy the activities paper and prepare your children for reading.
Spelling and Phonics Children enjoy looking at words. They may  point out words in books so this should be encouraged. This is the first stage in learning spelling; the use of phonics helps them try new words.
Science Children enjoy learning about living things and are fascinated with birds nesting. Older children respond well to the challenge of a quiz so try the quiz here as a family. Older pupils need to know about Materials and Elements.
Teachers It is always useful to have a spare lesson plan ready when asked to 'cover' or take an extra lesson. Roald Dahl and patterns are great as pupils always find them enjoyable.
Take a look at our super Giveaways for this month. We have two excellent fiction books - The Secret Garden and Rules for a Knight. There's a superb Pirate Ship kit and finally, 101 Movies - for all the must-see films.

Books  For lots more ideas on reading and helping your child, take a look at our Best new books pages.

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Handwriting - Monster Practice Comprehension - Andrew Brodie Level 6 Maths - Collins KS3 Science Workbook - Letts

Best wishes
Jackie Bacon

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